Crimes Of Print

Original Language Title: Reati Di Stampa

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LAW ON CRIMES OF RELEASE May 28, 1881 Cap.I. General provisions. 1.- Each printed with any mechanical device att to reproduce signals or representative figures of thought, must indicate the place, the year he was impressed and the name of the printer. 2.- Each printed missing any of the particulars referred to in the previous article shall be considered as coming from illegal workshop, and the printer is punished for that fact alone lire fine glue 50. 3.- The printer and the signals or reproducers representative figures of thought, must be delivered immediately to the Law Commissioner the first copy of any printed, subject to some periodicals, and subject to Art. 488 of the Criminal Code. Should also within a period of ten days following the publication of any work for them reproduced, to return a two copies to the public library. Offenders, whether of one, the other is prescribing, incur a fine of from 20 to 50 pounds. 4.- Any etching, lithography, plastic and similar item, must be delivered to the Law Commissioner twenty-four hours before it is displayed or entered into service. Violators are punished with fine from 20 to 50 pounds. 5. Whoever plays writings, engravings, lithographs, plastic objects and the like, which already had been convicted irretrattabilmente, shall be punished by eg not less than twice that previously ruled by final judicial decision. 6. And 'prohibited the publication of acts of criminal proceedings or judgments related to insults and slander, or to offenses that immediately affect the family. 7. The Law Commissioner sends the printout, or the object ravviserà contrary to these provisions the tax prosecutor, pointing to the articles violated, and, on the adhesive of the same opinion, has to do about the immediate seizure of the copies of the written or indicted. The tax attorney has the duty to manifest in writing their vote even without stating reasons, and send it promptly, together with the printed or the above example, the Law Commissioner. These, within twenty-four hours, will start the appropriate process, first by specifying all the facts that have given you the place. 8. In the case that plastic objects, engravings, lithographs and the like do not Let them be displayed or offered for circulation, but are in the workshops or in places open to the public, and recognize by the Law Commissioner and the tax attorney opposed to these provisions , it does not result in another penalty than that of the destruction of the same objects. 9. Every prosecution for press offenses is exercised office. If it is an offense against persons covered in some public manner Authority, or against diplomatic agents accredited to the State, or against private, is required in order to proceed, the complaint of the injured party, unless the injury has the character of the famous pamphlet in dell'Art.481 sense of the penal Code. 10. The prosecution established by the provisions included under this title, except as for magazines, will be exercised: 1) against the author; 2 °) against the publisher if the one and the other Sieno subscribed or otherwise known; 3 °) against the printer so that the one is held in the other aid. 11. The subsidiary established prison sentence Article 156 of the Criminal Code, should also apply to press offenses. 12.- In case of recidivism, penalties and fines will be under the circumstances, increased up to twofold. 13. The rising criminal actions by press offenses are prescribed space neck of three months from the day of delivery of the first copy to the Commissioner of L gge; as periodicals, from the date of its publication, and as to other objects, from the day that they have been exposed or put into circulation. Cap.II. Provocation to commit crimes. 14.- Anyone, whether by putting in selling or up selling, both with distribute or with revealing in public places or meeting any of the items covered nell'Art.5, will result in committing a crime or a misdemeanor, is punishable, if you is transgression of the first, second or third category, with imprisonment from one to six months and coll'ammenda 10 to 50 pounds, if the crime of the fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh category, glue imprisonment from six mes a year and coll'ammenda from 50 to 200 pounds; if the contravention, fine glue 10 to 20 pounds. All subject to the provisions of Art.216 and 217 of the Penal Code. 15.- Anyone coll'impiego of any of indicat in the previous article will cause media to commit one of the crimes mentioned in Art. 323, 324, 325 and 326 of the Penal Code, shall be punished
according to the importance of the case or glue imprisonment from six months to one year, or glue imprisonment from one to two years more joint coll'ammenda from 100 to 200 pounds. Chap.III. Of offenses against religion and public morality. 16.- Anyone with one of the means specified nell'Art.5 commit any of the crimes provided for by Art. 325 and 329 Cod. Pen., Is punished with imprisonment from six months to one year, and coll'ammenda from 50 to 100 pounds . 17. Whoever offends good morals, incurs the penalty sanctioned by Art. 333 of the Criminal Code. Cap.IV. Offenses against the Sovereign Council, the Captain Regents, Commissioner of the Law or other legal authorities, and the heads of foreign diplomatic agents and governments. 18. E 'punished with imprisonment from one to two years, and with fine from 100 to 200 lire, anyone with one of the means specified in Art. 5 offense: 1) the Sovereign Council, or any of the Regiment Captains nti, the Law Commissioner or other judicial authority; 2) anyone who act of adherence to any other form of government, or posters vote or threatens to overturn or change the current form of government, or dissolve the Sovereign Council, or to detach a part of the territory integrity of State; 3) whoever divulges secrets that can comprometter the external security of the State, or in any way benefit the enemies thereof. 19.- Anyone who offends the sovereigns, heads of ministries or governments, is punished with imprisonment from six months to one year, and coll'ammenda from 50 to 100 pounds. The same penalties apply anyone who offends the inviolability of property rights, diminish the respect due to the laws, defend or approve qualified facts crimes by law, cause hatred or discord among the citizens. 20.- The offenses against diplomatic agents accredited to the State shall be punished with double the punishment sanctioned for offenses against individuals. 21.- In accordance dell'Art.35 of good neighborly Convention between the State and the Kingdom of Italy has been a ban production of original works of art or published in the United subject of literary property. (1) Cap.V. Of periodicals or progressive. 22.- Anyone wishing to publish a periodical, or progressive should submit to the Secretariat of State for Home Affairs, before publishing a statement in writing, accompanied by documents showing: 1) his citizenship of San Marino, the age of majority the current enjoyment of the free exercise of civil rights; 2) the nature of the publication, the name of the print shop that is authorized by the Sovereign Council, the name and residence of the printer; 3) the name and residence of the chief. This provision also applies to those who have already undertaken the publication of a periodic or progressive wrote. 23.- Each periodic or progressive written must have a responsible director. 24.- Any mutation to happen in one of the conditions expressed in the declaration sovraprescritta, must be notified to the secretary of state at the Interior diligence of the responsible manager, or his heirs or successors, within the space of ten days. The offender will be punished by fine of LIT glue 50. 25.- Lacking, or making themselves suddenly unable the Site Manager to cover its functions, having interest may submit to the Interior Secretariat a responsible editor, who takes the place of the director. Such a provisional task can not be prolonged beyond two months. 26.- Anyone, senz'avere fulfilled the prescribed dell'Art.22, or after the pronounced suspension, or after the termination of the newspapers, he should follow the publication, incurs the penalty of imprisonment from one to three months, and in ' fine from 50 to 100 pounds. 27.- The director of a newspaper must sign the draft of the first copy of each printed, and all other specimens should reproduce the same subscription in print. The transgression of this article shall be punished by fine of 100 lire. 28.- The director of periodic written or progressive, will immediately deliver a copy signed by him to the Law Commissioner. This obligation shall not suspend or delay shipment or distribution of the newspaper, or magazine wrote. The contravention of this article is punished fined 50 pounds of glue. 29.- In spite of the said fine, it remains subject to the right to promote any action that could compete to the judicial authorities or third parties. 30.- The directors of periodicals must enter the answers, or the statements of the people indicated in their publications. The ads must be whole and free, and subsequent publication in the fatt to the day when they will have received the answers. 31. - If the answer exceeds twice the article, to which it refers, the excess must be paid
the prices to the announcements. As this newspaper that does not receive announcements, will be co responded to the excess of the cent.50 price for each line not less than fifteen syllables. The refusal or delay to accept the answers shall be punished fine paste of 100 lire, unless the answer or statement contains insulting remarks. 32.- All the penal provisions are applicable to newspaper editors and authors, who have signed the articles in them inserted newspapers. 33.- In the event of conviction against a director of a punitive penalty, the publication will be suspended while he atones for it, unless siasene substitute another who has the conditions desired by the law. 34.- The directors are required to publish in the first issue following the notification, the sentences handed down against them. Violators are punished fine glue 50 pounds. Cap.VI. Insults, defamations, and popular pamphlets. 35.- In cases of injury qualified pel means of defamation or libel, famous respectively shall apply art.481, 482.485, 486, and the next Chapter III of the penal code. (1) Art. 41 of the current agreement.

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