• Regulation Law And Decrees For The Tax Circulation On Motorcycles, Sidecars And Cars

Original Language Title: Legge -Regolamento E Decreti Per Le Tasse Di Circolazione Sui Motocicli, Motocarrozzette Ed Automobili

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-Regulation LAW AND ORDERS FOR ROAD TAX ON MOTORCYCLES, sidecars and automobiles 1). Law. Art. 1. - The use on public areas of motorcycles and cars of any kind is subject to the annual fee as follows: For motorcycles, sidecars and automobiles par to 50 percent of that in force in the Kingdom of Italy. For trucks of 30 percent of that of the United. The tax is due for the whole calendar year regardless of the day on which the payment is made. Only for newly manufactured cars that begin circulation in the second half of the calendar year the fee is reduced, for once, by half. Art. 2. - which, in addition to the note laid down by the Law for the taxes on business, to be recorded payment also through special declaration on the back of cars and motorcycles for the annual fee you pay to a public registry, license circulation. This record is the only proof of payment of the fee and for this purpose the circulation license must be kept available for officials and agents incar ed surveillance. Art. 3. - Motorcycles, even when carried as above, and cars, although driving, must be accompanied by the vehicle license cmpletata the declaration of art. 2 proof of payment of the tax. E 'except the obligation referred to in the preceding paragraphs for the vehicles being regular shipping resulting from the corresponding document when they are packed, crated or influenced by not being able to be used to circulate. It 'also made exception for the vehicles transported or towed which are in a state of absolute unfitness for effect of the lack of somewhere essential that it would render impossible the normal movement or prevents that they can be mounted; or the effects of such a failure or breakage which may make it impossible to use if not performed to repair. E 'instead of excluding the exception referred to above in cases where the lack of some part of the vehicle is procured artificially and with momentary effect. Art. 4. - The car that during the year is intended for a use other than that for which he was paid the fee is subject to pay the difference if the new amounts greater use fee. No refund of tax is granted however in the reverse case. Art. 5. - They are exempt of paying taxes: a) vehicles of all kinds used as a permanent and exclusive service of the Ministry of the Regency and government offices for the exercise of their functions; b) vehicles of all kinds used as a permanent and exclusive service of the Armed Corps of the Republic as long as they are conducted by soldiers or officers in uniform or with a regulatory badge that proves their quality; c) cars used to a free government service, such as those destined to extinction of accidents, all'inaffiamento of public roads, etc. d) vehicles permanently and exclusively used by hospital organizations or humanitarian institutions to the carriage of persons the assistance of which the said bodies or institutes provide. Art. 6. - To all private use vehicles belonging to persons residing abroad temporarily imported into the territory of the Republic, is responsible for tax exemption for a period of three months from the date of import. Cars or motorcycles above may move within the territory of the Republic for another three months against a payment of one-twelfth of nnuale fee for each month of stay beyond the third and until the sixth month. The fee must be paid to the Office of the Registry within the first ten days of the fourth, fifth and sixth month and paid the said office to be recorded by a declaration on the reverse of the permit referred to in Article. 19 of the Law on Movement. The provisions of this Article shall not affect any major concessions to vehicles of foreign states with which there are special conventions. Art. 7. - Those who famously engaged in the Republic RADE of cars and motorcycles and are, as such, inscribed in the standard rate of roles can obtain the concession to circulate test vehicles and to pay respectively 50 and 30 percent of the special reduced scale in force in the Kingdom, making application to the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs, who, having ascertained the actual existence of the required conditions, it shall give consent through a special certificate which takes place in the vehicle license. For every trader can not be released more 'than two certificates, valid for one cars' just for motorcycles, provided it is established that
the applicant trades in of one vehicle and the other species. Each certificate is valid for the calendar year in which it is released. The fee is paid to a public registry that is recorded in the payment declaration on the reverse side of the certificate. The vehicles, during the movement of the test, must be accompanied by a certificate bearing the statement on the reverse of the previous paragraph. Art. 8. - The offenders against the provisions of this Act incur in fines for below: Circulation by car or motorcycle, a) it is not the fee was paid: - twice the annual fee, even if there was right to payment of the fee reduced to twelfths of the calendar year - b) when the vehicle circles unaccompanied by the license, permit or certificate authorizing the circulation, despite having been paid the fee: - L.20 c) when the vehicle is done using a hit by higher tax that relating to the use by which the payment was made: - the three times the difference between the two taxes - d) when a vehicle being driven in the test is used for private use, ie for the purpose of rental, entertainment, etc. - The ten times the difference frle two taxes - Circulation with vehicles free of charge, e) when the circles vehicle not accompanied by a document or not given the mark that justifies the exemption: - Vehicles lire 10. Art.9. - The provisions of the Criminal Code regarding counterfeiters of coins and public values ​​are extended to those who make counterfeit guilty of marks mentioned in this Act, the possession, use or offering for sale of counterfeit marks or detention of instruments for counterfeiting . Art. 10. - For cars and motorcycles found still or cir olanti of public areas without the fee has been paid, we proceed to the seizure only when the 'people who ensures the fine can not identify the owner and the driver. For contraventions of Article. 8 c, d, e, one always proceeds to the seizure of the vehicle, unless the offender, in the manner prescribed by the Regulations, the counsel payment of the pecuniary penalty or the deposit of a corresponding amount. Art. 11. - Any disputes concerning the application and collection of fees established by this law regarding the contraventions are the responsibility of the Law Commissioner which will proceed in accordance with the Law September 9, 1919 No 35 or, where appropriate, to Under Article. 174 of the Criminal Procedure Code. In any case and before judgment can be cease prosecution over paying the sum to be determined by the Law Commissioner, that sum can never be less than the established minimum penalty for each offense. Art. 12. - Defined the process when they are not paid the fines and costs due, the seized vehicles are sold. The obtained amount of t the sale, taken the amount of penalties and expenses, is returned to the owner. When the sum obtained from the sale is not enough to cover the amount due, the offender is required to pay the difference. Art. 13. - They are responsible for the assessment of fines: 1) the Technical Government Office officials, 2) Officials of the Tax Offices, 3) the officers, the NCOs and soldiers of the body of Gendarmes, 4) security staff and maintenance of public roads. The minutes shall be transmitted to the Law Commissioner. 2). Regulation. Art. 1. - The annual tax on cars and motorcycles do not know susceptible reduction whatever the time of day on which you paid the fee for motor vehicles exceptions are expressly mentioned in the law. In the case provided by art. 3 of these Regulations, it is not for tax reductions for cars for which, when it has not yet been paid the tax, the vehicle license issued after the year began to be issued in replacement of a license granted in a previous year. No reduction is applicable to special taxes established for the circulation test. Art. 2. - In the circulation licenses of any intended use of cars and motorcycles the maximum force expressed in HP must always be indicated that the engine can develop. The verification of the engine power is done by government technical or during the trial in art. 2 of the Law on Movement or special audit, according to the following formulas: 1. - For gasoline four-stroke engines: HP - 0.0872, 0.6541 V n where n = number of cylinders V = volume of displacement ( of the piston area multiplied by the stroke) expressed in cubic meters. 2.- petrol two-stroke engines:
The results of the formula above multiplied by the coefficient 1,625. For the steam engines and those for electrical or other systems the determination will be made by applying the ordinary technical rules. The officer who executes the verification above is payable by the owner of the vehicle the compensation fixed by L. 5. Art. 3. - In case that provision of the Act or the Regulations or change of ownership occurred the Secretary of State Foreign Affairs has to withdraw the license of a car for which the fee has been paid for the current year in order to issue a new license must state on the latter the details of the fee as stated in the declaration on purpose by the registry on the back of canceled license, giving participation in the said office. Art. 4. - For the purposes of the regular perception of taxes the circulation licenses must contain: 1) name, surname and residence of the vehicle owner. 2) Data for all the letters of the license with annotation that it is licensed as a substitute for other front (in which case it shall also be indicated the date and number of the license withdrawn) or finally license for a car or a foreign motorcycle nationalized. 3) The number of the vehicle wheels. 4) The species of the engine and that is if combustion, steam or electric. 5) The use to which the vehicle is intended and that is if for private use, or for public transport of goods. 6) The maximum force that the motor can develop, indicating the date of its finding made by the Technical Government or by another Office. Art. 5. - The bodies, offices and people who consider themselves entitled to exemption of road tax must submit an application to the Secretary of Foreign cor edandola of documents proving the right to the exemption and specify the use and presentation features istiche of the vehicle. Recognized the right to the exemption, the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs issues the appropriate certification by virtue 'of which the Registry Office extends to the back of the license a declaration to take place and stead, for all intents and purposes, the tax payment declaration . Art. 6. - They run the monetary penalty in art. 15 letter b of the Law: a) persons belonging to the armed forces or in government services that make use of vehicles exempt from taxation without wearing the uniform or distinctive signs of their duties; b) people who make use of those vehicles for reasons unrelated to the purpose for which the exemption was granted, or they make an excess use of the established limits. The poor sick man, when he uses the vehicle-free, must always be accompanied by a special certificate of the Office of Civil State in which they indicated their generality and attests to his poverty. Art. 7. - For the purposes of the exemption contained in Article quarterly. 6 of the Law, to ascertain the date of introduction of temporarily imported vehicles and belonging to persons residing abroad in the event of dispute between the parties concerned and the offices of the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs and Registry, is entrusted to the Corps of Gendarmes. Art. 8. - For both imported motor vehicles traveling in the territory of the Republic after the third and until the completion of the sixth month, the amount of payment of the monthly fee is lying on the back of a special permit issued by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Under Article. 19 of the Regulations on the circulation. The Office of the Registry commisurerà those charges based on the findings of the International Certificate of street or documents of countries of origin. Art. 9. - The officials, soldiers or agents draw up the minutes of adversarial contravention of offenders and with the intervention of two witnesses when offenders themselves did not agree to sign the minutes or do not know how to sign them because illiterate or give to flee. When it is not possible to find witnesses, it makes no mention in the minutes that, signed by only one agent, is valid and effective for all legal purposes. When, in the cases provided by law, we proceed to s Seizure of the vehicle, it must make express mention in the minutes. Art. 10. - When the offender acknowledges unreservedly as due accertatagli the offense must immediately pay the amount of the monetary penalty to a public registry if that is next to the place in which the offense is alleged. If the registry office is closed or far, it has to pay to the Political Inspectorate. Of the way as you make the payment and the details of receipts and related orders, the agent makes express mention in the minutes of contravention, the who, having not proceed further,
It is by the same agent surely transmitted to the Registry receiver along with the postal money order. Art. 11. - When the offender does not intend to recognize the fine can avoid the seizure of the vehicle by depositing the amount of the monetary penalty as a deposit, and if the payment duly qualified in the documents as a single polling, can be performed in a similar way those indicated in art. previous. Art. 12. - The vehicle seized is certainly returned to the driver as soon as it was made the payment of the monetary penalty to the agent hands or performed the same test dell'effettuato payment or deposit of the same worth in terms of Articles 10 and 11. the provisional receipts issued by the agent are the investigating remittances, by the offender, the Office of the Register, which, in return, emits and delivers the final receipt. Art. 13. - The vehicles of which must be kept seizure are delivered to the Technical Office and Government of delivery are to be recorded by means of paving the foot of the record statement of offense, signed by the official receiver and the agent. When the offender, before the judicial definition of the dispute, wants to collect the vehicle needs the permission of the Office of the Law Commissioner to deposit the amount of the registry and of the judicial and custodial costs he realized until that moment, and then show Technical Office its receipt. Dell'avvenuta return of the vehicle the technical office immediately gives notice to the Law Commissioner. Art. 14. - Except for the case where the fine remains undoubtedly defined under Article. 10 the contravention reports shall be promptly remitted to the Law Commissioner which will proceed in accordance with art. 11 of the Law. Art. 15. - become final decision to sentence the Chancellor shall send the Office of the Registry known in art. 43 of the existing Law on Taxes. In cases where there is deposit the liquid receiver to the investigating agent's skills, of the Registrar and its Technical Department as well as those pertaining to custodial expenses incurred and provide the relevant payments by converting the remaining in the final take. Where there is no deposit or this is not sufficient to cover penalties and expenses, the receiver will proceed in accordance with art. 44 et seq. the Law on stamp duty. Art. 16. - When the offender fails to pay the Receiver, it just made the notification of enforceability under Article. 9 of Legg August 30, 1873, proceeds to the sale of the vehicle certainly kept impounded. Etc. Any proceeds from the sale of price-law has returned to the offender. If the price cashed d t the sale is not enough, it will act on other property of the debtor. Art. 17. - The minutes constatanti falsification of marks, the scious use or marketing of counterfeit marks and possession thereof or of instruments for counterfeiting must be, in any case, transmitted to the Law Commissioner which will proceed in accordance with Criminal codes and Criminal procedure. TRANSITIONAL PROVISIONS Art. 18. - The Law and the Regulations referred to above and the applications of the corresponding fees will go into effect July 1, 1922. APPENDIX A. MODEL for contraventions of the service related to the Law and the Regulations for Tax on cars. REPUBLIC OF SAN MARINO Minutes of Violations of the Law No. ........... ........... 1922 for taxes on motorcycles, on cars and related Regulations. Number of the minutes ....... Rep. Of San Marino, this day ............. I hereby ................ .................... in my capacity ...................... I found that in day of ............... 19 ..... at ....... in the resort ......... ........... he appointed the son of .................... profession .. .......... Hab nte .............. made use of public area of ​​(1) ....... ....... .......... and I found that the aforementioned vehicle (2) .......................... (3). .................................................. ..... Constituting that fact violation of the provision of Article ..... of the aforementioned Law and the Article ...... of the relevant Regulations, I declared in contravention of the said Mr .... ................................ inviting ap races due fine of L. ......... .......... under suricordate provisions. The said offender (4) ............ ................................ .................................................. .
The vehicle (it was - it was not) seized (5) ......... ........................... .................................... The offender (he - nothing has) paid for the amount (6) ............................................... ... Compiled these minutes adversarial the offender, who (he - he has not) signed with me (7) ...................... ................... (8) ...................... ...... .................................................. ...... the offender .......................................... . THE WITNESSES ............................................... .. AGENT the investigating ............................................ the vehicle seized was given custody of the Technical Office in accordance with Article 13 of the Regulations. The Agent the investigating officer of the Office Technical ........................................ ........... Exemplification. 1) designate the kind of vehicle and the use to which it is intended, if in circulation test, if free from tax, if the Republic or abroad. When it comes to car you need to add belonging to the same Mr. .......................... or: belonging to Mr ....... .................. .................... resident with plate No ...... ........ 2) specify the high fines, as follows: Vehicles: it was devoid of proof of payment of the tax made on the back of the vehicle license; was outstanding while being subjected to an insufficient tax because circular ................ unescorted d t the vehicle license, despite being dall'esibita Registry Office bill that the fee was paid regularly. Vehicles under test: test circulates bears the t rga recognition but not the prescribed certificate from the Secretary of Foreign (or vice versa) circulated with the test plate but for the purpose of rental, entertainment, etc. exempt vehicles: circulated without the prescribed mark of exemption from tax, or no certificate of poverty. He is circulating transporting people not donning the uniform or badge, lack in. It circulated for reasons unrelated to the purpose for which the exemption was granted, and that is: ................................ .......... was used in excess of the established limits, that is; 3) Specify the circumstances and collected addresses the responsibility of the offender: 4) ................. nothing alleges in his defense, and that I recognize without exception and reserves the offense established in its cargo. Or without exception and reserves the offense to establish against him. or ........... it alleges in his defense that ........... and says it does not recognize the offense and that he wants the same contravention of a ruling to the judicial authority. 5) When the vehicle was seized to add: and given in custody Technical Office as from the statement at the bottom. 6) If so add, by way of final payment L. ..........., or: a security deposit L. ............... . 7) If not specify: having refused ........ having declared illiterate .......... having taken flight. 8) They sign with me Messrs witnesses. ............ Or: Having been impossible to find witnesses this report is closed with me only one signature.

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