Consular Corps

Original Language Title: Corpo Consolare

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12 January 1892 Tit. I.
consular staff.
1. - The consular staff of the Republic of Sanm rino is divided into three categories:
the first belong the Consuls General and Consuls;
According to the Viceconsoli;
The third Secretaries and Chancellors.
2. - The staff of the first and second category is appointed by the General Council and
Sovereign Prince, and perform such functions, after exequatur of the Government where the case is
What the third category is appointed by the General Consuls and Consuls, with the approbation
Most Excellent Regency. 3
. - The Viceconsoli employees to a consulate, and the secretaries and clerks are
immediate dependence of the Consul in whose district they reside, and not carteggiano directly, nor have official
relations with the Government of the Republic, nor with the Local Government , except in cases where
regularly suppliscano the Consul General or Consul.
4. - The Viceconsoli appointed in a place where not established a Console, exercise all the powers conferred
the Consuls, but depend on one that has the higher court in that place, and not
carteggiano with our government, but by the console, or when
Let them be directly requested by our government.
5. - The decree of appointment of the consular staff of first and second category will be precisely
indicated the territory on which extends the consular jurisdiction of the appointed.
6. - Consular offices are all free.
7. - They can not be appointed Honorary Consuls if not the people who have actually exercised
the Consuls of our republic functions.
Tit. II.
Privileges and powers.
8. - The holders of the consulates and vice-consulates are entitled to the honors, prerogatives, privileges and immunities
, which are wont to agree, according to the laws and usages of the various States, to foreign consular officially
; so their homes and their archives.
9. - The General Consuls and Consuls, in the places where they are not diplomatic agents, representing the Government of the Republic
. Where are instead Diplomatic agents, the functions of the consuls will be purely administrative and commercial
, but there the Cons them, although they are hierarchical
from legations, will hold their correspondence directly with our government.
10. - The Consuls are to watch over the observance of our treaties, to protect dignity and
degli'interessi of our government, the protection of persons and subjects
degli'interessi of San Marino, exercising, as to these, all administrative acts permitted by local law.
They accomplish also the conservative acts that rendoo necessary in cases of death of San Marino
in the consular area.
11. - They will have the Consuls and Viceconsoli the utmost care to maintain good relations between the Government
which they are accredited and our; and also to compose WILL USE disagreements arose
between our subjects.
12. - The Viceconsoli, when they are not in the conditions stated in Art. 4 of this Act, the Consul
help in handling all consular affairs, for whom Let them be requested from it.
13. - The secretaries and registrars shall fulfill the secretarial offices, stationery and
Administration, entrusted to them by the consuls.
14. - The General Consuls and Consuls only, subject to license the Most Excellent Regency,
issuing passports to San Marino subjects enrolled in the records of the Consulate.
15. - Passports are given in the name of the Regency; rec not, header, name and qualifications of the Consul
issuing them; name, authorship, address, profession, connotations and
signature of the person they are released, or the indication that this is illiterate, and finally the place of destination
16. - The passport is valid for six months; and on it may enroll persons belonging to the family
, or those of the person to whom it is issued service.
17. - To people known to separate, or to those charged with a mission by our government,
can be issued a special passport, simple indication of the name glue, surname and
personal qualities, and its destination.
18. - All acts of civil status of San Marino subjects abroad they will do at the local offices of Civil State
, or according to the custom of the place of stay; but the Consul or Vice-Consul, must pick
a copy of the records (at the expense of the part, if necessary) and will forward it to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Republic
. (1)
19. - The Consuls and Viceconsoli also attend the opening of wills of San Marino subjects,

Giving notice to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of wentest opening and the provisions contained in the above
wills. (2)
20. - You may also Consuls and Viceconsoli, interest in the i of San Marino subjects, releasing copies of authentic
governmental acts of the Republic, as long as the original, or a certified copy thereof, remains in storage at the same
21. - No public or private act done overseas is valid in the Republic of San Marino, if not
port authentication of the signatures of the authorities or private, made in accordance with the respective
territorial district, by our consuls.
They are also entitled to authenticate the signatures of the authorities and public officials of San Marino.
22. - The Consuls and Viceconsoli can issue identity of person statements, or existence
in charge of people dates, as long as it's authorities, or San Marino subjects, or acts to occur
in the Republic of San Marino .
23. - The consuls found them as arbiters in cases and disputes between San Marino, when Sieno required
and precedes a legal compromise, in which the parties to renounce any appeal, and authorize the Consul
to proceed, without judgment formalities, as friendly composer. In this case, the Consul
pronounces the judgment, and can copy rilasciarne embodiment, when the sentence is to be executed
in the San Marino Republic.
Tit. III.
Internal Consulates Service.
24. - When a Consul or Vice-Consul, receives from our government the original
sovereign decree of appointment, to do the necessary paperwork to get from the Government, from which it is accredited, the
necessary enforcement.
25. - Received an enforcement order, and without any further practices for its full implementation, the holder
takes possession of the office, soon giving notice to all' Regency and simultaneously
to local authorities.
From the day of such notification, he meant entered the full exercise of his functions.
26. - In case of death or resignation of Consul, Vice-Consul, Local, or, failing that, the
Chancellor, takes delivery of the cards, the seals and the Consulate effects, and shall inform the
Regency, which soon will allocate interim charge who should hold the Inquisition until the appointment of
27.- In case of suspension or revocation of order and government, this would designate the person to whom
Console suspended or withdrawn should be the delivery office, and will determine if it should serve
as a simple depository, or if interim charge with Console functions in via
28. - The console, which should be away from home for over a month, will have to obtain permission from the
Regency, and the vice-consul from the Console.
29. - When a consulate officer is a vice-consul, it is called the right to make up
precariously Consul, in any case of absence or resign from office.
30. - If it's Consulate that has not vice-consul, the chancellor will be expected to compensate the holder
If there is even Chancellor, the consul appointed to deputize for him, in case of temporary absence, a
person he trusts, and possibly in some of our Republic glue relationship, and be approved in advance by the
31. - In the consular staff in contravention of their duties, it may be inflicted by the Regency
censorship and the suspension; and the General Council and the Sovereign Prince, more 'severe cases, can also
ordered and revocation.
32. - In each consulate or vice-consulate should you ersi, with all diligence, the following series:
a) the official protocol of confidential correspondence, for personal or secret practices;
B) the official correspondence of the general protocol for other matters; Each of the aforementioned
series must at least be provided with alphabetical indexes.
C) a register for the annotation of San Marino subjects, and people from
Republic gained honors or civil and military ranks, and who live under the jurisdiction of the Consulate;
D) a register to record the acts of Civil State and communicated to the Republic of the openings of wills You attend
by the Consul. There will also be transcribed judgment rendered as
Art. 23;
E) a register, a mother and daughter, peri passports;
F) a register for the annotation of authentications of signatures, the legalization of passports, identification of
statements in person or existence of the office, and copies of documents issued;
G) a register containing an inventory of the papers and of the Consulate objects.
For each of these series will be held a special numbering.

33. - The government, through the Secretariat of State for Foreign Affairs, will reimburse the Consuls, and the
Viceconsoli for local residents where there is Consulate, the expenses for the flag, the banner of
Consulate or vice-consulate, whether this is a new plant, and the others that were
authorized by the same Secretariat, and those incurred by the Consuls and
Viceconsoli, in cases of proven urgency, owing to repatriation of indigent subjects of San Marino.
34. - The Consuls and Viceconsoli, within two months after taking office, and those already mentioned,
within two months of the enactment of this law, will have to draw up the inventory and cards
owned objects of ' office, and make a note in the register indicated in Art. 32 g series, and make it take
certified copy to the Secretariat of State for Foreign Affairs.
35. - From hand to hand the cards do exacerbate or ew items you acquire, or decay is
render useless those possessed, it will record in the aforementioned register, and they will communicate
transcription in the beginning of each year the Segrte ia Foreign.
36. - To the Consuls General, the Consuls, and also to Viceconsoli that act in the place where it is not a
Consulate, it is granted free postage only for the letter of the Holy Office to direct government authorities
in the Republic.
37. - Why the Consuls and Viceconsoli above menzioati enjoy that exemption, the letters
will be closed with the seal of the Holy Office the declaration: the Office, the number of protocol and consular stamp
38. - The San Marino students at the Universities or Institutes of Public
education abroad will, at the beginning of each school year, present to the Consul of the place where they take
residence, and be enrolled in the consular registers, reporting certification in the end of the year
school; without that, the subsidies can not get the subsidy payments.
Title IV.
Competence and consular district.
39. - When at a government exists only our Consulate, it will have the rank of Consulate General
40. - Where it exists more 'than one in a state, what I know is headquartered in the capital will have the degree of
Consulate General.
41. - Pei existing consulates in Italy, is held the rank of General Consulate in those now
enjoy them, and as long as they are governed by the current owners; except in the Consulate General of Rome,
that will keep this degree.
42. - In the Kingdom of Italy, the consular district was divided as follows:
Consulate of Turin provinces of Turin, Cuneo, Alessandria and Novara;
Consulate in Milan the provinces of Sondrio, Como, Milan, Pavia, Cremona, Brescia and Bergamo;
To the Consulate of Venice the provinces of Belluno, Vicenza, Verona, Padua, Venice, Treviso and Udine
The Consulate in Bologna the provinces of Piacenza, Parma, Reggio-Emilia, Mantova, Modena, Bologna
, Ravenna, Ferrara and Rovigo;
Consulate of Rimini the provinces of Forlì and Pesaro-Urbino;
Consulate in Genoa the provinces of Porto Maurizio, Genoa and Massa Carrara;
Consulate in Florence the provinces of Florence, Lucca, Pisa, Livorno, Siena and Arezzo;
To the Consulate of the provinces of Ancona Still, Macerta, Perugia, Ascoli and Teramo;
The Consulate in Rome the provinces of Grosseto, Rome and Aquila;
The Consulate in Bari in the provinces of Chieti, Campobasso, Foggia, Bari and Lecce;
Consulate in Naples the provinces of Caserta, Benev to, Avellino, Naples, Salerno, Potenza,
Cosenza, Catanzaro and Reggio Calabria;
The Consulate in Palermo provinces of Messina, Palermo, Trapani, Girgenti, Caltanissetta, Catania and Siracusa
The Consulate in Cagliari provinces of Cagliari and Sassari.
43. - In France, the consular district is cosìripartita:
at the Consulate General of Paris departments of the North, Ardennes, and Aisne, Oise, Meuse, Seine,
Seine-et-Marne, Marne, Seine and Oise, Meurthe and Moselle, Aube , Upper Saone, Cote-d'Or, Nièvre,
Cher, Doubs, Indre, Saone-et-Loire, Allier, and Haut-Rhin;
The Consulate in Rouen departments of the Lower Seine, Eure, Orne, Eure and Loire, Mayenne,
Sarthe, Loire and Cher, Indre and Loire, Pas de Calais, Somme, Maine and Loire;
Consulate in La Havre departments Manche, Calvados, Finistère, Morbihan, Loire lower
, Vendée, Ile and Vilaine and North coasts; the Consulate in Bordeaux departments of its
Sevres, Vienna, High Vienna, Charente, Charente less, Dordogne, Lot, Lot et Garonne, Gironde,
Landes, Gers, Pyrenees Netherlands, Hautes-Pyrenees, Tarn-et-Garonne;
The Consulate in Marseille the Creuze departments, Loire, Rhone, Puy de Dome, Corrèze, Cantal,
Lozère, Ardèche, Aveyron, Gard, Tarn, Hérault, High G ronna, Ariège, Aude, Pyrénées-Orientales,
Bouches-du-Rhône, Var, Corsica, Haute-Loire;

The Consulate in Nice the departments of Jura, Ain, Haute Savoie, Isère, Savoy, Drome, Hautes Alpes Maritimes
44. - In Austria, the Vienna General Consulate has jurisdiction over all provinces of
, except those of Istria and Dalmatia, on which competes jurisdiction to
Consulate in Trieste.
45. - In Switzerland, the Geneva Consulate has jurisdiction over all the provinces of the Confederation
46. - In Spain, the Consulate of Barcelona extends its jurisdiction over all the provinces of
that nation.
47. - For other consulates, which later were established, it will set the constituency at the time of their establishment
. (3)
Tit. V.
coat of arms, flag, seal and uniform.
48. - Each Consulate, and every vice-consulate, existing in a place that is not home to Consulate
will be provided with a sign the government of San Marino coat of arms neck and glue Legend: Consulate General
(or consulate or vice-consulate) of the Republic of San Marine. This teaches must keep
exposed outside the door of the house where rices of the Consulate or the vice-consulate.
49. - Will have also each consular office to be fo ned of the Republic flag, which will be
exposed in the days of festivities homelands San Marino, that is, February 5 (day of Sant'Agata); April 1
(input of the Regency); Sept. 3 (day of San Marino) and 1 October (entrance of the Regency
), and in the days of national holidays of states, with which the consuls are accredited.
50. - The Consuls and also existing Viceconsoli in the Kingdom of Italy will present the flag every time
who celebrated a festival, or commemorate a death of common homeland with participation
local governmental authority.
51. - Each consulate or vice-consulate will have to be equipped with two seals, one dry and one wet
, with the same in the middle of San Marino, and around the words: Consulate (or
consulate or vice-consulate) of the Republic of San M rhino in ..., coll'indicazione of residence.
52. - The Consuls and Viceconsoli will provide at its expense the consular uniform,
described in the following article.
They will also have the Consuls, and Viceconsoli, where residents is not our Consulate when
publicly exercise their duties in civilian clothes, wearing a silk band
10 centimeters wide, with the colors of the our Equestrian Order of San Marino, hanging from his right shoulder
, sitting on his left side to a passerby, and guernita, at both ends, a fringe of gold
pei pei Consuls General and Consuls, and silver pei Viceconsoli.
53. - The gala uniform of the Consuls General, and Consli Viceconsoli and consists of:
Hat double-headed (with white ostrich feathers pei pei Consuls General and Consuls) with
cappietto dark green cloth, embroidered d ' gold, trimmed with gold cord, and rosette
white and blue San Marino.
Green shield cloth dress with lapel right, shows the hill of the same cloth sleeves;
with gold embroidery, like the model of the sleeves, the collar and on the back, and recurring even the sides of the buttonhole
and on the slopes, just pei Consoli. A Fildi eight gold buttons, convex, crest neck
of the Republic, and two other similar on the back: a small one on the sleeves exhibitions.
Trousers of the same cloth with gold gallon.
Straps (pei just Consuls General and Consuls) golden canvas vermilion.
Sword backed by gold wire cords, with Elsa, mother of pearl and gold metal, coat of arms neck
San Marino in daycare; sleeve white, with golden metal rings and toe; Gold sling.
Consular belt hanging from his right shoulder.
54. - To the Consuls General, the Consuls and to Vicecons them remains the right to also make use of the uniform of colonel
respectively, of lieutenant-colonel or higher, of the General Staff of the Council
Guard Prince, in accordance Art. 5 of the Guard of the same Regulation
17 June 1882, with the honors and privileges to the same compete.
55. - The distinction of degrees acting within the Consuls General and Consuls is determined by the width of the embroidery
at the side of the buttonhole and apparel foot (12 centimeters 3 pei Consuls General, and
cm 3 pei Consoli) and chevron pants, as the model. The dress is of Viceconsoli
no embroidery on the sides of the buttonhole foot and apparel. Of them, they will use the consular wing
only those practicing in the place where there is a Cosolato.
Tit. YOU.
General provisions.
56. - The creation and suppression of consulates and vice-consulates are the exclusive responsibility of the Council
Prince and Sovereign.
57. - In places where a resident Consulate can not be left to any our official

public, nor to an individual, any fate of pel positions our Government, except in the case of
extraordinary missions to the Sovereign and the local government.
58. - No consular officer of San Marino can accept any consular
of another State without the express permission of our Govern.
59. - By the Secretariat of State for Foreign Affairs will be communicated to all the consuls
elections of the Regency and the appointment of the holders of the various consulates or vice-consulates, or termination
thereof by the respective offices.
60. - It will also be sent by the said Secretariat to each Consulate at the time of its establishment, a
Statute example, the Codes and the main laws in force; and later, a specimen of
all laws that will print from hand to hand by our government.

(1) See Article. 7 of the current Italo-San Marino Convention.
(2) See Article. 5 of the Convention.
(3) With Decree March 27, 1899 was established a Consulate General in Budapest, with jurisdiction throughout Hungary

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