The Visibility Of Privacy On National Roads And Consular

Original Language Title: La Tutela Della Visibilita Sulle Strade Nazionali E Consolari

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No. 7. Law for the protection of visibility on national and consular roads. We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino Promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Great and General Council Returning models in its May 25, 1929: Art. 1 E 'forbidden, in the lateral land to national and foreign consular roads to the villages, to perform construction or plantations (albeit observing the requirements and distances established nell'art.10 Ranked # 12 of the Regulations September 27, 1923 for the roads) maintenance in the case of buildings or plantations at the curves of the road radius of less than one hundred meters, intersections, bifurcations, and whenever it is recognized, at the discretion of the competent authorities, that such buildings or plantations may hinder or reduce the field of view that will be deemed necessary to protect the safety of circolazi it in the stretch dangerous. Violators of this provision - as well as those referred to in numbers 10, 11, 12 of the article 10 of the Regulations for the maintenance of roads - are punished with a fine of thirty to one thousand pounds and are obligated to remove the buildings plantations made in breach of the law. Art. 2. Where there are plantations already able to determine danger to the safety of the circulation the Secretariat of State for Internal Affairs, on a proposal from the Technical Government, has the power to order its pruning, thinning or even the removal order to ensure road visibility. Art. 3. In the event that, pursuant to the preceding article, you tratt to thin or remove plantations that comply with the provisions of Art.10 of Regulation R 9 January 1912 for the maintenance of roads (provisions contained in ' article 10 of the Regulations September 27, 1923 now in force) or which have been made before January 9, 1912, it is due to the owner an indemnity to be agreed with the Secretary of the Interior or to be determined by final judgment of an expert to be appointed by the Commissioner of Law. Art. 4. The order of the Secretary of the Interior, pursuant to art.2, order pruning, thinning or even the removal of existing plantations ind Chera the date by which the ordered must be done with formal notice in but lack will rise to the application of the fine under article 1 ° and enforcement in the Office and the Government Technical care rinitente expenses. The order will be made to notify, by means of the cursor of the Court, who is, according to cadastral information, owner of the plantation nelquale ground exists. In the course of enforcement, the Secretariat of the Interior will make the payment of expenditure, which will be collected with the forms and privileges of public taxes. Where should be paid compensation as expenses that the fine imposed will be taken, up to equivalent claims that, by that allowance. Given at Our Residence, this day of May 25, 1929 (1628 dFR) THE CAPTAINS REGENT Jerome Gozi - Philip Mularoni THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS to Giuliano Gozi