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Law 15 February 1921 Ranked # 5 agrarian License (1). Art. 1. - And 'recognized for the settlers of Agriculture Leagues Federation (Union of Labour) and the Agrarian Union for the owners how organisms for the protection of their interests. Art. 2. - The fund management is exercised by proprietao common interest in a spirit of cooperation between the parties. The improvements of which the fund is likely to ensure greater production must be required by the settler to the owner. Art. 3. - The prediali fees are borne by the owner. Art. 4. - They abolished all the free opera performance in favor of the owner. Art. 5. - 'abolished the rent or animal contract. Art. 6. - And 'allowed the settler keep a fattening pig on their own. In those funds in which you will breed one or more 'common pigs the farmer will be entitled for each pig to a compensation of 10% of net profit. For the pig or pigs common expenses will be in half. Art. 7. - The expense for sulfur and zolfato is borne by the owner. Art. 8. - The expenditure for the purchase of natural and artificial fertilizers is the responsibility of the owner to 2/3, to loved ones or the settler 1/3. Fertilizer to the land will be made sufficiently. Art. 9. - For the maintenance of the equipment the owner will pay the farmer an annual compensation of L.8 per tornatura Sammarinese working. Art. 10. - On funds over 10 tornature the settler who does not have one will have to purchase, within one year of publication of this, the iron plow making arrangements with the owner where he lacks the means necessary for shopping. Art. 11. - To harvest the owner shall be the co ono L.7 a rebate for each tornatura wheat cultivation. The costs for adventitious work for husking corn are in half. Art. 12. - The owner must ensure that the price of requisition against damage from hail even the wheat part of farmhouse-risks paying the price. Insurance against fire damage, forage and grain in barco has a common load. Art. 13. - The costs for the olive harvest are paid by the settler: those for grinding are borne by the owner for 2/3 and 1/3 paid by the settler. Art. 14. - The costs of medicines for animals are borne by the owner; those of the veterinarian in half. Art. 15. - The costs of the teams for threshing wheat are borne by the owner until L.5 per quintal. (2) Of the possible increased spending it worsens the settler who waives any rebate for groceries. All expenses for threshing of sementine are divided equally between owner and farmer. Art. 16. - The proceeds from the sale of milk from cows or cows is divided into 6/10 reason in favor of the settler and 4/10 in favor of the property or. Art. 17. - The cheese is divided in equal parts and the owner as compensation expense corresponds to the settler L.0,50 for each kilogram of the main part. Art. 18. - If the owner will not be able to maintain the working animals, expenses necessary to hire beasts for the work will be in half. The transport of foodstuffs main part will be borne by the owner. Art. 19. - In the event that the owner wishes to lease or sell the fund must give preference to the colonist that works and is inscribed with the Federation of Agricultural Leagues' Union of San Marino Jobs. " On the other hand, the farmer who takes a n ova colony will prefer the owner who is inscribed Agrarian Union. Art. 20. - As of December 31 of each year shall be closed to the domestic accounts prior estimate of cattle in relation to current prices. They should be read, approved and signed by the parties within the first three months of each year. Both the owners and the tenant farmers will have to keep to the domestic booklets where each year shall be recorded on the various lots of give and take. The owner must provide advances to settler who requests them on their farm estate credit. No later than March are due to settle all accounts farmhouses. Art. 21. - The livestock mortality is the responsibility of the property or. The loss of a head of emergency slaughtered cattle on veterinary advice for incurable disease and the vet himself declared that a special certificate will also be borne by the owner. Art. 22. - And 'the obligation of the farmer to transport without compensation the fund's commodity production to storage unit indicated by the master as long as this Find yourself within the territory of the Republic. When the transport will be for delivery outside of the settler Republic it will be adequately compensated for distances greater than 6 kilometers from the place of loading.
The farmer may use the animal for transport of their commodities with absolute prohibition to use this power for third parties without the permission manor. Art. 23. - The settler is entitled to 2/3 of corn on those farms where the grapes produced is less than 20 measures of wine for every 20 tornature working computer facilit ta the average of the last three years. All other products are in half. Art. 24. - The owner, owing to the breach transport for the year 1920 will give the farmer a subsidy L.4 per cubic meter. The settler for subsequent years will no longer 'the obligation to move the breach. Art. 25. - And 'established the Commission of Arbitration Agriculture for solving all current disputes between the owner and settler relating to the settlement agreement. (3) The Commission shall consist of representatives, one on each side, Agrarian Union and the Federation of Agricultural Leagues. It is chaired by the Law Commissioner. Art. 26. - The commissioners of the parties shall be appointed respectively by the Agrarian Union and the Federation Agricole Leagues (Union of Labour) by the end of January beginning of each three-year period. They remain in office for three years and can be ostituiti only on death or serious documented reasons. Art. 27. - If within the month of January of the new three-year period or after 15 days from the abandonment of the Commission of the previous Commissioner one or the other organization will not appoint the new or new commissioners their appointment devolves the Law Commissioner that there will by decree must be notified to the organization or individual. Six months before the expiry of the three-year period referred to in Art. Preceding the part will notify the other of the variants that intend to make to this law pel following three years. Art. 28. - The Commission will decide as amicable compounder. Art. 29. - The decisions of the Arbitration Commission have valre enforceable (4). Art. 30. - And 'the Commission's power to determine the giorn or days of its sittings. It will act as Secretary of the Commission the Clerk of the Court. Art. 31. - The farm organization is willing for damages caused to the bottom of the settler who gave or received the escomio. Art. 32. - The farmhouses should be proportionate to the importance of the farm and kept in accordance with the requirements of hygiene and morality. (5) Art. 33. - With the present law are revoked all agreements and current contracts between owner and farmer; it is mandatory for all nor will it be departed with special agreements. Art. 34. - All that is not covered by this law is governed by the local laws and customs. TRANSITIONAL PROVISIONS I. - This Act has effect from 1 January 1920, except as regards Articles 8, 11 (first paragraph), 12, 15, 16, 17 that have applied since 27 August 1920. II. - The designation of representatives in the Arbitration Commission will be made the first time 15 days after the entry into force of this Act. (1) Statute Agrario: R. p. 197. (2) Ranked # 25 Reggenziale Decree July 24, 1921: "The teams that, in accordance with art. 15 of the Additional Act Agrarian February 7, 1921, must pass threshing machines will have to be made up of farm laborers." Regency Decree 4 July 1923 No. 18: Art. 1. - The Article 15 of the Agrarian Law additional 25 January to 15 February 1921 on the costs for threshing wheat is amended as the following rticoli. Art. 2. - For the threshing of wheat, harvest 1923, is used as a half-squad of laborers workers. The farm family surrogherà the other half without any compensation. Art. 3. - The spending of that half of laborers workers team will be the responsibility of the landowner. Art. 4. - The pay per quintal of threshed grain to be paid to the half of the team will be L. 2. Art. 5. - The small landowners, farmers, which addimostrano to sow no more 'than a hundred pounds are exempt from' obligation to take the aforementioned half team of laborers workers. Art. 6. - This Act will come into force after its publication to be done according to the law. (3) Council Decree 27 August 1921 Ranked # 30. Art. Unique. - Agrarian Arbitration Commission, established coll'art.25 Law February 15, 1921, it may process in arbitration proceedings an indemnity from L.20 to L.70 maximum, to ask yourself the sole responsibility of the parties to a dispute. (4) Council Decree 24 May 1921 Ranked # 16. Art. Unique. - The proceedings of the trial before the Commission arbitale Agrarian Law established glue 15 February 1921 and implementing acts of the action itself are exempt from stamp duty and registration fees. The sol final ruling will be drawn up by lire stamp card two; it will be subject to judgment
registration glue fixed fee of two cents. (5) Council Decree 31 August 1922 29 which contains the rules for the application of Article 32 of the Law License Agriculture. (Repealed). Art. 1. - The settler who lives in a house which needed urgent work (such as filthy floor in whole or in part or that threaten to break through; roofs that let rainwater; missing windows or doors fixtures, torn walls etc.) may, if the owner of the land refused to carry out the work, resort to the Arbitration Commission Agriculture. This recognized the demands of the settler right, I will order the property of the fund to perform the work by giving an appropriate time to initiate them and in the case that these refuses will carry out the work themselves - in total the owner's expense - by the Technical Office . In this case, the necessary amounts will be advanced by the Public Treasury upon the approval and settlement of which the following number. Art. 2. - As soon as the Commission has approved expenses incurred by the Technical Office, will by its Secretary, notify the same note to the owner with a request to pay, within five days, the amount at the Registry Office. If the owner fails to pay will proceed to the enforcement actions glue hand procedure directing. Where also the executive acts negative succeed will be taken in favor of Inland mortgage for the amount due, for interest and expenses. The owners for half of the amount spent and liquidated can avail of the opportunities offered direct glue Law to promote the construction of affordable housing and repair of those farmhouses. Art. 3. - The exemption from stamp duty and registration fees will extend to all acts necessary to obtain a refund of charges as above anticipated.