Grants To Students

Original Language Title: I Sussidi Agli Studenti

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28 March 1887 1. - Subsidies that from now on will be granted to students are of three kinds: one for
those young people who have shown the baccalaureate and want to go to a university, or a
College of Italian Kingdom, or follow the ecclesiastical career;
a second for those who are fitted with the fourth supplementary elementary school, or, failing
this school, have a primary school, and inte dano get in Normal schools, or in
Institutes of arts and crafts; the third for the young girls who had been granted an elementary school,
aspire to become teachers, or midwives.
2. - Of the first two kinds of subsidies it distributes one year; the third one every three
years, that is, when it has ceased the antecedent. 3
. - The young pei aid laid off in high school is 600 pounds per year for those who go
University and lire 300 peri seminarians; for those young people who have the license to fourth grade
is 400 pounds; what young girls beads which undertake the studies teachers, or
midwives, 300 lire; then by all from the day, when the subsidized
will be inscribed in the Institute, which should enter.
4. - The subsidy will be paid in four installments in advance during the school year.
5. - The first kind of subsidies can not last more 'than six years, regardless of the course of study
that the young man takes to do. However, for law firms, the aid of the last two years young
can not redeem, if not over the two years of training and passed the exam advocacy.
For ecclesiastical studies the subsidy will be granted for the number of years strictly
is required. The second and third kind of subsidies will last the most 'short time that it is required to
completion of the course of the studies, and in any case not be more' than four years.
6. - They can not claim the allowance if the young San Marino, and those whose family had
7. - Subsidies will be awarded as a prize, regardless of family status, and exclusively for about
according to the articles below.
8. - Being just one of the aspirant, and having one of the licenses in the studies, exhibited in Art. 1
will be entitled to its aid.
9. - As many aspirants, the subsidy will be granted to the one of greater merit.
10. - For the first kind of subsidies the credit is determined by the overall grade of the examination
11. - For the second kind of subsidies from the examination mark of the fourth grade complementary
; and for the third, even fourth-grade exam.
12. - In case of equal merit, it will be used to draw.
13. - To preserve the perfect performance of the exams, you know which the attainment of
those subsidies, the government will send to assist its Commissioner with special responsibility as
to monitor that everything goes smoothly and impartiality.
14. - Anyone with a government subsidy can not have, at the same time, another public
Institute, and vice versa.
15. - The young applicants for aid must be submitted to the Council and the Sovereign Prince, no more
'late October, their application, accompanied by a document of the President of the Commission
exam, which shows he had won the test. Also present the following certificates
a) faith of birth;
B) of the parent faith of birth, indicating his San Marino citizenship or a naturalization certificate
C) certificate of good character;
D) criminal record.
16.- The Council Sovereign Prince, examined the documents, which were found in good standing, if the aspirant
will be one alone, without a vote win its aid; If the aspirants will be various
of equal merit, it will put their names in an urn, and will proceed to draw.
17.- Subsidies, which for lack of aspirants are not assigned in a year, you
will award the following year, as well as the new.
18. - That Youths, or those young people who, given the license that is required of a given species
subsidies, though they were overtaken by other, andthey had therefore been able to achieve in that year
aid, have the right to aspire to in the two years immediately following, both
by comparing the already licensed with those of the new laid off, either by repeating
year for once with the right to give the exam ..
19. - Those subsidies must be confirmed by the Prince and Sovereign Council
young people every year, after they have presented their certificates of studies, from which it appears to have exceeded
all the tests prescribed by the Institute that year ; or, if not prescribed, and have given

Passed those tests, it was in their power to give; or finally prove to be in perfect order with
course of their studies. Not verifcandosi this, the Board may suspend the
subsidy or even remove it forever.
20. - They will lose the subsidy even those young people for their moral conduct it jumping off
21. - The present law annuls any other issued previously by the Council
Prince and Sovereign on the same subject. However, those students who currently enjoy the
aid, continue to perceive it until the completion of their studies with those same conditions
waves have got.
22. - After the Sovereign approval of this Act, no young student can ask
outside the conditions subsidies included in it.