Establishment Of Congress And Philatelic Office Philatelic 1

Original Language Title: Istituzione Del Congresso Filatelico E Dell'ufficio Filatelico 1

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No 1. Act on establishment of the Philatelic Congress and the Philatelic Bureau. (1) We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino availing ourselves of the faculty concesseCi the Great and General Council of the LX models Returning in its January 4, 1945: decree, promulgate and publish: Art. 1. shall be established to study and discipline of all matter philatelic, a philatelic Congress and the philatelic Bureau: the first is composed of the Secretary of State for Finance as Chairman, from government auditors and four elected members appointed by the Great and General Council, all with a deliberative vote, and the philatelic consultant in an advisory capacity, the second is headed by a salaried official. Art. 2. At the Philatelic Congress is responsible for: a) to propose, study and prepare for regular and special ones that emissions will have to be approved by the Great and General Council; b) wait and monitor the execution of the aforementioned issues, taking care especially the artistic and philatelic value; c) to supervise and control the Philatelic Bureau trends and links this with the Accounting and the Treasury; d) to work as you will need to increase the prestige of the philatelic market and the smooth running of the Office; e) to take care of reordering, storage and inventory of the philatelic museum and the philatelic heritage of the state. Art. 3. The Office Philatelic applies to: a) keep a daily updated and in perfect order the records of loading and unloading of stamps, divided value pr value, so that the Commission and the individual members thereof may at any time check the trend of cash; b) the daily or weekly pay the total amount of receipts to the Government Treasury, who will issue from time to time their credit notes; c) to continue his correspondence philatelic protocollandola; d) to set up the material for the participation of the Republic in meetings, exhibitions and congresses philatelic which may be given by Congress to the Government; e) to sell to the public, taking responsibility accordingly, stamps of all kinds, both those underway as those off the course (for PRMI the price will be shown from the face value, while for those out of the course it will be established from time to time competent bodies); f) to compile, for each sale over the counter, form, or to give effect to the sale by bank check or money order for the Office; g) to ship stamps required for sale at any locations served by Italian post office by registered mail to the lower amount to three hundred pounds and to means secured to the upper digit hedging this that the port, in any case, is charged to the recipient and that the values ​​sent to travel at the risk of committene; h) to ensure that shipments to foreign countries (excluding Italy) are made behind the regular approval of the appropriate offices; i) that the values ​​are also protecting themselves sold if unused and that quantities to be delivered in full, or reduced in number depending on the requirements of the Office in relation to availability; l) to immediately carry out the decisions of the higher governing bodies of the suspension of the sale; m) to wait for ordering and inventory and safekeeping, where it can be obtained, the philatelic museum as well as the philatelic heritage of the State; n) to draw up circulars and publications reclamistiche for the largest increase in sales; o) to treat with special r I look at the relationship with the philatelic press, within good news that may affect the philatelic field; p) to get in touch with the best foreign firms, in order to spread more and more 'San Marino postage stamp; q) to keep abreast of market fil telic, so that we can defend as best as possible the interests of the Office in relation to the proposals that were submitted by individuals or traders. Art. 4. Each previous ruling or the resolution issued any location around the establishment of the Commission and the Philatelic Bureau Philatelic nochè about their operation means revoked and repealed. Given at Our Residence, this day January 8, 1945 (1644 dFR). THE CAPTAINS REGENT Teodoro Lonfernini - Leonidas Suzzi Valli THE SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR Giuseppe Forcellini (1) Already published separately at the date of promulgation.