To The Test And Control Of Weights And Measures Of Appointment And On And Responsibilities Of Construction

Original Language Title: Per La Verifica E Il Controllo Dei Pesi E Delle Misure E Sulla Nomina E Attribuzioni Degli Edili

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Law for the verification and control of weights and measures and on the appointment and duties of Construction. December 2, 1911 Art. 1. - The Construction, in addition to the powers assigned to them by the laws, regulations and decrees in force, they are required to proceed directly to the check prior to the annual and of weights and measures, and the collection of related fees in the manner and to the extent determined by the subsequent articles. Art. 2. - In the Office dell'Edilato, beyond the measures and the historical weight, there are the prototypes of the Metro, the kilogram, the liter and so on. as well as the arm, the Pound, the Mug etc. and their multiple and under multiple used commercially. Art. 3. - The weights and measures, before being put into use throughout the territory of the Republic, will have to undergo an initial review in the Office dell'Edilato, and the application of a stamp bearing the coat of arms of the state, behind payment of a fee for each instrument of art. Ranked # 11. Art. 4. - Once the verification, the Office will issue a receipt for certified extract from a register to the mother and daughter, which will be the percetta tax, the number of verified instruments and name of the person who requested the verification. Art. 5. - The tools, whatever they are making, not satisfying the Office of prototypes, will not be branded nor put into circulation. Art. 6. - The verification of weights and measures is in accordance with the Annual Book Book V. 38.a of the Statute, and home runs: a proof of this check will impress on each instrument checked the date on the year course, if it is possible, and in any case we will leave to you every year, and precisely on the day of the audit, a certificate-receipt stacc to another register as a mother and daughter, from which RESULT the number of verified instruments, the name user and percetta fee, referred to in Article 12. Art. 7. - the annual audit will be performed within the months of January and February. But it will be on the faculty of Construction to perform extraordinary audit the number of times what they believe appropriate. Art. 8. - The certificate-receipt, referred to in Articles 4 and 6, must be submitted to the office dell'Edilato by users whenever required. Art. 9. - Members are all those who use publicly, or in the stores open to the public, weights and measures. These users will be numbered on a special list to be kept in the Office dell'Edilato. Art. 10. - Those who intend to open a new exercise for whom it was necessary the use of weights and measures, will have to give a complaint to the Office dell'Edilato and be enrolled in the list of users. Art. 11. - For the first check users will pay a fixed fee for each L.0.20 stamp, except for the mugs and liters and they sub for whom you will be paying L.0.05 for each piece or stamp. It means that jars, gallons and they must be branded sottomultipi piece by piece. Art. 12. - For the annual audits, the wholesale dealers will pay in complex L.5; Retail Sellers L.2; L.5.25 the street. Individuals who serve weights and measures to sell wholesale and retail commodities or other, so though not continuous, will have to pay for each weight or measure a total annual fee of L.1, with the obligation to submit the instruments to control, under this law. Even these will be held in the Office dell'Edilato special list. Art. 13. - At the end of each quarter, submit to the Construction of the two registers bolletari State Accounting, and will execute payment to, for distinguishing the two species of the same r lativi revenue made General Fund. Art. 14. - The Office dell'Edilato shall do the control action and verification on weights and measures throughout the territory of the Republic, as well as throughout the state is obliged to watch over the wine, the bread, on meat, fish, and in general over all sorts of edible. (Article 10 of the Building Regulations). Such supervision will be with the Construction of the other centers of the Republic in which they exist. Art. 15. - Offenders in Articles 3, 6, 8, 10 are subject as appropriate, to the penalties provided for in Article 20 of the Building Regulations in force, 30 October 1864; Articles 354, 355, 550 Ranked # 6 of the Criminal Code. Art. 16. - The Office will be located in Borgo, and the two Construction will always agree to proceed, with half of indemnity and with the same jurisdiction and powers throughout the state. However, opportunities, will share the work in the manner that they believe better and more 'convenient, and also share the territory of the State into two parts comprising the I. parishes of Pieve, Fiorentino, Chiesanuova, Montegiardino and Faetano, the II. the parishes of Borgo Maggiore, Serravalle, Acquaviva, Domagnano and St. John.
Each Building will be able to exercise their office directly at one of the two parts while remaining share gains, mentioned in article 17. Art. 17. - The construction, in addition to the gratification of L.150 each will be entitled to 50 per cent, on the amount of fees collected annually, and 50 percent on the amount of collected fines for contraventions. Art. 18. - The Construction are appointed by the Great and General Council, they shall hold office for two years and may be reappointed. Art. 19. - The construction may be suspended or removed from office by the Council for failure to fulfill all their obligations and duties imposed in respect of this Act, and those applying previously. Art. 20. - All those who presently make use of weights em sure, will have to comply with the provisions of this Act within two months of its publication. Art. 21. - This Act shall come into force from the day when it will be done the legal publication.