Appendix To The Book According To The Law On Civil Status 11 December 1873

Original Language Title: Appendice Al Libro Secondo Legge Sullo Stato Civile 11 Dicembre 1873

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APPENDIX TO BOOK TWO Law on Civil Status 11 December 1873. 1. - It 'entrusted to the Secretary of State for Internal Affairs Directorate of the Civil Status and maintenance of general ledgers of the state's population. 2. - These logs will be in duplicate and must be kept in rooms far from each other. The first general register will be formed according to the alphabetical order of the surnames of the families, and it will copy, duly regularized, the cards 1 January 1874, however, two aggiuntevi until, one for the exact date of birth of each individual, the ' the other for comments and annotations. The second general register then it will form glues same original cards equally arranged by alphabetical order. 3. - The Birth, the Death, Wedding and other movements of the population will be hand in hand noted on the first general register at the bottom of the corresponding State on the basis of complaints Family (of which more 'below) and with reference to the same . 4. - is entrusted to the parish priests of the Republic jealous storage registers of Acts of Birth, Death, and Marriage. Epper in the churches that have a baptismal font, will be given to the parish by the Interior Secretariat a register for mother and daughter of Birth Acts (Mod. A). They will have to keep it and keep it constantly in the sacristy of their church and not elsewhere, and will have to (over the baptismal ceremony) took the hill signs fill the mother and daughter denunciation of these registers in consecutive order, the father of the baby or the presence of those who guardian: so detached daughter, deliver it to that person, who will be returning it held at the Interior Secretariat within ten days under the threats of art. 10. An equal and identical system will be observed by all parish priests to register the complaints of Death and Marriage Acts on its books (Mod. B and C) delivering in the first case the daughter complained to the head of the family where there has been death, or the legitimate heirs of the deceased; in the second case or to the Head of the family in which it happens the marriage, or the bride and groom themselves so that or they so transmission above. The register of death certificates must eziandio keep all those Churches where you are wont to bury the dead. Those then that being compelled to complaints of Birth, Death and Marriage, refused to administer the parish priest or his representative the necessary information in the sense of this Act, will be subject to a fine of LIT five at a time. 5. - Those pastors if it fails to properly record any of the above Acts, each time will be subject to fine of ten pounds. To what will be fine even if you do not take subjects logs in place prescribed by art. 4. 6. - At the end of each month and the 10 parish priests of the Republic and the heads of Churches where you tumulano the deceased will send to the Interior Secretariat a summary of the applications lodged at their registries, an overall complaint as to the mod. D. 7. - What if for convenience or other reasons the infant baptism, the burial of the deceased, or the marriage had taken place outside of one of the 10 parishes of the Republic, the Head of the Family in which it occurred or birth, or death, or marriage (bait or enter one of the spouses), is required to report in person or to his special representative to the Secretary of the Interior to give the complaint as required by law in 10 days, and missing, it will be subject to a fine of ten pounds at a time. 8. - For the pastors are also provided three other Reg istri pel of population movement; two mother and daughter pei changes of residence within abroad, and vice versa, and a third to a mother and two daughters pei such changes within the state (Mod. E, F, G). The daughters of these registers will be sent directly by the parish priest month by month to the Secretary of the Interior, and the second daughter of the third register to the parish priest, in which he goes in the Individual or transmigration family. For the drafting and delivery of these complaints the pastor does not need to directly receive the person's complaint, but must do so on their own just comes from his own knowledge is a fact that must be denounced by law breasts. 9. - Those who glue family, or without, going abroad your domicile or residence within ten days you will have to present in person or by a special representative to the Secretary of the Interior for appropriate declaration to be received by the Secretary in a special book. The law recognizes valid and effective reserves or protests of registrants to store
active citizenship rights or domicile, which were issued on this occasion by citizens originating in the Republic or naturalizzat. Likewise, the law recognizes as forming the population of law those who although resident or domiciled abroad, but citizens by origin or by naturalization legally obtained, did you enroll in the Civil Registry. 10. - Those then that family glue or bring from abroad without their residence or their permanent residence in the Republic, in the same period of 10 days must present themselves in person or by their own special representative to the Secretary of the Interior for the similar statement in according to the law, which will be received by the Secretary in a special book: and lacking, they will incur a fine of pounds five at a time. If the immigrant has family or forming separate fire will draft its card, which will be added to the second rale Jan. register and copied to an additional register maintained while it alphabetically and coll'identico system already established first pel. 11. - In general the Masters that cangiano Coloni or make de 'new, or that change lodgers or make new ones, - as well as those of family heads in the sense of which takes an act of any person notifiable population movement (for as way or coming of service people, the lodgers, of children to nurse etc. fire division, transmission from one place to the State etc.) are required to do it or to the parish priest or the Interior Secretariat within 10 and missing will be subject to a fine of two pounds at a time. What the penalty will also be applied in cases covered by Article overwritten. 4. 12. - The Heads of Colleges, of the religious communities, moral bodies and any other place where different people are staying or living, are regarded as breadwinners for the purposes of this Act. 13. - The Secretary of the Interior on the basis of complaints it receives, performed the appropriate annotations on the general register of the Civil State, and complete, standings and holds the same complaints. It establishes and maintains a coll'opportuno reference alphabetical index of all those names not appearing at the head of cards, such as the married women and people who are not family etc. Ships to the appropriate parish registers bound books, each of which will contain two hundred records or complaints, and will have been previously legalized by him in the usual ways of practice. Holds a protocol for correspondence Seize Civil Status Offices of the United Italian lending to their reasonable demands and to fulfill the obligations under the Convention on March 27, 1872. Releases Authentic copy of the complaints received (Mod. H, I, K, L) not that of Nothing precludes certificates (Mod. M, N) to contract a civil marriage abroad against the exhibition of documents in authentic form and legal that the said marriage may be accomplished in terms of the laws and customs in the Republic and State Documents preserved diligently called it 'his acts. These documents consist of: 1 ° In the free state faith, follow the publications in the Church, and giving consent in the case of individuals not even united in marriage, or other equivalent formalities that are practical; 2 ° In the faith followed ecclesiastical marriage, in accordance with applicable laws, if the individuals that have to contract a civil marriage abroad were already legally married. Shall supervise because the parish priests, the family heads etc. fulfill the duties devolving upon them under the present law and forwards Sliders or trusted person as appropriate, either at the Parish Priests, both at the Families to the appropriate news or checks or calls, how many times you notice a missed or badly done complaint. Extends relationship each time checks have been violated the provisions of this Act, and who made him ratify or endorse dall' Regency, transmits it to the Procurator Fiscal, so that the fines with the hand directed privilege is levied. He has the right to the private secretary to the customary fees for the acts of 'what is required. At the end of each year it prepares a report to the General Council leader and commander on the general movement of the population. 14. - This Act shall have effect with 1 January pv 1874, remaining fully repealed, the other on 15 December 1864. The age of the renewal of the General Census of the population will be determined later by Sovereign Law. - Table page. 119 Rec. '900 -