Qualified Law Ranked # 2 26/10/10 - Reform Of The Official Bulletin Of The Republic Of San Marino

Original Language Title: Legge Qualificata N.2 26/10/10 - Riforma del Bollettino Ufficiale della Repubblica di San Marino

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We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino

In view of article 4 of the Constitutional Law no.185 / 2005 and Article 6 of Qualified Law
186/2005; We
promulgate and publish the following Qualified Law approved by the Great and General Council
its meeting on 19 October 2010 with 35 votes in favor, 2 against and 13 abstentions

LAW QUALIFIED October 26 2010 Ranked # 2


Art.1 (Purposes)

This law amends the forms of publication and publicity of the acts and documents
in the Official Bulletin of the Republic of San Marino, in order to provide clarity and certainty
associated procedures.
In order to streamline processing procedures, publication, preservation and storage
of the acts and documents mentioned above and to provide users with an agile tool for their
consultation and retrieval, the preparation of the Official Bulletin, its publication and
conservation is done on digital media and in the manner set forth in articles.

Art.2 (Structure of the Official Bulletin)

The Official Bulletin is divided into two parts:
- Official Party;
- Administrative and advertisements Party.

Art.3 (Official Part - Content)

In the Official Gazette Part are inserted Laws, promulgated decrees
by the Regency, the Regulations referred to in Article 2, paragraph 2, letter h) of the Constitutional Law n.183 / 2005
In the part referred to in the preceding paragraph shall also be published:
a) employment contracts, both in the private sector that the Civil Service, and contractual arrangements
modifying regulatory and salary aspects of Public Employees and the respective resolutions of ratification
by the Great and General Council;
B) the ratification of decrees and resolutions of the decrees, and the declaration of
intervened revocation for non-ratification of the same in terms.
A partial amendment of Article 9, paragraph 5, of the Qualified Law December 16, 2005 No. 186, the ratification of the decrees
laws and decrees must result from a specific resolution of the Great and General Council is
that these are ratified with amendments, whether it be ratified in the formulation original
C) the orders of the Regency;
D) the entry into force of international conventions communications from the Department
Foreign Affairs;
E) the devices of the sentences imposed by the Guarantors the Constitutionality of Rules
in constitutionality unions. And 'it repealed Art. 10 of Qualified Law no. 55/2003
F) the notice referred to in Article 7 of the Law 101 of 28 November 1994 and the decision of the College Guarantor
the Constitutionality of Rules of eligibility of confirmatory referendum;
G) regulations adopted by constitutional organs;
H) corrigendum to the acts mentioned in the first paragraph and the preceding paragraphs of this subsection.

Art.4 (Administrative and Entries Part - Content)

With delegated decree to be adopted by November 30, 2010 will be made a reconnaissance of
all acts to be published in the Administrative Part and advertisements of the Official Bulletin. With such
delegated decree further acts may also be identified to be published in the Official Gazette Part
Administration and may also dispose the exclusion of the publication of
acts specified in regulations.

Art.5 (Official Section - Mode)

The publication of the acts mentioned in the first and second paragraphs of Article 3 is carried out by the Secretariat Institutional
with copy posting complies exclusively of themselves Albo
of the Public Palace and the online entry of the same on a special web site based on
model adopted by the Congress of State Regulation.
The publication to valvas and online, to be performed simultaneously,
takes place immediately after the promulgation of the act - in the case of laws, decrees and regulations - and,
in other cases, after the formalization of the ' act or after the formal filing to the Institutional Secretariat.
The online publication is in effect publication of those acts in the Official Bulletin
- Official Party. The measures contained in the electronic Official Bulletin
have the same value of the original act. In case of discrepancy, the original still prevails.
Since the publication to valvas it computes the deadline for the entry into force of the act if
this is provided by the special rules governing the same act.

The Institutional Secretariat is responsible for the security of the data on line indicated, the exact
original correspondence and the durability of the content.
A specific regulation are identified the tools, solutions and procedures appropriate for
ensure the authenticity and security of data in order to attribute the acts contained in electronic format
in the Official Bulletin of the same value 'original deed.
Without prejudice to article 3, paragraph 2, letter e) of this Law, when
rules governing the operation of the College Guarantor and fast forward to it
make reference to "publication and to valvas in the Official Bulletin "it is to be understood only
Register of the headquarters of the same College.

Art.6 (Administrative and Entries Part - Mode)

The publication of the acts referred to in Article 4 is carried out, by the act of issuing offices
same, with the notice board of the Office of the same copy of the act. The posting to
valvas constitutes publication of as a prerequisite for the effectiveness of the act, if provided
by law.
The inclusion, in the Administrative and advertisements of the Official Bulletin Part of the acts of
referred to in the preceding paragraph shall, again by the issuers' offices, in a special section of the site web
mentioned in the first paragraph the former Article 5, according to rules and procedures provided by
special regulation adopted by the State Congress. This inclusion is not
publication and is designed to give publicity at the time the same for knowledge purposes and popular.

Art.7 (Consultation)

The Official Bulletin - Official Part is available for free.
The consultation of the Official Bulletin - Administrative Party and advertisements is reserved for subscribers
based on a specific regulation adopted by the State Congress

Art. 8
(Transitional Rule)

The publication of adverts for the years prior to 2011 is performed to
under the old rules. If necessary, the State Congress can give, with its resolution
, appropriate guidelines for the manner of publication.
It means so absolved the publication obligations otherwise for these acts.

Art.9 (expense)

Charges resulting from this law are counted against the cap. 2-1-6045 "Innovation Technological
for interactive services between the PA, businesses and citizens", and on the cap. 2-3-6480 "
buy machinery, equipment and procedures IT plan"

Art.10 (Repeals)

And 'it repealed every norm as opposed to the present law.

Art.11 (Entry into force)

This Law shall enter into force on the fifth day following that of its legal publication
The provisions of this Act shall apply from the date to be fixed in
delegated decree referred to in Article 4 of this Act.

Our Residence, this day of 26 October 2010/1710 dFR

Giovanni Francesco Ugolini - Andrea crocuses