Endeavour Postage

Original Language Title: Procaccia Postali

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LAW ON POSTAL procures January 8, 1910 1. - The procures are five: one for Montegiardino, (1) one by Fiorentino, one for Poggio - Chiesanuova, one for Acquaviva, one for and one for Domagnano Faetano. 2. - The procures to be aged not less than 21 years nor more than 30. It has to be upright and honest, must know how to read and write, has to pay bail. 3. - Porta purse or bag channels from single Parish Post Office, or in another place, that will be shown, all correspondence to be sent to the address that withdraws that he shall choose. From the Bureau post it leads to the parish and distributes all incoming correspondence. 4. - so it was not allowed to bring correspondence closed to detail without being stamped. 5. - The postman brings a cap with an indication of the parish to which service. 6. - The postman must bring correspondence from recommending: For this service, the postman has un'apposito booklet with provisional received a number progressive mother and daughter. When delivering an object to r ccomandare marks the object sequence number, duly fills the mother and the daughter of receipt and this latest delivery to the sender. Brings the object Post office indicated to him, these are the issues the final receipt that leads to the sender by withdrawing the provisional attacking behind the corresponding mother. For the recommended inbound correspondence, issue a receipt to the post that office who gave to him and he then gets a receipt from the recipient on the register that purpose. If the recipient does not know how to write the postman makes him do the sign of the cross to the presence of one or two persons who must sign as witnesses to the cross itself. If the recipient is absent may deliver registered mail to any member of the greater family of age by signing as above mentioned. For postal packages do the same operation that is recommended for. 7. - The compensation payable by the postman for the loss of registered mail (not caused by force majeure) and twenty-five pounds (L. 25) except for prints and pei samples specified objects of only five pounds (L. 5). For loss of a parcel that has to pay the compensation is fifteen lire (L. 15). 8. - The postman is subject to the following penalties for non-performance and irregularities: 1 ° a fine of LIT 2 to 5 pounds; 2nd fine of LIT 10 (ten) to 20 pounds (twenty). 9. Time - From April 1 to September throughout the postman has to be the Post Office designated half-hour before the arrival of the Courier from Rimini p ortando correspondence departing and start again as soon as will receive the inbound correspondence. From October 1 to March everything will be in office in the morning at 10 when deliver outgoing mail and receive the incoming call. This timetable shall be established for procures Montegiardino, Faetano and Acquaviva. 10. - The postman of Fiorentino and Poggio - Chiesanuova bring correspondence from the crossroads above Fiorentino when passing the postman Montegiardino to which they deliver. They are located in the same place at the back of that procures, withdraw correspondence coming in and going to distribute it. 11. - The postman Montegiardino, Fiorentino, Pogio - Chiesanuova among other have a special register for registered and incoming and outgoing parcels you need to sign the receipt from procures a postman. 12. - The postman Domagnano you will find at the crossroads over the house Terenzi in the morning to the carrier passage, withdrew the incoming correspondence and delivery that departing. In the evening the courier will return to the same place retreating incoming mail and delivering the one for San Marino Borgo and other parishes. 13. - The postman Montegiardino, Fiorentino, Pogio Chiesanuova, and will receive the correspondence from the Post Office in San Marino (City). Those of Faetano Acquaviva and take and receive correspondence by the Borgo. The Domagnano matching departing for foreign countries will be supported in Serravalle, one for the interior Office of Borgo. Salary. 14. - Parish Montegiardino L. 300 "" Faetano "350" "Acquaviva" 250 "" Fiorentino "300" "Poggio - Chiesanuova" 300 "" Domagnano "150 (2) 15. - The postman also pay money orders up to twenty-five pounds on funds that provide the post office each time a receipt, which was withdrawn when the delivery order signed by the recipient and the postman control itself. (1) Decree of 23 May 1907: "it decreed the establishment of the salary of a postman of Domagnano was brought to ITL 200 procures for (2) Montegiardino. "having come to get the mail in Borgo.