License To Criminal Code

Original Language Title: Aggiuntiva Al Codice Penale

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January 13, 1897 Offences against the State powers.
1.- Anyone who commits a fact directed against the life, integrity or freedom of the person of
Excellencies the Captains Regent of the Republic of San Marino, is punished glue worth of public works
2.- Whoever commits a fact directed at preventing to Their Excellencies the Captains Regent,
in whole or in part, even temporarily, the exercise of political functions entrusted to them by the
Sovereign Council, or to compel them by force to violate the Constitution political
sanctioned by our laws statuesque, and change the form of government, is punishable glue worth of public works
twenty to twenty-five.
3.- Anyone with words or acts offends or threatens, both verbally and in writing, for istampa
or in any way, the Sovereign Council of the Republic of San Marino, and Their Excellencies the Captains
Regent pro tempore, is punished with imprisonment from three to five years.
4.- Anyone committing a fact directed against the life, integrity or liberty
of Their Excellencies the Captains Regent, after going out of their office and at any time, but because and because of
'exercise of their tasks when trovavansi in office, shall be punished with an increase of
extensible sentence from two to four degrees, as appropriate, in more' of the sanctioned penalty for each
individual case by the penal code.
5.- Anyone with words or acts offends or threatens the procedure contained in article 3 of this Law
Their Excellencies the Regents expired charge in question, or because of the performance of their | || functions, when trovavansi in office, is punished with imprisonment from one to three years.
6. Anyone who commits a fact directed against the life, integrity or liberty of Members
Most Excellent Council Sovereign Prince, the Secretaries of State, the Commander General of the Guardia Nobile and
militia of Judicial Magistrates, or the Procurator Fiscal
exercise, or because of the exercise of their functions shall be punished penalties laid down hill if
by the penal code increased by one to three degrees.
If the offense is directed against the person of any other public official, increased
penalty established by the Penal Code and other laws will be published prior to this stretch
one to two degrees.
7.- Anyone with words or acts, and in the manner referred to above items, offends or threatens the
Council Members Most Excellent Prince and Sovereign, the Secretaries of State, General Commanders
the Noble Guard and the Militia, the Judicial Magistrates, the Procurator Fiscal,
in the year or in the year due to their functions, shall be punished penalty paste
imprisonment of one to three years.
If the offense is directed against the person of another public official, will be punished with imprisonment
extendable by six months to a year.
8.- For the purposes of this Law are considered public officials
all those who are clothed with public functions, salaried or free, a service of the State, or of the moral authorities
submitted directly to the protection of the State .
9. Anyone who by force or threat attempts to prevent or disrupt the Council Sessions
Prince and Sovereign, or the exercise of the functions of political bodies, judicial, or administrative, to influence in some
so on the deliberations of the same, he shall be punished penalty paste
extensible imprisonment from three to six months.
If the offense referred to above will be made by a r dunata composed of ten or more '
people will be punished penalty glue from six months imprisonment to one year, and if done by hand
armed, by a year to six.
Offences against the existence of offspring.
10.- Parents to avoid the obligation of propr ê children pubescent or prepubescent
food succor abandon them on the street at the mercy of themselves, or in any other way try to force
, or compel individuals, or the state to support them, when it is shown that what happens to
mood evil and not for absolute and proven inopia, will be punished glue
extensible imprisonment from six months to one year, unless the competent authorities to take all
those temperaments that, in accordance with our laws and statues of the criminal Code, it
be necessary to force the parents themselves or close relatives to succor food
these children.
Press offenses.
11. No act, written or figurative will be given to the press or published or posted for
prints, without the written approval of the Authority policy. The printer that you
render himself liable of this offense, and the one that gave affiggesse prints, will be punished penalty glue
of extensible imprisonment from one to three months and extendable to a fine ranging from 10 to 100 pounds, and

If relapse glue prison sentence of three to six months and with fine from 100 to 500 pounds,
unless the measures were to be taken following the political authority to prevent further abuse
, including closing of typography.
12. All offenses under this Act, are declared of public action.
The Commissioner will proceed in each case as soon as, by any way, come to
full knowledge of the fact.
This Decree shall take effect immediately after its publication made in the usual ways.