Reform Of Public Powers 1

Original Language Title: Riforma Dei Poteri Pubblici 1

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26. Law No.
on reform of the public authorities. (1)

We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino
availing ourselves of the faculty concesseCi by G. and G. Council at its meeting of May 9, 1945;
We decree, promulgate and publish:
1. The Congress of State, without prejudice to the competencies coll Giali her structure, is divided into departments
. The Ministries of Interior and Foreign Affairs are governed respectively by the two Secretaries of State
, the other by one or more 'members are called deputies.
Art. 2.
The Congress of State is divided into the following departments:
1. - Internal Affairs and Finance
2. - Foreign and Political Affairs 3
. - Justice and Worship
4. - Public Economics and Annona
5. - Public Works
6. - Post
7 Education. - Pensions and Social Assistance
8. - Agriculture
9. - Communications
10. - Hygiene and Public Health.
3. The area of ​​competence of each department is determined from offices and permanent commissions
as stated below:
Department of Internal Affairs, and Finance.
Head of the Government Employees - Government Mayors.
Offices: Accounting - Cash - Bursar Archive - Civil and State Police Mortuary -
Tax Office, Land Registry, stamp and Mortgage Register - Private Warehouses - Administration of Castles
Committees: Budget - Tax Commission - Commission adequacy
values ​​- Commission staff - Redeemable Loan Authority - Electoral Commission -
philatelic Commission.
Department Foreign and Political Affairs.
Legations - Consulates - Representations.
Offices: Police Inspectorate - Gendarmerie - Police Urbana - uniformed bodies - Concerto.
Commissions: Magisterium of Santa Agata - Military Commission.
Pontifical Council for Justice and Worship.
Offices: Court: Judges and Civil Penalty - Law Commissioner - Chancellor and Sliders -
Attorney of the Treasury and Justice of the Peace - Avvocat of the Poor - Prisons.
Committees: Council of Twelve - the Holy Massari - Bursar Benefits Unfilled.
Education Department.
Offices: Secondary Schools, Primary and Professional - Kindergartens - Private education institutions and
confessional - Library and Museum.
Commissions: Commission of Studies - College Belluzzi Commission - Commission Public
Shows - Sports Commission.
Public Works Department. Offices
: Technical Department.
Commissions: Public Works Commission.
Department Care and Welfare.
Fees: Assistance Congregation (formerly Charity) - Commission Assistance and Social Welfare
Department of Economy and Labour.
Commissions: Industry Inspectorate - Emigration Commission - Public Committee
Annona - Arbitration Commission.
Agriculture Department.
Committees: Agriculture Commission.
Communications Department.
Offices: Post offices - Mobile phones - Telegraph - Endeavour.
Commissions: Car & Transport Commission.
Department Health and Hygiene.
Offices: Direction Technique Hospital - Hygiene Office - Doctors Condotti - Vets - Midwives -
Pharmacies - Construction.
Commissions: Commission of Health.
Art. 4.
The name of Congress is reserved for only the upper body of executive power:
State Congress. All the other advisory and executive subordinat organs, are defined with
as "Commissions".
Art. 5.
The deputy has the right to intervene in the sessions of the Committees within the scope of his
department and preside except those with judicial office. In any case
you must be informed of the invited sessions, the resolutions taken and acts related.
Given at Our Residence, this day of May 15, 1945 (1644 dFR).
Alvaro Casali - Vittorio Valentini


(1) Already published separately at the date of promulgation.