We The Captains Regent

Original Language Title: Noi Capitani Reggenti

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No.9. Law containing amendments to the Law January 24, 1939 # 2 for compulsory insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases. We Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino We promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Prince and Sovereign Council of the LX in His today's Returned: Art. 1. Articles 1, 3, 21, 25, 35, 42 and 73 of Law 24 January 1939 containing provisions for compulsory insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases are amended as follows: I. - Art. 1 - # 5 In the words "including telephone and radiotelegraph ent" are replaced the following "including telegraph companies, telephone and radiotelegraph ". II. - Art. 3 - The first paragraph is replaced by the following: "are considered employers, and as such required insurance, all those who in the performance of activities provided for by article 1 employ persons from those indicated in the third title , and among them also the state for work performed by it, hospices, hospitals or other institutions offering social assistance although employees is governed by legal status and organic role. " III. - Art. 21 - In the first paragraph the words "a daily allowance to the extent of two-thirds of the daily wage in art. 42" are substituted, and the following: "a daily allowance to the extent of two-thirds of the 360th part of the wages per annum mentioned in the third paragraph of Article 42 ". IV. - Art.25 - a) In the second paragraph the words "a disability pension in the annual rate of half the salary", the following shall be substituted: "an income of disability in the annual rate of two-thirds of the salary." b) In the third paragraph is replaced as follows: "if the person has a wife and children, or just children as long as they have the requirements mentioned in items 1 and 2 dell'art.35, the pension is increased by one-tenth when people aforesaid are at least three, and two tenths when they are more 'than three. such supplementary units will be paid also in the case in which the accident has occurred in a woman: to that effect, as regards the spouse will have to resort the conditions referred the second and third paragraphs of dell'art.35 # 1 ". c) the last paragraph shall be replaced as follows: "the additional shares of the pension following the variations of the basic pension and continue to exist over here do occur the number of conditions and other provided in the preceding paragraph, and cease in the event with ogn the suppression of basic annuity ". V. - art.35 - a) At number 2 is replaced seguent: "2) twenty percent each legitimate and natural child until the age of fifteen, and twenty-five percent if it is orphan both parents. If children are survivors unable to work the pension is paid to the incapacitated child lasts until the disability. " b) After the number 3 is added as follows: "4) in the absence of the surviving persons mentioned in items 1) 2) and 3) twenty percent in each of the brothers or sisters if cohabiting with the injured person and dependent and within the limits and conditions set out for her children. " c) Paragraph 2 is brought after the predicted nu vo 4) and amended as follows: "Where the deceased survivors of the overall payments shall not exceed two-thirds of the salary. If you exceed this limit individual annuities are proportionately reduced so as to not exceed the same limit, and reintegrates within that limit as an end to the income of one of the survivors. " d) The last paragraph is replaced by the following: "in addition to income above is paid for once a check to the widow or widower even fit for work, subject however to the provisions in paragraph 3 of # 1 or, lack, orphans, or, macanza of these, the ascending line. If there are no survivors in terms of this article, the above check will where such institutions it deems it appropriate, be paid to another person of the familiars of the deceased. the 'allowance is fifteen hundred lire in case of survival of the spouse with no minor children of 15 years, or unable to work, two thousand lire in case of survival of the spouse with children under 15 years old or unable to work, and a thousand lire in the other cases. " YOU. - Art.42 - Paragraph 4 is replaced by the following: "in any case, the annual salary is computed from a minimum of a thousand pounds to a maximum of eight thousand pounds." VII. - Art. 73 - It 'added the following paragraph: "Within the limits of available funds and in general of the National Fascist Injuries technical means can be admitted to vocational rehabilitation and also to surgical and medich direct care to the maximum possible recovery of working capacity also invalids with reduced ability to work less than four fifths ". Art. 2.
The modifications arranged this with the law will come into force in April 1939 together with 1. the law 24 January 1939 2. Given at Our Residence, this day of March 28, 1939 (1638 dFR). THE CAPTAINS REGENT Carlo Balsimelli - Celio Gozi THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS to Giuliano Gozi