The Noble State

Original Language Title: Dello Stato Nobiliare

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No. 15. Law on the organization of the Noble State. We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino We promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Prince and Sovereign Council of the LX in His today's Returned: Art. 1. The Prince and Sovereign Council of the LX reserves to itself - prior assent of the State Congress and the Commission for the Equestrian order of Sant'Aga a - any measure in noble matter. Art. 2. The measures into a noble material are as follows: Concession, the sovereign act by which it gives rise to a new title, predicate, coat of arms or citizenship weapon; Confirmation, the sovereign act by which it authorized the use of a title, predicate or coat of arms bestowed by a foreign power to a citizen of San Marino; Renovations, the sovereign act by which he revives a title or predicate or emblem already extinct in a family; Recognition, sovereign act by which he addressed the legality of a title, predicate, coat of arms or citizenship to individuals or charities. Amnesty, the sovereign act by which, in the event of gaps in the evidence of ancient concessions or inheritance of securities or predicates, is declared a legal title, predicate or coat of arms or citizenship. For the approval of the above measures, a favorable vote of two thirds of those present to the Prince and Sovereign Council of the LX. Art. 3. Persons, in whose favor it is issued one of the aforementioned sovereign acts, will be sent a certificate in the form of letters patent on the grounds of grace. The letters patent must contain the device's sovereign decree and the thumbnail of the coat of arms. Will be signed by the Captains Regent and the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, who will all practices that refer to a noble matter and retain the noble official lists (Golden Book of San Marino Nobility - heraldic Book of foreign securities - heraldic Book of coats of arms and registers of citizenship weapons). Licenses, prior to dispatch letters to interested parties must be registered in the lists with the payment of the fee set out in the table will be filled in by the Magisterium of the Equestrian Order of Saint Agatha. Art. 4. The noble distinctions are: the titles, predicates, coats of arms or weapons of citizenship. They can not be the subject of provisions for private acts between the living and the last will. They do not recognize distinctions of nobility if you can not justify the original concession or other legitimate way to purchase and legitimate devolution in favor of instant. The measure of the Prince and Sovereign of the LX Council will determine whether the noble distinction is granted on a personal or transmissible. Art. 5. The eligible securities are those of: duke, marquess, earl, viscount, baron, patrician, noble. Art. 6. The transmissibility (where has been granted) for investments above is primogeniale men. In the case of multiple birth or multiple considering firstborn first came to light. Peri patrician and noble titles, the communicable ty occurs in favor of all the descendants. Art. 7. The wife follows the noble status of the husband and also preserved during widowhood. Art. 8. The noble title is awarded: 1) those who are in possession of the nobility inherited ia and have no aristocratic or patrician qualification: 2) to families who obtained it special concession: 3) to ultrageniti of titled families. Art. 9. In principle does not grant nor renew bonds with the addition of predicates. Art. 10. For new coats of arms is possibly further support the wishes of the applicant, but it will make sure that historical rights are not violated and also noningenerino confusion with other families and will care for some piece, figure, slogan and orname supply the land appear ' origin and the reason of the concession. Art. 11. And 'admitted the recognition of badges for cittadinnza to non-noble families but distinct civilization when it is shown the public and peaceful possession for a period of time not less than a century. The ornamentation of these heraldic emblems are restricted by the helmet adorned with feathers from the colors of the shield, without labrum, either flourishes or mottos. The coats of arms of noble families are recognized, when it is shown the public and peaceful possession for a period of 50 years. These weapons will be crowned on May title enjoyed by the family and by a crest crowned. The crown of the crest will indicate the title of the concessionaire. Art. 12. The succession of titles, predicates and noble attributes takes place in favor of the male line of the last invested in order of primogeniture, without limitation of degree, with preference of the line on the grade.
I called to the succession must descend to males from common parent, first invested, the title. Art. 13. The legitimate children subsequent marriage to happen in the titles and predicates like the legitimate children. The natural children, even though they are recognized and adopted children do not happen in the titles and predicates in unless there is special pardon by the Prince and Sovereign Council. Art. 14. The licenses granted to females belong to the same during the state unmarried and do not result in succession. Art. 15. The emblem of the Republic topped by a closed crown can not be used by the public that government offices. Art. 16. Anyone who makes use of titles, attributed coats of arms of his competence is not punished in accordance with art. 403 CP. In case of recurrence the fine can extend to 5,000 lire. Forfeiture and suspension from noble titles will take place in accordance with the criminal laws (art. 183 et seq. CP) even if the correspondent crime to pen laws imposed by them, was irretrattabilmente sentenced the culprit. 16; 15 Art. 18. The securities, legally granted by foreign states, at str eign residents in the Republic will be recognized if reciprocity is applied. Transitional provisions 16; 15 Art. 19. The Council Decree July 11, 1907 is revoked. 16; 15 Art. 20. The Commission Equestrian Order of Saint Agatha will order the registration office in the noble lists of all those who, before today, they will have acquired the right nno. 16; 15 Art. 21. For future appointments of the members of the Equestrian Order of Saint Agatha Commission (pursuant to Law 5 June 1923 No 20) The Council will put the choice, for the members elected, at least on a person enrolled in the nobility. 16; 15 Art. 22. This Law shall come into force immediately after its publication. Given at Our Residence, this day of September 29, 1931 (631 dFR). THE CAPTAINS REGENT Angelo Manzoni Borghesi - Francesco Mularoni THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS to Giuliano Gozi