Local Roads

Original Language Title: Strade Vicinali

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ACT local roads February 21, 1922 No. 7 Chapter I. Definition and distinction of the roads Art. 1. - The ordinary public roads are distinct national, consular and vicinal. Art. 2. - national roads are those that are tied with the national roads of the Italian Kingdom. Art. 3. - consular roads are those that are tied with provincial and municipal roads of the Kingdom of Italy: those necessary for communicating the capital of the Republic with the capital of the individual parishes; those who are in the interior of inhabited places; those by individual parishes lead to the respective schools, who else parish, the main fountain and cemeteries; those existing at the time of approval of this Act which lay in communication the biggest center of another or lcalità where there is a conglomerate of necessary public services industries (mills). Art. 4. - All other roads not included in the previous two categories, who do not have their own characters but which serve to public transit, even though they are already established on private land, are local roads. Chapter II. List of the roads Art. 5. - Of the three categories of roads are trained by the Commission of Public Works and approved by the State Congress the respective lists, which must include each of the species, the endpoints and length. Art. 6. - The lists of local roads must also indicate the lateral funds and those crossed. Such lists will be published in the albo of the Government Palace and the individual parishes for 15 days from the approval of the State Congress. Applicants may lodge within that pri do sull'elencazione complaints of local roads on which to decide irrevocably the Great and General Council. Chapter III. Expenses on the streets. Art. 7. - The national and consular those roads you costruicono, adapt and maintain at public expense, without prejudice to existing obligations of the transport of the breach on the part of the owners. Art. 8. - The works to be performed for the construction, repair and conservation of local roads are the responsibility of those who use them to travel to their properties whether these are or are not contiguous on the same roads. The state is obliged to a certain quota of competition not less than 40% for construction and 30% for accommodation and maintenance in view of the greater or lesser importance of the road. Art. 9. - The obligation on members to provide for the construction, development and conservation of local roads does not exempt those owners, who are individuals, the breach of the obligation to transport art. 7 for the other two categories of roads in those departments that are indicated by the Technical Office. Chapter IV. Administration. Art. 10. - The Commission of Public Works or a representative government presides over this service. Art. 11. - The construction of new local roads, when they recognize the convenience, it is proposed by the Commission of the LL. PP. or on the request of half of those concerned, the Great and General Council, which shall decide. Art. 12. - definitely Approved the construction of str from the Commission of the LL. PP. or designates the representative of those who will be the users, then to determine the relative contribution for the construction and for the manute tion as in Articles 20 and 27. Art. 13. - To this end the Commission forms its list of users within fifteen days of notification of the decree Recommend in art. 11, determining well as their proportional shares of interest. Art. 14. - They are members of a local road, the effects of this law, all those who use or may use it for access to their properties or for their industries, even though they are not contiguous to the road and they are placed in territory of other parishes. Art. 15. - This list will be through public and personal alerts, disclosed to interested parties who may submit to the Secretary of the Interior their claims on plain paper within fifteen days from the date of publication. Art. 16. - The lists after this term, will be subject to the supply of the State Congress that will decide simultaneously and without appeal within fifteen days on the claims of the interested parties. After that, the lists become final. Chapter V. Consortia and their operation Art. 17. - Having become the definitive lists, the State Congress by decree constitutes a mandatory and permanent consortium between users for the construction, development and maintenance of the road itself. Within five days of the publication of this decree by the Secretary of the Interior
the consortium members are summoned. Art. 18. - The consortium shall appoint the Chairman among themselves. It acts as a Secretary Office Assistant Technician. Art. 19. - Should not be attended two consecutive sessions, from t nersi days at a distance of eight or convocandosi consortium members without adopting any resolutions, the Congress of State office shall carry out the works and ad hoc appointment, within a Commissioner Congress or the public works Commission. Art. 20. - The Consortium or the Commissioner does proceed by the Commission of the LL. PP. the compilation of the project specifications and the role and contributions of the Group's interest in art. 12, as well as the appointment of the government contribution. Art. 21. - The Consortium executive or commissioner makes the project; It decides the work which, by rule, debbonsi allocated for procurement. Art. 22. - also gives his vote, raising any observations on the role of the contributions referred to in that Article which then transmit to the State Congress for its final determinations, such as art. 24. Chapter VI. Contributions and Art competitions. 23. - To provide for the payment of contributions proprii the state is on the budget a special fund. Art. 24. - The distributions from spending in art. 20 are finally approved by the State Congress who, with his decree makes executive roles. These are immediately transmitted to the debt, which collects the individual contributions in the manner and with the same privileges established for the collection of direct taxes which pays then to the Government Treasury. Chapter VII. Accommodation and road maintenance vicinale Art. 25. - For existing roads with the vicinal characters, within three months of publication of this law, they will constitute the respective consortia in the manner and form set out in Articles 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. Art. 26. - not constituting consortia will proceed according to Article. 19. Art. 27. - The commissioners are forming consortiums or the budget and the related roles of the contributions for the annual routine maintenance by the Commission of the LL. PP. in accordance with Articles 20 and 24. Art. 28. - The presidents of the existing consortia and new local roads, will convene every year or when necessary, the users to determine what accommodations need and to do individual projects and distributions of expenses, following the rules of articles 20, 21, 22, 23, 24. Art. 29. - the consortia or commissioners must appoint a guardian or overseer to be renewed every year or confirm, the individual local roads behind an annual allowance to be determined by the consortia or Commissioners and take on the aggregation of taxpayers. May be entrusted to a single overseer, agreed with the respective consortia, more 'of a road where there is contiguity. Art. 30. - For accommodation and for routine maintenance, the same consortium will form the roles of the government's annual contribution and the users singol shares observing the provisions of Articles 8, 13, 20. Chapter VIII. disciplinary provisions of Art vicinal roads. 31. - The local roads will be a minimum width of m. 3 and no more 'than m. 5 beyond the ditches side except in special cases, in which the Commission of the LL. PP. It may derogate from these limits. Art. 32. - The riparian roads will have to excavate in the usual seasons of spring and autumn, the ditches of the same without affecting the banks and keep of widths and depths determined. Art. 33. - The materials from the excavation of ditches and espurgo of roads will be syndicated by each riparian thrown on their respective fields. Art. 34. - For the offenders with the requirements of the preceding articles will be intimated by the Commission of Public Works or by the Technical compliance with the same, assigning a short term to place themselves in good standing, who last fall she unnecessarily L. fine 2 extendable to L. 50. Art. 35. - For all the provisions relating to the conservation of syndicated streets, the freedom of movement will apply those established by regulation. CHAPTER IX. General Provisions Art. 36. - Pei contracts, the ways and money orders pei construction work and for those of accommodation and maintenance, surveillance, security, testing and procedures are followed and the formalities used for jobs government. Art. 37. - For the construction and arrangement of roads vicinal project approval of the work by the competent authority has the value of declaration of public utility of the works for all legal purposes. Art. 38. - E 'given the opportunity to consortia of understanding between the means to serve the execution of the works of opera performance.
The cost of these benefits, however, is restricted to users, and will be determined according to their interest, in the manner prescribed for the apportionment of contributions. Art. 39. - Apart from the case provided for in art. 19 When the Commission of Public Works and administrators bodies of local roads are not properly carry out their duties referred by this law, regulations and the consortium statutes, these will be entrusted by Congress to a commissioner because strttamente must be made before the deadline. Art. 40. - The Commission of the LL. PP. ol'incaricato government concerning art. 10 monitors for good maintenance of local roads and cooperates to rett application of this law, even with periodic reports and, where appropriate, with special reports to the authorities about the conditions of local roads-constructed or to be constructed and to make arrangements for the progressive improvement road conditions. Art. 41. - The Regency, on a proposal from pei Public Works Commission and with the assent of the State Congress, is authorized to issue ordinances and statutes consortium in which the rules concerning: a) the criteria may be determined to fix the equity interests of the users of each road; b) the government pei contests criteria; c) the criteria for fixing the amount of compensation to the custodians of art. 29 and the inherent powers.