Determines Treatment In Favor Of Retirees

Original Language Title: Determina Il Trattamento In Favore Dei Pensionati

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N. 6.
Law that determines the treatment in favor of pensioners.

We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino
promulgate and publish the following law passed by the Prince and Sovereign Council of
LX in His Returned today:
1. The payments, checks, high cost of living of any kind and nature, which is currently granted to pensioners
be abolished from 1 April 1943.
2. With effect from 1 April 1943 to direct pensioners are granted a share of integration, on
charged liquidated retirement Treasury at the time of termination of service, on these measures
: || | a) the two hundred percent if the pension was awarded prior to the October 3, 1921;
B) eighty percent if the pension was liquidated after October 3, 1921, but before 15 March 1941
C) sixty percent if the pension was liquidated between 15 March 1941 and 31 March 1943.
Art. 3.
The share of integration, to the extent indicated in the preceding article, is also granted to
indirect pensions or survivor.
If a pension already enjoyed by a retired stat is poured to a family you will
regard to the application of the integration rate, the date on which the pension was paid directly
Art. 4.
Pensioners of grace is granted without distinction ua share of integration eighty percent
on the initial board.
Art. 5. A
all pensioners (direct, indirect, of grace) has granted a temporary cost of living in the twenty
percent on the amount resulting from the accumulation of the original board and the integration quota.
Said cost of living shall not count for the purposes of supplementary taxation in art. 19 Law of 12 March 1922.

Art. 6.
Pensioners who, with the improvements granted in this law, do not reach the sum total
enjoyed at March 31, 1943, will retain the difference in more 'allowances to which
personam. This allowance will be absorbed by any additional improvements that
could be granted.
7. If, after the entry into force of this Act, a direct pension should be reserved
on family, the settlement in favor of the latter will be operated on direct pension initial
. The resulting indirect pension will be added to the share of integration of art. 2
(taking into account the date on which it was fixed the direct pension) and the high cost of living in art. 5.
Art. 8.
On pensions which will be paid after April 1, according to the new table Organic is not
due any supplementary fee but only the high cost of living granted to other retirees.
Given at Our Residence, this day of March 29, 1943 (1642 dFR).
Carlo Balsimelli - Renato Martelli

Giuliano Gozi