'' Promotion Of Activities' Of Industrial Research, Pre-Competitive Development, Innovation And Technology Transfer ''

Original Language Title: ''promozione Delle Attivita' Di Ricerca Industriale, Sviluppo Precompetitivo, Innovazione E Trasferimento Tecnologico''

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19 of January 27, 2006 SAN MARINO


We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino

Promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Great and General Council
its meeting of 27 January 2006.


1 (Object and purpose)

The Republic of San Marino attaches to research in industrial and technological field
a strategic value for the development of the economic sector and the present law governing all
operations for support to research, innovation and technology transfer.

2 (Purpose of the law)

To support innovation to the production systems and in order to exercise functions inherent
the creation of programs for research, innovation and technology transfer to the productive
system, establishing own budget in the Budget
was necessary to finance the measures described in article 7 of this law.
This law promotes actions aimed:
a) the development of the productive system of San Marino to the industrial research, technology transfer
and innovation, in accordance with environmental sustainability and also in reference to the qualification of the production
and energy consumption, facilitating the access of businesses, and
their aggregations, activities, and to national and international research facilities, as well as the
exploitation of research results in the creation of new businesses;
B) the transfer of knowledge and technology expertise and use of human resources
in universities, research centers, businesses and research activities;
C) the coordinated development of a network of initiatives, activities and structures for industrial research and technological innovation

3 (Definitions)

For the purposes of this Act shall apply:
a) basic research:
- activity designed to broaden scientific and technical knowledge;
B) applied research or industrial interest, hereinafter referred to as "industrial research":
- planned research;
- Experimental applications or investigations issues aiming at acquiring new knowledge useful for
to develop new products, processes or services or bringing about a significant
improvement in existing products, processes or services in the short and medium term ;
- Oriented research to environmental sustainability in the production and the final product cycles, materials
, in yields and energy consumption;
C) pre-competitive development:
- the translation of the results of industrial research into a plan, project or design for
creation of new products, processes or services or for improving the
existing ones, whether they are intended for sale or for direct use, including the creation of prototypes
; this activity does not include the changes, although improvements, ordinary or regular
made to products, production lines, manufacturing processes and existing services;
D) Innovation:
- the renewal and expansion of the range of products and services;
- The implementation of new methods of production, supply and distribution;
- The introduction of changes in management, work organization, and working conditions as well as in the connected
qualification of workers;
E) technology transfer:
- the transfer of knowledge and technology among research institutions and industrial system and
enterprises in order to promote the acquisition, the circulation of information and the availability of || | specific technical skills;
F) research laboratories and technology transfer:
- the structures established to carry out industrial research and innovation projects, as well as specialized functions
aimed at technology transfer;
G) innovation centers, either public or private:
- the structures established to carry out activities and technology transfer services including


Art. 4
(Five-Year Programme for Research)

The State Congress through the Secretary of State with responsibility for Research
prepares the technical and policy guidance for the definition of a five-year program for

Industrial research, pre-competitive development, innovation and technology transfer, in order to give priority
character in the allocation of annual funding allocated for
purposes referred to in Article 2 of this Act.
On the basis of the strategic lines of the plan referred to in the first paragraph of this Article, the
of Assessors Experts Committee (CEV) proceeds to ascertain that the project complies with the requirements
needed to access funding, as defined in article 6. the
economic and financial characteristics will be specified via reggenziale decree.

Art. 5
(Evaluators Expert Committee)

The State Congress appoints the Assessors Experts Committee (CEV)
composed of six members - of which at least a majority with San Marino citizenship or residence in the territory -
with the following requirements:
- civil rights and politicians;
- Not have been convicted for intentional crimes for which judgment has been issued a final sentence Criminal
involving a prison sentence of not less than two years.
Of the six members, two will be given by the Secretary of State responsible for Research, two
will Professors of the University of San Marino, two will be representatives of organizations,
facilities, San Marino initiatives to industrial research and scientific.
The expert evaluators are chosen from among individuals with proven scientific knowledge, technological, economic and financial
or business.
The Evaluators Expert Committee is also responsible for the verification of the project phases
and monitoring the results achieved.

Art. 6
(evaluation parameters)

In particular, the CEV has to deliver an opinion binding on research projects presented,
they should meet the following profiles:
a) novelty and originality of the acquired knowledge with respect to the state;
B) value of that know how to innovative products and processes that increase competitiveness and provide
C) costs of congruity and relevance suitable for the fabrication of the prototype;
D) of the proposed activities joints, both from the point of view of the temporal development from the point of view
of the types referred to in Article 2;
E) the absence of other public funding for the same project and the planning financial
, articulated in phases, covering the entire proposed project;
F) economic and financial capacity of the applicant on the procedures of
implementation of the proposed project;
G) the reliability of the economic impact and / or employment of the project indicated by the "subject


Art. 7
(Purpose of interventions)

The support shall aim to:
a) industrial and pre-competitive development activities dedicated to technological innovation
product and production process;
B) the preparation of preliminary and final designs for precompetitive development activities or
innovation or technology transfer.

Art. 8
(Eligible applicants)

Subjects with independent legal personality established and recognized under the rules of
Republic of San Marino.
L 'University of San Marino Studies and Public Entities that in combination with the subjects
mentioned in the first paragraph want to develop industrial research, pre-competitive development activities
, innovation, technology transfer.

9 (Types of eligible loans)

For the implementation of interventions, under this Act, the State grants tax incentives
in the form of tax credits and subsidized credit in the manner and in the measures provided by
implementing regulation to be issued by reggenziale decree.

Art. 10
(Financial coverage)

Financial expenses, related to the financing of the activities referred to in Article 7 and Article
provided above, are confirmed in the specific chapter of the State Budget.

Art. 11
(Implementing Regulations)

Following the entry into force of this law, will be issued
implementing regulation by Regency Decree on the proposal of the State Congress, where
will be indicated measures and forms of assessment, financing methods and presentation of the projects.

12 (Coordination and Promotion of Research Activities)

It establishes the Office for the Coordination and Promotion of Research Activities in order

Support and coordinate continuously activities related to national and international bodies
that support and promote research in the field of industrial and activities related to the development
industrial research projects especially in the field of international cooperation .
The Office will also be responsible for supporting the San Marino companies or the
research institutes who wish to undertake industrial research, pre-competitive development,
innovation and / or technology transfer, as indicated by the five-year program for || | research as defined in Article 4 of this Act.
The Office is located, for administrative purposes, the Department of the Secretariat with responsibility for Research
Pending that, as part of the reorganization of the services of the state offices, is determined
an organic framework for the Office for the Coordination and Advancement of
Research Activities, the Office will avail itself of the support staff already in force within the jurisdiction
Department for Research.

13 (Entry into force)

This Law shall enter into force on the fifth day following that of its legal publication

Our Residence, this day of February 6 2006/1705 dFR

Claudio Muccioli - Antonello Bacciocchi



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