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No. 28. Law on the exercise of hunting. We the Captains Regent of the Republic of San Marino availing ourselves of the faculty concesseCi by the Great and General Council in His Returned today; We decree, promulgate and send for publishing: Art. 1. The hunting with the rifle can only be exercised by those who should hold the license of the port of firearms long gun for use of hunting. Art. 2. The license mentioned above will be issued by Segret ria of Foreign Affairs who is in the following conditions: 1) submit an application in paper revenue from L. 1; 2) present the certificate of citizenship of San Marino; 3) present a birth certificate showing that he be 21 years of age. Who has reached 18, and 16 ° if it is military appartenent to standardized companies, can get permission, but with the consent of the operator of the home or estd or guardianship. The consent shall be given by written declaration (on stamped paper by L. 1) forward a notary public or to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs; 4) present the criminal record, no date anterior to a month, indicating that the applicant has not brought conviction (for which has not been involved amnesty or rehabilitation) for wrongdoing than six months of imprisonment and has not relapsed into crimes against property or persons. The military, government employees and the Great and General Council Members are not required to submit such a certificate; 5) in the Office of the Register bill stating the payment of the annual fee of 20 L. and for members of the military corps of L. 10. 6) present a recent photograph of the person concerned ence card in case should be released or renew the manual and the Secretary is authorized to establish. Art. 3. The trapping can not be exercised without being provided with a special license issued by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. To obtain a license above must be submitted: 1) paper application revenue from L. 1; 2) certificate of citizenship of San Marino; 3) a photograph of the person concerned without card in the event that it should be released or renew the booklet; 4) Registry Office bills and mortgages as a result of the payment of the annual fee of L. 50. Art. 4. In the event that hunting with a firearm is carried in ambushes set with site preparation, will have to pay, as well as the fee of art. 2, also in comparison with Article. 3. Art. 5. In relation to the Convention July 16, 1926 between this Republic and the Kingdom of Italy is established: 1) that the citizens of San Marino provided, in any province of the Kingdom, to permit carrying of weapons for hunting or allowed to aucupio can bring the weapon, hunt, also hawking on this territory. 2) that the Italian citizens residing in this republic (as long as proof of having regularly denounced their Registry Office of residence) provided, in any province of the Kingdom, to permit carrying of firearms for hunting or permit aucupio can bring the weapon, exercise hunting and also aucupio on this territory. Those interested should, however, in either case to present the permits to the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs for there to affix the visa. Art. 6. The permit to exercise hunting and trapping is personal, valid for one year and only for the period in which they can exercise that form of hunt and trapping for which it is issued. During the exercise of hunting and trapping the licensee shall carry and present it at the request of the supervisory agents. Art. 7. The hunt can be practiced with portable rifle or laid with dogs and even with ferrets and falcons. The trapping can be exercised with horizontal fixed and mobile networks, with roccolo, glue and Bressanella panie hill. At roccolo - Bressanella past may be added adjacent coarse to catch thrushes. It 's always prohibited the use of firearms set, with snap procured from the prey; of explosive substances; of electric vehicles; nocturnal pitfalls such devil, flood, lanterns; the strained water for the birds (drinkable); of limes and vertical fixed or mobile networks crossings assembles; snap cages and laces of any kind. Art. 8. Hunting and trapping are permitted from August 15 to December 31. The use of racing dogs is allowed from September 1 to December 31. Also you can practice hunting with the gun: a) until 20 February for the blackbird; b) up to March 31 for the woodcock, thrush, redwing, fieldfare, starling, bird, pigeon, dove, ravens, crows, as well as birds of day and night robbery. It may also be exercised up to March 31, with large mesh nets, catching of pigeons and starlings;
c) up to 20 April for ducks and waders (except woodcock) in respect of lakes, the marshes, the ripe, in the valleys, marshes and plains. Until it said April 20 is also entitled to practice catching waders, with large mesh nets, in the above locations. The Regency, after consulting the State Congress, will restrict the aforementioned time for some game species or forms of hunting or locality, when this is necessary in the interests of protection and to the unique conditions of the region. And 'it is forbidden to hunt, or hawking all kinds of s lvaggina from one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise. E ', however, it allowed to leave outstretched, in the hours of the night, the fixed networks. Hunting and aucupio of wild animals, harmful and booster may be permitted even in the period of prohibition with permission of the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs will set out the procedures for the exercise. The Secretariat of Foreign Affairs may also grant pe put the capture of starlings and sparrows in agrarian protection. Art. 9. On the fifth day of the closing of hunting the hunting firearms with cartridges pellet is allowed along the roads, in the fields of t ro skeet and field trials. Out of those streets and places the weapon can not be brought to charge a ball or buckshot. In no event will bring long firearm without permission in art. 2. And even with the permission is forbidden to carry a loaded firearm in a place where it is meeting or contest of people. From the fifth day of the closing of the hunting is also prohibited the introduction from abroad, transport from place to place by any means, possession and trade of wild game. The taking of eggs, nests and small born is always prohibited. Art. 10. The hunting with the rifle can not be exercised: 1) in each other completely closed funds from walls and hedges; 2) along the public roads; 3) a distance less than a hundred meters from residential areas and public roads; 4) a distance less than a hundred meters from stalking t mporanei hunting and aucupio; 5) a distance of less than three hundred meters from stationary hunting hides or aucupio. Hunting and stalking aucupio in fixed may not be exercised in distance of less than three hundred meters from other fixed hunting hides and diaucupio. Art. 11. The permit to hunt and hawking, whose previous aglirticoli, is subject to the following limitations: a) forbidden to catch with nets the noble game (mammals, tetranoidi, partridges of any kind, partridges); b) prohibition on hunting and hawking into the ground also partially covered with snow; c) Prohibition of the Use, whether for hunting for migratory birds, blinded recalls and every means poison and intoxicating. Art. 12. During the exercise of hunting and fowling, who bears the permission referred to in art. 2:03 is allowed to bring any tools for the tip and cut designed to provide the system of unexploded or aucupio tools and stalking hunting, or to make up for the sudden personal needs or to be protected against the attacks of the fierce game or angry for wounds. Art. 13. For the purpose of this law is considered exercise of hunting or trapping not only the physical execution of these acts but also wander or to dwell in the countryside, who is in possession of weapons, tools, weapons or vehicles in general acts to hunting or trapping. Art. 14. Anyone violating the rules set glue this law are punishable with a fine stretch of lire 20 lire 1000. Those found without the required permits must also pay as penalty three times the annual fee established by art. 2 and 3. Parents and guardians of minors found to taking of eggs, nests and small born, are responsible for the amount of the fine applied to minors. Art. 15. Any infringement to this law leads to the seizure, if convicted, confiscation of the means of hunting and trapping, and the product of them: as well as the withdrawal and revocation of the permit, which will again be granted before has elapsed a period of time not less than one year. Art. 16. The Law of 15 September 1842 is repealed: This Ra entr into force with the day of its publication. Given at Our Residence this day of September 16, 1926. THE CAPTAINS REGENT Manlio Gozi - Giuseppe Mularoni THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS to Giuliano Gozi