Article 1

Original Language Title: Art 1

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Law 27 June 1917 (1) which regulates the functioning of the Office Annonario and distribution to individuals of bread and wheat. Art. 1. - The Office Annonario consists of a Chairman, the President of the oven Normal or member of the Board, two representatives of the parishes Parish, Borgo, Serravalle and a representative for the other parishes. The Treasurer and the Accountant can participate in an advisory capacity, but are not part of the Office. Art. 2. - In the sense Annonario Office will appoint an Executive Committee consisting of three members. Art. 3. - It shall meet as often as necessary to believe the President and ordinarily once a month in one of the 5 days after the twentieth day after each dispensation to approve: a) the distribution of cereals to all the parishes; b) the maximum amount of grain from panificarsi by each fund; c) on any other looming. If the members can not attend regular monthly Annonario the meeting or those called by the president will report, legal considering himself the meeting with a third of the Annonario Office components. Art. 4. - It will be obliged to report the Cashier in each monthly meeting on the general state of storehouse. Art. 5. - The Office Annonario is unique. Grain depots will be set up in the various parishes to the extent of their requirements. Art. 6. - The representatives have no power to grant decreases neither do other acts except by virtue of the Office shall act Annonario of Dilegge and regulations. The made acts are void and those who are responsible compion them. Art. 7. - The grain distributions to individuals have make once a month. Art. 8. - The applications for cereals will be presented on more 'later than 15 days after any pantry representatives from each parish. Art. 9. - Consumers of bread that make purchase at public outlets must collect at the beginning of each month the monthly passes, duly stamped by the Secretary of the Interior, at the storehouses of local food rationing offices. Art. 10. - These consumers deem bread, behind sibizione said tesserae, by public outlets that amount of bread indicated in the order. Art. 11. - If the ovens do not comply with applicable laws and provisions that will give the Annonario Office will they suspended the supply of grain. Anyone else violating the disposizin will be liable to the penalties established by State law. Art. 12. - The government is reserving the right to change allover time the higher provisions. Art. 13. - Within a period of 10 days will be issued an Accounting Regulation determining the duties of all employees all'annona, the system of accounting and head of the storehouses, responsibilities, membership, prices, etc. Art. 14. - These rules will go into effect the day after their publication. (1) Ranked # 14 Published in 1918 with.