On The Office For The Temporary Migration In Europe

Original Language Title: Sull'ufficio Per L'emigrazione Temporanea In Europa

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On office LAW FOR EMIGRATION TEMPORARY IN EUROPE 6 December 1906 STATUTE. Art. 1. - E 'consists in San Marino an Office for temporary emigration protection in Europe in order to gather news and information relating to the offers and demands of work abroad, to facilitate the placement out of a country Workers of the San Marino unemployed at home, to facilitate their travel, to get them to assist, wherever they go, in case of disputes Seize entrepreneurs or injury, and to provide them all the information that are necessary to those who go to foreign country, which ignores the language, laws and customs. Art. 2. - This office will be disengaged by an ad hoc committee composed of seven members, four elected by the General Council of the Republic and three by the local Mutual Aid Society Union. Company to which it will be well triennial appointment of a Secretary, who will have only a consultative vote, and will be rewarded in some way. Both the members appointed by the Government, as well as those by the Company will stay in office for three years and may be re-elected. Art. 3. - In order to achieve the greatest possible profit, the new Office will join the Consortium for the temporary emigration protects Europe, already existing in Milan since the year 1904 at the company said the humanitarian and it will adhere to the Statute of that consortium. But will its own initiative to contact, always nell'interess migrants, to Italian and foreign companies, regardless dall'Umanitaria, pel placement of migrants themselves, provided that no conflict arises between our Office and the Humanitarian of Milan. Art. 4. - The Office of Emigration Sammarinese eziandio invoke the cooperation of the Republic Consuls abroad, for viemeglio promote the interests of the Emigrants. Art. 5. - also contribute to the Consortium residing in Milan, pursuant to Article 5 of the Articles of it, with an annual quota of not less than L.50, to be divided between the Government and the Company UM Relief. Art. 6. - Finally, it will have care to adjust the use of the funds related to emigration and to give annual report. RULES Art. 1. - The Office of emigration Commission has the powers conferred by the Statute, and appoints annually from among its members a President and a Treasurer who will lend their work for free. Art. 2. - It also has a Secretary appointed by the Board of the Company UM Relief under the Staff Regulations. Art. 3. - The index President meetings as often as it sees fit, is the Office enforces the laws and give effect to deliberate the Commission. Art. 4. - The Secretary, who receives gratification on Emigration funds should stay in office on Sundays and Wednesdays of each week from 10 to 12 available to the public, must receive the applications, and the odds of Emigrants, send alerts for meetings, spread the minutes, keep the correspondence and its Protocol, distribute duly signed travel required by the Italian Consul, compiling records and statistics, and to extend Emigrants all explanations necessary for travel practices and residence abroad. Art. 5. - The Secretary shall immediately pay the amounts esatt to Cashier and stand out and sign each time the collection and payment terms. Art. 6. - The Emigrants have to be San Marino; must c rredare orally or in writing their demand for all the news and information related to family status, age, health, occupation; and they are obliged to return within three months - from their emigration - half the subsidy received. Art. 7. - The fund for Emigration will consist of an annual budget of the Government and the Company U. and Mutual Aid, the shares of Emigrants and from any private grants, Pie Works and bodies which is not of a political nature nor confessional. Art. 8. - Each Emigrant receive a subsidy for the journey on account of distance you have to travel to go to the place of work, and will be provided with the request signed by the Consul of Italy. Art. 9. - The Cashier will be obliged to keep a book for gl'incassi and expenses, to deposit in the local savings bank funds he needs not to roll out a particular statement as of year. Art. 10. - The Commission, in continuous and immediate correspondence with the Office of Milan, he will award the grants and show you places where the emigrants must go to get to work. Art. 11. - Those emigrants who return home after a short time without good reason will be entered in a special register, and will not require a new subsidy for Emigration until after the past year dall'effettuato return.
Art. 12. - The annual report must be verified by a Government Auditor and an Auditor of the Mutual Aid. Art. 13. - Any amendment and addition to these Regulations shall receive the sanction of the Board of Directors of the Company U. M: Relief and Most Excellent Government.