For Reordering The Departments

Original Language Title: Per Il Riordinamento Degli Uffici

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No. 21. Transitional law for the reorganization of the offices. We the Captains Regent of the Republic of San Marino promulgate and publish the following transitional law approved by the Great and General Council in His Returning delli June 9, 1924: Art. 1. The Great and General Council - in order to be able to proceed to the re-organization of public offices, render more 'agile functions, decrease its expenses - decides to enact making application within one year, the following exceptional provisions. Art. 2. The Great and General Council - notwithstanding any contrary provision of law, the general and special regulations and specifications in force until now - will be able to: 1). cancel, reduce, reform, creating new offices or services; 2). fix, even reducing them, salaries and wages, reforming regulations and organic laws, specifications, and requirements for the treatment of rest; 3). determine which offices or facilities are to be used in organic t Nuti from and what used to be outside the workforce; 4). dispensing with the service or the employees salariti employees to offices or services that may (as a result of the determination referred to in the above numbers 2) to be covered by personnel outside the workforce; 5). dispensing with the service or salaried employees, as a result of the reform, they were to be exuberant or otherwise in excess of the established places; 6). dispensing with the service or the employees employed persons who are recognized not fit for service for health reasons, or for disability ones that give poor performance at work: those of which proves the incompatibility to further stay in the government. Art. 3. The employees, agents and employees exempt from service will be allowed to liquidate the pension or allowance they are entitled according to the Organic Law of June 9, 1914 No 20. The case of exemption referred to in this Act shall be treated as the case of reduction or suppression of the body, office or of which the organic law service. It will be also entitled to exempt an indemnity equal to six months' final salary if it is used and four in the case of wages you. To those who have less than three years of service it will be paid a two-month bonus. Art. 4. The employees or wage earners, which will be dispensed dl service for the reason referred to in Article 4 No. 2 of this Act, shall be entitled - with preference over any other competitor, and without regard to titles or age (provided they have not already reached the limit for the retirement) to be hired out staff to the Office or service that is already covered provided that accept any new conditions to be laid down. In the case of such reinstatement in the service allowance for stability in the previous dispensation it will be reduced to one third. Art. 5. Against the provisions of the preceding articles is allowed only on extraordinary appeal under review at the G. and G. Council, excluding any and all legal action. Art. 6. E 'repealed any conflicting provision of this Act which comes into force on the day of its legal publication. Given at Our Residence 9 June 1924. (*) THE CAPTAINS REGENT Angelo Manzoni Borghesi - Francesco Mularoni THE SECRETARY OF STATE ff. FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS Giuliano Gozi (*) Errata A 35.Due line 3. column, p. 21 of the Official Bulletin No. 6, September 19, 1924, read "Given at Our Residence 9 June 1924".