The Provisions Ban Animal Testing In Republic Of San Marino

Original Language Title: Disposizioni Sul Divieto Di Sperimentazione Animale Nella Repubblica Di San Marino

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Microsoft Word - D108-2007.doc SAN MARINO We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino Having regard to Article 4 of the Constitutional Law no.185 / 2005 and Article 6 of Qualified Law n.186 / 2005; Promulgate and publish the following ordinary law approved by the Great and General Council at its meeting on 20 September 2007. LAW 3 October 2007 108 PROVISIONS ON ANIMAL TESTING BAN IN THE REPUBLIC OF SAN MARINO (INTRODUCTION) Art. 282 bis of the Penal Code introduced by the Law of 25 July 2003 n. 101, it punishes the mistreatment and abandonment of animals providing for the arrest sentence of the second degree or a fine for "anyone who subjects animals to torture or ill-treatment or behavior and unbearable hardships for them even ethological characteristics, ie without killing them , or holding them in conditions incompatible with their nature or particularly difficult, he fails to keep them or abandon them. " Because: • All animal testing is in fact a condition of ill-treatment, since the animals are kept in captivity and constraint conditions, are often subjected to procedures that cause their suffering too extreme and are eventually killed; • To date the territory of San Marino there are no companies or universities in which you carry out experiments on animals; • The scientific validity of animal testing is controversial, and more and more scientists who are opposed to this practice and prefer the scientific methods without animals for toxicity testing and in vitro studies, clinical and epidemiological studies in the search for basic and human diseases; • We believe that the Republic of San Marino may act as a vanguard nation in Europe and around the world, declaring the nation "without vivisection", thanks to this law that bans all forms of animal testing. Article 1 (Definitions) 1. For the purposes of this Act, the term "animal", unless otherwise specified, any non-human vertebrate or invertebrate, including genetically modified larval forms and / or reproducing and fetal forms. 2 2. It is meant by "use of animals for scientific or technological" the use of animals, alive or killed specifically for one or more of the following fields of application: a) basic and applied biomedical research, including the thesis experimental graduate and PhD programs included within the projects; b) development and development of techniques and medical-surgical methods or medical devices, training of personnel responsible for the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of diseases, abnormalities or other ill-health in humans and animals; c) removal of organs, tissues or other biological materials for carrying out in vitro or in vivo procedures, or that are aimed at prevention, diagnosis or treatment of diseases, abnormalities or other ill-health in humans and animals; d) biological assays for the protection of the ecosystem in the interest of man, animals and plants; e) educational demonstrations in universities and schools of all levels subjecting animals to torture and ill-treatment or behavior and unbearable hardships for their features; f) the development, production and testing of finished products or of their individual ingredients or combinations of ingredients intended for cosmetic use; g) production and control of finished products for domestic use; h) production and control of armaments; i) Any other use of animals including experimental ethology with the purpose to obtain information, to obtain or test products causing suffering to the animal. 3. For the purposes of this article, does not constitute "scientific or technological purposes" all the interventions made in the interest of the animal with the same objective diagnostic, therapeutic, epidemiological or public health. Art.2 (Prohibitions) 1. Throughout the territory of the Republic of San Marino has banned the use of animals for scientific or technological. 2. It is also prohibited the breeding of animals directed to the use and trade of the same for scientific or technological. Art. 3 (Penalties) 1. The violation of the provisions of the first and second paragraphs of Article 2, unless the fact constitutes another crime, shall be punished by imprisonment for second degree and a fine, as well as with the ' interdiction of first Instance from the exercise of commerce, transportation, breeding, butchering or animal show. 2. In case of relapse the penalties are increased by one degree and requires publication, at the expense of the offender, the sentence of a San Marino newspaper and in a newspaper of
It has been spread abroad in the territory of the Republic of San Marino and finitime regions. 3. Will the preventive seizure of animals used, except that belong to a person unrelated to the crime. Article 4. 1. For each practice allowed by this law, is prohibited to submit to the suffering of animals involved in testing. 3 Art.5 (Entry into force) 1. This law comes into force on the fifteenth day following that of its legal publication. Our Residence, this day of October 3 2007/1707 THE CAPTAINS REGENT Mirco Tomassoni - Alberto Selva THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS Valeria Ciavatta