Framework Law For Activation Of Policies In Favor Of Young

Original Language Title: Legge Quadro Per L'attivazione Di Politiche A Favore Dei Giovani

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We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino

In view of article 4 of the Constitutional Law no.185 / 2005 and Article 6 of Qualified Law
Promulgate and publish the following ordinary law approved by the Great and General Council
its meeting of 19 July 2007.

LAW July 30 2007 Ranked # 91



Art.1 (General principles)

1. The Republic of San Marino with this law:
I) recognizes and guarantees the right of the autonomous participation in the life of society and democratic institutions
young people, both as individuals and in the various social groups;
II) organizes its action in the field, under the principle of subsidiarity in its dual
value: as authorizing paradigm of relations between the state, social groups, individuals and as
criterion of distribution of powers between State and territories in order to compete,
each within their respective competences, to take suitable measures to
promotion of policies to promote the full and free development of the personality of young people on the plane
cultural, social and economic development, promoting and enhancing the associative forms.

2 (Purpose)

1. This law, in accordance with the provisions contained in Article 11 of
Declaration of the Rights of Citizens and Fundamental Principles of San Marino order,
in line with the recommendations of Council of Ministers of the Council of Youth
Europe, with the European Union addresses, with the principles contained in Recommendation 128
approved in the 10th session of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe
, has the following purposes :
I) meet the needs of young people by promoting forms and actions to ensure effective and
substantial participation in the political, economic and social of the country or
all forms of active citizenship;
II) recognize the specific role of young women and young men in development processes
of the country, promoting policies to support the development of their
self-determination and participation in cultural and social terms;
support their design skills and creative; promoting their representation in society, both as
2 single
than in associated forms and aggregated; to foster the formation of new associative and aggregate
reality, as well as the consolidation and strengthening of existing ones;
III) facilitate, for the purposes of an active and conscious participation, opportunities for young people in the
age group between 16 and 32 years in the following areas:
a) Civil society: active citizenship and information, respect for diversity, intercultural and interreligious dialogue
, intergenerational solidarity, civil society;
B) Education and training: training activity, culture, education, health, road safety,
integration and social advancement, including in relation to major world issues concerning
health, the environment, energy conservation , the relationship between the northern and southern hemispheres;
C) Access to the labor market: employment, training, professional development, job placement
; reconciliation of working life and social;
D) Free time: sports, tourism, international mobility;
IV) provision for the development and activation of a two-year plan for youth policy, set forth in Article 9
, intended as a tool to guide the actions to be implemented,
in a coordinated manner;
V) identify initiatives to facilitate accessibility of young people to the housing market;
VI) identify economic policies - through discussion and subsequent agreements with the banking and financial system
San Marino - designed to create new instruments for access to credit for young
2. To achieve the above objectives are established at the Secretariat of State with
delegate for Youth, a Coordinating Committee composed of one representative of each
Secretary of State responsible in the following areas: Labor, Foreign Policy, Social Policy ,
Health, Equal Opportunity, Education University, Research, Culture, Economy and Finance,
Productive Activities and Sports, in order to harmonize, to order and coordinate all the projects to be implemented in compliance with the priorities established by
Commission for Youth. 3
. It 'also established a Commission for Youth Policies of Title II and Forum

Youth set forth in Article 10.


Art. 3
(Powers and Functions)

1. The Commission on Youth Policy has the following functions:
a) makes proposals and expresses its opinions on legislative initiatives on youth policies;
B) makes proposals to the competent bodies for the improvement of existing legislation, in particular
in education, vocational training, employment, social and health assistance,
social services, in order to harmonize the legislation to
goals of substantive equality between different generations;
C) it favors interventions aimed at broadening the access of young people to work and
increase their opportunities for training and socio-professional development;
D) conduct surveys and research, either directly, or in collaboration with other bodies
on youth condition, useful to the promotion of youth policies;
E) collect and disseminate, using the press, radio and television facilities and all other
means of social communication, documents and materials related to the development of
policies for young people;
F) ensures a permanent cultural debate on the plight of young people in relation
social and economic evolution of the Republic;
G) supports and encourages the use of positive action against young people by
public and private entities;
H) participate in the work of international organizations on the situation of young people and youth policies
2. The Commission may create specific working groups based on particular themes
and demands if the topics under discussion so require; It can make use of institutions, public facilities and experts
. To perform its tasks with the collaboration of the offices of
Secretariat of State who has the delegation for Youth. 3
. The Commission shall annually submit to the Great and General Council
a detailed report on its activities and on future plans for the following year.

Art. 4

1. The Commission on Youth Policy is appointed by the Great and General Council
beginning of each Legislature and for the duration thereof.
2. The Commission is composed of:
a) twelve members appointed by these groups in the Great and General Council in proportion to the numerical strength
, aged between 18 and 32 years;
B) two members appointed by the Youth Forum;
C) a member appointed by the Workers' Trade Unions;
D) one member appointed by the Economic Categories. 3
. The members appointed by the trade unions and the Workers'
Economic Categories have no voting rights.
4. The Commission members can not be members of the Great Council and
General and the State Congress.

Art. 5

1. The Commission, in its first meeting, held on the invitation of the Regency, after
taking the interim Bureau by the Secretary of State with responsibility for Youth Policies
, the election of its President and Vice President.
2. The President and the Vice-President shall hold office for the full Legislature.

Art. 6
(Functions of the President and Vice-President)

1. The President represents, convene and chair the Commission, shall arrange the order of the day
, open and close the meetings.
2. The Vice-President replaces the President in case of his absence or disability. 3
. The President oversees the preparation and retention of minutes using the
offices referred to in Article 3, second paragraph.

Art. 7

1. The Commission for Youth is convened by the President,
by registered mail with return receipt, at least five days before the date thereof.
2. In case of necessity and urgency it may be called up to the day before that of the
seat, by a notice delivered by hand to all members.

Art. 8
(Validity of the sessions)

1. The Commission's meetings are valid when this is the
least half plus one of the members.
2. The Commission's decisions are taken by simple majority.
In case of a tie the vote of the President.
4 3
. Members who do not attend three consecutive meetings of the Commission, without justification motivated
fall. The President is obliged to inform the Great and General Council for the next
acknowledgment and subsequent replacement.


Art. 9
(year plan for youth policy)

1. Coordination, under the second paragraph of Article 2 of this Act, contributes
to define the priorities for the year plan, taking into account international addresses.
2. The Secretariat of State with responsibility for Youth identifies institutions and international organizations
privileged areas in which to develop and strengthen the activities. 3
. The two-year plan is aimed at identifying the priority objectives in the following areas
a) work, orientation and vocational training, entrepreneurship;
B) education, education, information, health and social care;
C) social inclusion and combating discrimination;
D) sports, art and culture;
E) participation and socialization;
F) international mobility;
G) Environment and Sustainable Development.

Art. 10
(Youth Forum)

1. The Forum is a consultative body composed of young people, aged between 15 and 32 years,
residents in the territory of the Republic of San Marino and the following tasks:
a) giving advice and proposals on contents of the Plan for youth policies, as well as on
bills initiative of the Government affecting young people;
B) participates in international associative holes;
C) promote the participation of young people in the institutions, organizations representing school and university
, and in associative and aggregated reality;
D) appoint two representatives in the second paragraph of Article 4, aged under 18 years
and San Marino citizenship.
2. In the inaugural session, convened and chaired by the Secretary of State with responsibility for
Youth Policy, the Forum shall appoint a Chairman from among its members, aged under 18 years, who remains in office for
the duration of three years, renewed for two terms. 3
. The organization and operation of the Forum are governed by regulations
that, on a proposal from the Secretariat of State with responsibility for Youth, the Forum itself is
required to take within sixty days after the entry into force of this Act.
The Regulation is published in valvas Palatii and in the Official Bulletin.

Art. 11
(Report to the Great and General)
1. Secretary of State with responsibility for Youth transmits, by the end of each
year, a report to the Great and General Council on the implementation of this law,
on the results achieved against the objectives set, on the state implementation of the two-year
Plan in the third paragraph of Article 9, taking into account the opinion expressed by the Commission for
Youth Policy.



Art. 12
(Financial coverage)

1. Charges resulting from the implementation of this law will find funding
on the appropriate chapter of the State Budget.

13 (Repeals)

1. They are repealed all previous provisions contrary to the present law.

14 (Entry into force)

1. This Law shall enter into force on the fifth day following that of its legal publication

Our Residence, this day of July 30 2007/1706 dFR

THE CAPTAINS REGENT Alessandro Rossi - Alessandro Mancini


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