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Original Language Title: Sulle Borse Di Studio

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LAW ON SCHOLARSHIPS. (1) 30 October 1906 Art. 1. - Each year grants, within the following ways, a s ssidio to young people who want to travel the University Studies; a second for those who wis attend courses outside of San Marino or the Technical Institute or the Normal School and the Institute of Fine Arts or the School of Arts and Crafts; and a third for those young people who want to devote to the ecclesiastical career. Art. 2. - The first grant of L. 600 per year is granted for the duration of the course, but never more than six years. The young man, who has achieved after four Annila degree in Law, and will not withdraw the two installments of subsidy for the two years of practice (subsidy that will be reduced in annual L.400), unless after giving the exam of Advocacy. The second grant in L. 400 per year shall be granted for any possible delay of four years, and also the third grant for four years is L. 225annue. Each of these three kinds of subsidies will be paid in deferred quarterly installments from October 1st to July 31st. Art. 3. - To be allowed to ask the subsidy occorrno the following conditions: a) be a national of San Marino native or naturalized. b) To have had always good behavior. c) Pour in conditions of relative need, that is to say does not belong to the family which is able to keep his son to study. The existence of the first two requirements will result from regular Competent Authority certificates and these certificates such as those proving to studies, the recognition and promotions given below, must be debitamen and examined by Congress of Studies, who will report to the Council. For the third requirement will deliberate for each instant the Prince and Sovereign Council and to a secret ballot. Whoever then has the other institute public subsidy can not get the government subsidy, and vice versa. Subsidies University. Art. 4. - Verified as aforesaid the above requirements, if any one is the instant, he will be awarded the grant; If more 'are the applicants, regard shall be had to the substance. And 'the principal purpose of the preference being promoted to the first examination session. This non-recourse, must be done by the headmaster of the school, and according to school reports, the counting of the points set by the aspirants in the Liceale licensing exams and gymnasium, and in the promotion from 1st to 2nd and from 2nd to 3rd Course Liceale. The grant will be awarded to those who have suffered a larger sum total of points. In case of equal merit, it will be used to draw. The subsidy will be granted only to those young people who are bearing the baccalaureate. Art. 5. - At the subsidy will not be paid any installment of the first grant if it does not prove that he had written regularly to the University or Institute who wish to attend. In subsequent years you will not be issued the order to pay in his favor, if he proves that he presented to all the exams of the year as indicated for him will always be compulsory, and that he had reported in the same approval in the first or in the second session of exams. This circumstance will be a certificate of the Secretary of the University or Institute, which will be requested either directly or through the medium of the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs. Art. 6. - The young man, who has not given approval in all of them the subjects, according to when the preceding Article, lose entitlement to the benefit, and can not possibly be allowed to ask other benefits of any kind and for whatever reason. however, it may be readmitted to use them, if in the year subsequent to that in which it was deprived proves that he passed all the exams so this year, such as those in which it was previously lagged and unsuccessful. In neither case, however, it will be reinstated in aid for the year that did not give or did not pass the required exams, according to Art. earlier, this proportion being clearly established authorities for the fact of the failure condition. Art. 7. - If for illness or force majeure, incl approved and recognized by the Congress of Studies, absolutely independent of the will of the young, they could not take the exams in due time, he will be reinstated in aid only when it has been shown to have them supported with favorable results as soon as the school regulations will enable it to him. Art. 8. - The young people and their conduct had given reason to reprimands or punishment by a competent authority, they will be the Congress of Studies, heard the excuses, be punished by a surtax of one or more 'subsidy rate, notificaa to Cashier Government: except in the Congress itself, for the seriousness of the circumstances, the propo King to the Council Prince and the Sovereign
final abolition of the subsidy. Art. 9. - For the verification of the circumstances under Art. prior to the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs will direct the Secretaries of Scientific Institutes and the Consulates of the Republic. Art. 10. - If lack of suitable applicants were not awarded any subsidies for a year, this will be granted in the year following the young man, who is declared admissible pursuant to Art. 3, and will be for about immediately after the one year where the grant is awarded. The young excluded from the benefit or for reasons of merit or by fortune, will compete for the subsequent year with the new aid together with new or Licensed. Subsidies Professional and Ecclesiastical Art. 11. - those who want to be admitted to the second grant will imostrare of being under the conditions of article 3. Art. 12. - The young applicants to attend the Technical Institute or the Normal School, as well as presenting the certificate of transition from third to fourth gymnasium, will have to prove they have overcome the supplettori tests required for courses where you They want to enroll. Art. 13. - Young people who want to devote themselves to the study Belle Arti or Arts and Crafts can get subsidy, if, in addition to demonstrate special aptitude for such studies provide proof of having been admitted to the Institute to which they aspire, but the duration of the subsidy shall in no case more than four years. Art. 14. - will be on the faculty of the Congress of the grant to the student of Fine Arts to attend the private Studio Studies of an Artist, rather than opens a public institute, if for reasons of age there can be admitted. But in that case he will have to: a) Give prompt notice of the Firm chosen because Congress can, if it did not consider good choice, make the aspirant observation; and if they do not elect the best Master, propose to the Council and Sovereign Prince also the abolition of the subsidy. b) Tell the Congress itself bimonthly certificates issued by a private teacher and proving the frequency study and profitability of subsidized. Art. 15. - If in any year there are more 'questions for this second grant, if for the same course of studies, with the same criteria already established, you will have regard to the substance; though for different institutes and courses, always met those conditions, it will be up to the Prince and Sovereign Council for deciding which course of studies you want to grant the subsidy. Art. 16. - Who wants to be admitted to the aid for the Ecclesiastical carrier, in addition to the conditions specified in Art. 3, and the first part of Art. 4, must carry the license gymnasium diploma obtained in this Institute or the Royal Institute or equalized by the Kingdom of Italy. Art. 17. - The rules laid down by the Grant University and concerning the obligation to pass exams, to take good behavior etc., With the modifications brought by the different constitution of the Institutes, are applicable to any other subsidy. Those forced to repeat a year, loses irremissiblmente the subsidy for the lost years. One returning to verify the unfavorable outcome in a subsequent year, finally loses all subsidies. It does not begin to match any subsidy until it is given the proof of regular enrollment in the course or institute that the young intend to attend. Transitional provisions. Art. 18. - The 5-6-7-8-9-15 articles and 17 of this Legg will immediately be applied also for those young people who are now to enjoy the government subsidy. Art. 19. - Applications for aid can present to the Council and sovereign Prince until the entire month of October, and after that only time will be assigned subsidies. This Act cancels any other provision on the subject issued by the Council weave Prince and Sovereign.