Establishing That Congress Annonario

Original Language Title: Che Istituisce Il Congresso Annonario

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LAW ESTABLISHING THE CONGRESS Annonario September 23, 1919 Art. 1. - The Government of the Republic delegated the most 'extensive executive powers in the field of supply and consumption in Congress Annonario reserving its legislation on the requisition of food products and their price of empire. Art. 2. - The Annonario Congress has the following powers: 1) issues orders for the execution of decrees giving rigua supplies and pei kinds of requisition consumption; 2) has on the census and complaints; 3) establish the Calmieri of all kinds and establishes systems, transport and supply limitations, rationing and enrollment: 4) shall facilitate and regulate purchases and consumption of food; 5) propose to the Government to be valid whatever steps are required to obtain the sanction of the legislature; 6) performs its own initiative all the operations necessary to achieve the purposes for which it is established. The company on the requisition and distribution of grain is handled directly by Annonario Congress through its Office. The charge distribution and wholesale and retail sale of all the other requirements and purchased products is entrusted to the Ente Autonomo of consumption, which will handle the sale to the public and the distribution to operators, all under control Annonario of Congress. Art. 3. - The Annonario Congress is composed of nine members: the President and two representatives elected by the General Council; a representative of farmers and one of the operators, specially convened by the Secretary of the Interior, a representative of the workers 'and employees' organizations, one of Ente Autonomo, one of the Society of Mutual Aid bakery. The Regency has full power to intervene in the sessions. Art. 4. - The offices and representatives have a term of one year and are renewed in June. Art. 5. - The managerial and executive powers of Congress Year ary shall be referred to a committee composed of the President and two members assisted by the Secretary-Accountant. The managerial and executive powers of the Congress Annonario is deferred to a committee formed of a President and two members assisted by a Secretary chosen by the same Congress and to whom is entrusted the direction of services. Art. 6. - As a rule the Annonario Congress shall meet once a month and extraordinarily whenever the President and the Executive Board deem it appropriate. Art. 7. - The reports of Annonario Congress must be pr sented to the Great and General Council no later than September 30 of each year. Art. 8. - The smooth operation and dell'Annona company managed by it, Congress appointed from year to year, and his choice: A Secretary (if this office is not tied to the accounts), an accountant; three vice secretaries or local secretaries in City, Borgo and Serravalle; three storekeepers one of which is entrusted to the general store service to administrative effect. E 'in the Congress may establish, in ru centers more' distant wings, magazzeni other branches. Art. 9. - The employee compensation are proposed by Congress and approved by the General Council. Art. 10. - Special safety regulations will govern the functions and obligations of each incaircato along hill mode and the hours of service, but in the meantime it is decreed: that it is up to the Accountant to issue mandates and RV rsali, to verify payments of each office, the balances, keep in corrent the minutes of Congress and the Executive Committee (assuming the accounts are combined the secretariat) copy letters, inventory, accounting and procurement requisitions, the storehouse moving, master newspaper, the book income and expenditure etc .: that the deputy secretaries or local secretaries responsible to issue and renew the supply cards according to specifications given by Annonario, to receive applications for the allocation of cereals, on the which directly ruling Congress Annonario, putting the resolutions in the same Secretaries for execution; to maintain an updated register of distributions and payments pei which will agree the use of special warrants; to make payments of the sums collected at the end of each week mana to the General Fund; to lend to all the administrative offices that nature in terms of procurement, requisition and discipline of consumption, they were conferred on them by Congress or Annonario Office; that the warehouse has the responsibility of goods that they are delivered glue supply of bills that need to deploy based on regular ord natives; the proper preservation of the goods; filling the storehouse movement and sealing of loading and unloading the book; the obligation of
lend itself to all of magazzeno operations; that the cash service is preferable to be exercised by the Government Treasury and the local Credit Institute. If, however, the service is entrusted to a dedicated staff remains fixed that the cashier does not have to do without exactions reversale nor payments without regular mandate, in that case should not hold that the sums necessary to the liquidation of the day, by depositing the surplus in the Savings Bank, that withdrawals must be authorized by the President; that in a special book must daily record all transactions carried out and must complete the daily and weekly situation like food rationing Congress will have. The officers who deliver goods and money handling should be subject to the payment of an adequate security in foreign or benevisi securities Annonario Congress. Art. 11. - The Office dell'Edilato and Political Inspectorate in all matters regarding the procurement and consumption are in direct subordination of the Annonario Congress.