Public Charity 1

Original Language Title: Pubblica Beneficenza 1

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21 April 1887
1.- E 'established a public charity Commission, whose statutes, signed here will
full force of law.
2.- The requests, or requests for alms, or relief, or subsidies under sickness, or
wretchedness of individuals that can not be received in the hospital and in the hospital, or other | || domestic misfortunes, will be headed and direct the sole president of public charity
3.- The General Council and the Sovereign Prince, the Regency and the Economic Congress
not respond from now on to these bodies; but when being filed
will be rejected to the chairman of public charity.
4.- This Act shall be deemed as constitutional or statuary, and may not be derogated
that with two-thirds majority of the votes.

REGULATION 1.- The rescue Commission for the old and the sick poor, who can not be
received in-patient and hospital, appointed by the Prince comes Council every three years in the
March, behind a list of candidates made by the Economic Congress, and consists
in moral entity dependent on the Council and the Sovereign Prince, and took the name of the Commission
Public Charity. - For it is entrusted with distributing the funds
to public charities. Its purpose is to provide the poorer classes the means of subsistence
be prevented from working to old age or infirmity.
2.- It is composed of twelve members, who are entitled to replace others who
for death or for not intervening to three consecutive meetings, they cease to be part of it.
Can not be part of the Commission's illiterate people. The meeting is legal if
v'intervengono seven members.
3.- The administration is governed by a president, who is elected annually by
March by Prince Council from among the members of the Commission, and takes charge on 1 April
Your duties are to convene and preside over the meetings: direct and supervise the straight
, prudent and fair distribution of relief and communicates in each case with the Government.
4. The Commission shall elect from among its members in mid-March each year a secretary, who
is obliged to convene, under the orders of the President, the meetings with special notices dispatched to
through a janitor, to attend meetings and spread the minutes, transcribed and
sign rescripts, and draw up the statement of the administration. In the absence, or lack of
president, he takes his place.
5. - Also appoints a cashier, who withdrew early from the public purse the monthly rate relief
, and a deputy treasurer, who jute in a convenient distribution of the poor
the main cashier, who puts the monthly report . The cashier is obliged to record
special book that pays all the bills and send every month the cash budget to the president.
It will agree with President al-bearing lining of those cash funds, which could remain
dall'annua sum administering the Government, as well as those private
largesse that could be made to this non-profit organization , which latter, however, will not
resign without special resolutions of the Commission. 6. Appointment of two auditors
well-distributors, one or City, the other in Borgo, who verify
the needs of the poor, allocate a grant in money, or genres, and are releasing bill.
7.- The Charity Commission receives annually from the Government in many monthly installments
advance payable from the general fund to the Commission's cashier, lire 5000; more '
receives Mercy Hospital of lire 150 Anue for compensation of medicines for
sick poor, who can not be received in that Institute. These proceeds can certain
be increased by private donations.
8. Pensions and monthly subsidies, annual and life annuities granted to date by the Council
Prince pass borne by the public charities Commission, except those pel
maintenance of dementia and for the hospital.
9. The monthly and annual grants awarded to date by the Council to the poor orphans,
will be paid by the Commission until the fourteen years inclusive for men, and fifteen
for women; so with this Regulation dchiarano deprived of pension rights
all those orphans who have reached that age. And if in the future experience the need of succor
some poor orphan without relatives obliged to keep and
abandoned by all, the Commission will subsidize as needed, but no more 'than the
aforementioned age.

10.- The Commission for the future will not assign annuities relief, nor temporary, but
sovverrà only with subsidies as needed, and for that time you will know
11. Subsidies are granted to old and sick poor, who can not be accommodated in the
shelter or hospital, in genres, in money, in medicines. Pei subsidies in medicinal
Charity Commission allocates a bottom 350 lire per year, to be assigned to that or those
pharmacists who on prescription of physical administer medicines to the poor. That
pharmacist, or those pharmacists who will take on this obligation will hide not medicines
anyone of citizens, or foreign domiciled in the State, saves them the right to do the acts
coercive acts against those who believe to pay the medicinal products received, or soon, or when
believe time more 'appropriate.
12.- E 'given to the new Commission to draw up the contract with one or more'
pharmacists, who will assume the obligation above.
13.- Foreign poor who fall ill in the Republic will be sovvenuti for pure
needs; but it shall be the obligation of the auditor-distributor to make the grant date value
to the president, because they pray to her once the Regency that sense of Law 6
March 1876, for deployment to foreign authorities It occurred to the indigent and his family.
14. And 'forbidden the Commission to give grants to the title of home freight rates to tenants
poor, and much more' to pay the owner of the house pigionata.
15. And 'also forbidden to pass subsidies to members of the Society of Mutual Aid, in
time that are subsidized by it.
16.- The President shall submit each year to the Prince Council in April the annual report
administration, and the Council will appoint his government auditor for verification of the administration
conditions and take knowledge it has been rightly observed
Regulation. Which will be approved the report by the Council Prince, it will be
President to make a public reason. The however Regency may at any time make
proceed to verification of the status of the Commission's case.
17.- When this Regulation does not correspond more 'for the purpose of the institution, the
Charity Commission could take such modifications as it deems appropriate, which, however, will have to have the Sovereign
18.- With this regulation, which went invigore today April 21, 1887, means
derogate from the Law and Regulation on public well ficenza sanctioned in the back of the Prince
Council of 6 September 1877.

(1) Although this is the Studio a project of change.