'' General Rules For Exercise Of Rural Tourism ''

Original Language Title: ''norme Generali Per L'esercizio Del Turismo Rurale''

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LAW 27 January 2006 n
LAW January 27, 2006 # 23


We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino

Promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Great and General Council
its meeting of 27 January 2006.

Art.1 (Purposes)

1. In order to enhance the environmental, socio-cultural, economic and agricultural
the Republic of San Marino promotes the development of rural tourism.
2. This law, in particular favors:
a) the development of the agricultural areas and the integration of the income of farmers;
B) the spread of new forms of accommodation and tourist services;
C) the agro-environmental development of the area and the promotion of local agricultural products and livestock
D) enhancement and recovery of rural and outbuildings in the area.

Art.2 (rural tourism activities)

1. For activities of rural tourism means:
a) provide seasonally hospitality in open spaces for parking of campers;
B) provide the catering exclusively to hotel guests preparing foods
company production;
C) seasonally offer hospitality and reception in farm buildings for no more than 7 rooms and 15 beds
D) exercise the activity of Bed and Breakfast;
E) implement enhancement centers of local products, tasting and sales;
F) enable educational farms for the promotion of thematic and recreational courses;
G) promote recreational activities also sports and cultural with museums dedicated to rural and environmental

Art.3 (Characteristics of rural tourism activities)

1. The activities referred to in Article 2 have a connection relationship and complementarity with
to farming activities and run farm which remain major.

Art.4 (the Rural Tourism Exercise)

1. Are authorized to perform the activities of rural tourism professional agricultural operators
under Law 96 of September 20, 1989, as well as the agricultural part-time
companies conductors operators with minimum area of ​​Ha 6:00:00.
2. The rural tourism activity is carried out in areas of the country classified by
Master Plan as a Zone Agricole, Areas Areas Naturalistic Park and Safeguard.

Art.5 (principalities of farming)

1. The principalities of agricultural activity takes place when the following conditions are in place:
a) the value of the gross salable production of annual farm, including incentives to productions
and income, is greater than the revenue of the rural tourism;
B) the number of hours used for rural tourism activities in the calendar year is less than
reserved time in farming.

Art.6 (Commission for Rural Tourism)

1. And 'it established the Commission for Rural Tourism.
2. The Commission is chaired by the Secretary of State for Territory, the Environment and l '
Agriculture and consists of:
- 2 Representatives of the Commission's Environmental Resources and Agriculture;
- 1 Representative of the category of farmers associations;
- 1 Representative of the Association of Tour Operators;
- One expert of the State Secretariat for Tourism;
- 1 State Bureau Officer for Tourism;
- 1 Office Planning Officer;
- 1 Officer of the Environmental Hygiene Service;
- The Director of Environmental Resources Management and Agriculture;
- 1 Office Officer Industry and Commerce;
- 1 Officer Management Office Environmental Resources and the Secretary of Agriculture with the minutes
functions. 3
. The Commission shall perform the following functions:
a) Resolution registration on the operators of rural tourism in Article 6;
B) decide the suspension and removal from the register referred to in Article 7 as well as the closure of
rural tourism activities exercised without authorization;
C) applies, the reference of the competent offices, the administrative sanctions provided for in Article 17;
D) promotes the various levels the implementation of specific programs for the development of rural tourism.
4. Against the Commission's decisions is allowed administrative appeal, under
Law 68 of June 28, 1989.

Art.7 (Register of rural tourism operators and authorizations)

1. E 'it sets up the register of rural tourism operators which may be entered subjects

Meet the requirements of Article 4 and in possession of specific training certificate, whose
features will be identified by the decree referred to in article 19
2. Registration for the aforementioned register is prepared by resolution of the Commission for Tourism
Rural and authorizes the pursuit of that activity without prejudice to any other required approvals
by law. 3
. The application forms should be submitted to the Office Managing Environmental Resources and Agriculture
that within ninety days will have to prepare its preliminary investigation for the next

Art.8 (Buildings and structures destined to rural tourism)

1. They can be used for the performance of activities of rural tourism buildings or parts of them on the bottom

Art.9 (mode of construction project on real estate destined to rural tourism)

1. The use of the premises for the performance of rural tourism activities
does not determine the change of use and destination of the buildings and of the funds involved.
2. The arrangement of buildings can be through the extraordinary maintenance, the restructuring and the restoration
. 3
. The actions referred to in the previous paragraph can not change the characteristics of
rural buildings, according to the typological criterion, architectural and compliance planning and building

Art.10 (local features destined to rural tourism)

1. The premises and housing for the rural tourism activities must meet the requirements
hygienic healthcare provided by the regulations for civilian homes.
2. The premises for the catering point are subject to the provisions of Law 29 October 1992
n. 85 and its implementing decrees and the provisions of Regulation
application of this law.

Art.11 (Staff rural tourist company)

1. For the conduct of rural tourism activities it can be used
personnel belonging to the family in possession of the sanitary requirements laid down by legislation.

Art.12 (Suspension and Revocation)

1. The Office Managing Environmental Resources and Agricultural and Environmental Hygiene Service
implement periodic checks on the maintenance of the requirements for professional registration as well as other regulatory and managerial aspects
and authorization of companies that carry out activities of rural tourism .
2. The checks referred to in the preceding paragraph refer to specific notifications to the Commission
referred to in Article 6, at least once a year.


Art.13 (Cancellation from the operators)

1. The loss of the qualifications specified in Articles 4 and 5 above entails the removal from the register of operators
rural tourism and withdrawal of the exercise of the activity.
2. The measure adopted by the Commission under Article 6.

Art.14 (Administrative obligations)

1. Operators authorized for operation of rural tourism have the following obligations:
a) exposing to the public the operating authorization;
B) follow the instructions given in the authorization;
C) apply the tariffs approved by the Commission Prices referred to in Article 2 of Law 31
October 1994 n.89;
D) comply with the rules and public security provisions;
E) keep the requirements of Articles 4 and 5.

Art.15 (Taxation)

1. The rural tourism activities is subject to the payment of fees prescribed by regulations
regard to the issue of hygienic - sanitary authorizations and granting and renewal of licenses operating

Art.16 (Vigilance)

1. Supervision and control over the application of this law and the exercise of rural tourism activities
is delegated to the specific skills, offices and office services.

Art.17 (Sanctions)

1. The agricultural operator involved in activities of rural tourism without the authorization referred to in Article 7
is subject to payment of a fine from Euro 1,000.00 to Euro 4,000.00
upgradeable with Regency Decree and at the close tourist company
illegally started.
2. Anyone using consistent names for modifications or alterations of the term
"rural tourism" likely to mislead potential users, is subject to payment of a
administrative sanction from Euro 1,500.00 to Euro 4,500.00. 3
. The farm operator authorized to carry out rural tourism activities is subject to
administrative sanction from Euro 800,00 to Euro 2,000.00 in the following cases:

A) failure to comply with the limits and requirements stated in the permit;
B) breach of the obligations under this Act or the implementing regulation does not otherwise
4. The farm operator authorized for rural tourism activities is subject to
sanction from Euro 150,00 to Euro 500,00 in the following cases:
a) expose or apply higher prices than those communicated;
B) lack of exposure to the public of the authorization to carry;
C) fails to comply with a notification under Article 14.
5. In the event that the violations referred to in the third paragraph are particularly serious, in addition
application of the planned administrative fines, the Commission referred to in Article 6
has the temporary closure of the asset and the offender is suspended from the register of Article 7.

Art. 18
(Incentives to farmers and to the initiatives related to the Rural Tourism)

1. The Commission Environmental Resources and Agriculture, as a result of program evaluation
business and in accordance with Law 96 of September 20, 1989, recognizes
funding for the implementation of initiatives related to rural tourism inherent in the restoration of existing structures and
for environmental remediation.

Art.19 (Implementing rules)

1. The Congress of State is authorized to adopt, on a proposal from the Secretary of State for
Territory, the Environment and Agriculture, and within sixty days after the entry into force of this
law, implementing regulation in the form of the decree with the force of law concerning in particular
a) requirements and procedures for the submission of the request for registration to the
operators of rural tourism;
B) the procedures for submitting applications for authorization for activities of
rural tourism;
C) the procedures for the exercise of supervision and control by the competent offices and
public services and the application of administrative sanctions;
D) the rules relating to hospitality and to stay in business properties;
E) the rules relating to hospitality in open spaces as well as the characteristics of the functional structures that service
F) the criteria for the administration of food and beverages;
G) sports activities, cultural and recreational;
H) Selling company and prepared foods products;
I) the criteria for the use of spaces and buildings;
J) the criteria and provisions for the use of personnel involved with the activity;
K) the sanitary regulations relating to that business.

Art.20 (Entry into force)

1. This Law shall enter into force on the fifteenth day following that of its legal publication

Our Residence, this day of February 6 2006/1705 dFR

Claudio Muccioli - Antonello Bacciocchi