Make Changes To Read On The Stamp Tax

Original Language Title: Apporta Modifiche Alle Leggi Sulle Tasse Di Bollo

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3. No law that makes changes to the Laws on stamp duties. We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino We promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Prince and Sovereign Council of the LX in His today's Returned: Art. 1. The following are taken by the Law on stamp duty March 14, 1918, No. 11, changes and additions: 1) the stamp duty under Article. 25, the letter F is increased to six lire, except pei decrees of voluntary jurisdiction for whom increased to five pounds; 2) the amount of the fine in art. 32 is increased to ten pounds; 3) will be written on stamped paper lire two instances, petitions and appeals in via administrativ court or to agencies, commissions, and government buildings, which are not declared free of charge, or which is not demanded a higher fee. Art. 2. The Law 4 August 1927, No. 12, laying disposizion on stamp taxes are taken the following changes: 1) Fixed fees in art. 5 are respectively increased to two pounds, three pounds and five pounds; 2) the stamp duty for acts of art. 6, except for documents related to the Council of Twelve, and art. 9, has risen to eight pounds; 3) the fees referred to in Article. 7, letter. A shall be as follows: for amounts L. 10 aL. L. 0.10 100 fee for claims oltreL. 100 to L. 500 L. 0.25 for amounts oltreL. 5000 up to 1000 L. L. 0,50 for amounts oltreL. 1000 to 5000 L. L. 1 - for amounts oltreL. 500 up to 10,000 L. L. 2 - for amounts oltreL. 10,000 up to 20,000 L. L. 4 - for amounts oltreL. 20,000 up to 30,000 L. L. 6 - for amounts oltreL. 30,000 up to 50,000 L. L.10 - more than 50,000 or the first part of Article L.15 - 4) for an indefinite amount. 8 is amended as follows: The acts or documents referred to in points C, D, E and F are subject to the fee two pounds. However, the documents to be produced in court or to be included in the acts of the Commissioner's Court are subject to four pounds fee, including that of art. 2 Law of November 7, 1933, No. 15; 5) Article. 10 is amended in the following matter: up to 14 square decimetres L. 2 - more than 14 square decimetres up to 20 L. 3 - more than 20 square decimetres up to 30 L. 4 - more than 30 square decimetres L. 8 -. Art. 3. The stamp duty under Article. 4 of the Law March 22, 1926, No. 10, is established in lire three. Art. 4. The exemption from stamp duty will be extended to the acts, decrees, s ntenze copies and in proceedings and of the Conciliator Judge competence for executions controvesie superior value to lire 50. Art. 5. Since the entry into force of this the law will lose all effectiveness earlier reflective laws acts, documents and writings to which it applies, except those compiled before the abovementioned deadline and for decisions in court cases already assigned to judgment. Art. 6. The present law comes into force on 15 April 1936. As at Our Residence, this day of March 18, 1936 (1635 dFR). THE CAPTAINS REGENT Pompey Righi - Marino Morri THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS to Giuliano Gozi

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