Changes At March 21, 1995 Law No. 42 '' Establishment Of Permanent Council Commissions And Reform Of The Board's Committees '', By The Law February 25, 2004 Law No. 26 At December 15, 1994 # 110

Original Language Title: Modifiche Alla Legge 21 Marzo 1995 N. 42 ''istituzione Delle Commissioni Consiliari Permanenti E Riforma Delle Commissioni Consiliari'', Alla Legge 25 Febbraio 2004 N. 26 E Alla Legge 15 Dicembre 1994 N. 110

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We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino

In view of article 4 of the Constitutional Law no.185 / 2005 and Article 6 of Qualified Law
Promulgate and publish the following law Qualified approved by the Great and General Council
its meeting on 11 September 2006 by 43 votes in favor, 2 against, 3 abstentions and one non-voting

LAW QUALIFIED September 12 2006 Ranked # 2

AMENDMENTS TO THE LAW 21 March 1995 No. 42 "
Board", THE LAW February 25, 2004 N. 26 AND LAW
15 December 1994 N. 110.

Art. 1

The first paragraph of Article 1 of Law 21 March 1995 n. 42 is amended as follows:

"There shall be the following Permanent Council Commissions who
respective competence in the subjects for each indicated:
The Constitutional Affairs and Institutional; Public administration; Internal Affairs, Civil Protection
, Relations with the Township Councils; Justice; Education, Culture, Cultural Heritage,
University and Scientific Research.
II Foreign Affairs, Emigration and Immigration, Security and Public Order, Information.
III Finance, Budget and Planning; Crafts, Industry, Commerce; Tourism, Services,
Transport and Telecommunications, Labor and Cooperation.
IV Hygiene and Health, Welfare and Social Security, Social Policy, Sport; Territory, Environment and Agriculture
. ".

When in the laws currently in force are referred to one of the Permanent Commissions Board's
as identified by the modified rule with this Article,
the assignment of bills and arguments is based on material jurisdiction.

Art. 2

The first paragraph of Article 3 of Law 21 March 1995 n. 42 is amended as follows:


"At the beginning of the Legislature and in any case following the formation of a new government
each list represented in the Great and General Council appoint its members to
Standing Committees referred to in Article 1. The commissions are composed of twenty
directors appointed to ensure:
a) the presence of all the lists represented in the Great and General Council;
B) that the council majority is recognized by a majority in the Commissions
extent of at least half plus one of the components;
C) the application of the proportions of the Groups as compatible with the criteria referred to above
a) and b).
The appointment is communicated to the Great and General Council. The lists
represented in the Board may designate a single councilor to multiple commissions.
In order to guarantee the principles and criteria referred to above letters a), b) and c) the composition of the Boards
will be updated via reggenziale decree. ".

Art. 3

The last paragraph of Article 15 of Law 11 March 1981 n. 21 (Council Chamber Regulation)
and subsequent amendments and additions, is amended as follows:

"The Council Commissions of Inquiry are made with the same criteria as
Article 3, first paragraph, of the Law 21 March 1995 n. 42 and its subsequent amendments. ".

Art. 4

Article 3 of Law 25 February 2004 n. 26 is amended as follows:

3 (Composition)

The Commission is appointed by the Great and General Council at the beginning of the legislature and
for the duration thereof.
It consists of:
- one member appointed by the trade unions;
- One member appointed by the economic categories;
- One member appointed by the Consulta of Cultural Associations and Cooperatives
San Marino;
- Twenty members appointed by the lists present in the Great and General Council, in the manner and with
criteria of Article 3 of Law 21 March 1995 n. 42.
The Commission members can not be members of the Great and General Council
. ".

Art. 5

The first paragraph of Article 80 of Law 15 December 1994 n. 110 is amended as follows:

"The Commission for the Subsidized Housing Management is as follows:
- four representatives of the State Congress or their delegates;
- one representative from each list represented within the Great and General Council;
- A representative of the Chamber of Labour Cooperative Office in an advisory capacity. ".

Art. 6

They are repealed all provisions inconsistent with this Law.

Art. 7

This Law shall enter into force on the fifth day following that of its legal


Given at Our Residence, this day of September 12 2006/1706 dFR

Gian Franco Terenzi - Loris Francini


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