Citizenship 1

Original Language Title: Sulla Cittadinanza 1

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No. 25. Transitional law on citizenship. (1) We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino availing ourselves of the faculty concesseCi by the Great and General Council in the session of May 15, 1945; We decree, promulgate and publish: Art. 1. They are readmitted to the citizens of San Marino who have already been considered citizens, were then considered foreigners. Art. 2. Those who are in the category of which the upper article, will have paper application branded by L. 5 to the Secretary of the Interior accompanied by the following documents: a) Birth certificate; b) the Office of Civil Status Certificate which shows evidence to the right to invoke the provision of Article 1. Art. 3. All those who the publication of this law were in the conditions laid down by art. 1 to be reintegrated into the naturalization and did not present appropriate application within the year decorribile the publication itself, will lapse ipso facto the right to avail themselves of this law. Art. 4. As a transitional step also gives the San Marino nationality to persons who at the date of this Act are included in the following categories: a) those who for over forty years living in this territory without interruption; b) those who were born in the Republic and residents domiciled here, and as long as the parent is domiciled here for over 40 years without interruption perragioni employment, profession and work. If the father has died he will have proven by his immigration to the Republic for more than forty years. Art. 5. Those who are in the conditions of the previous article, must present instance no more 'later than three months from the date of publication of this, accompanied of nascit certificates of good conduct and criminal faith, as well as affidavit made by at least four fidefacenti forward the registrar proof of continuous habitation for more than forty years in the Republic and its Civil Status certificate if that fact proves dall'anagrafe. Art. 6. The applications for citizenship granted in accordance with Articles 1 and 5 will be examined, with all the necessary documents, the Commission established by resolution of the Great and General Council April 14, 1945 and, if they are deemed to comply with the provisions of this the law will be brought to the Great and General Council which will take note and admit the applicant for citizenship. In doubtful cases the instance is put to the vote. Art. 7. The naturalization is also effective for the wife EPRI age children to whom, however, is reserved, in the first six months after completed his 21 years, to make the declaration of option for citizenship ahead of origin Officer of Civil Status. Art. 8. The adult children of those who are in the c category of which at Article 1, are considered San Marino after swearing. Art. 9. Those admitted to citizenship, both under Article. 1 is pursuant to art. 4:08, will have to pay the prescribed oath of allegiance within three months from the date of granting of citizenship. However citizenship means, to all legal effects, purchased only from the day of taking the oath. Art. 10. In all other cases not covered by this Act the Great and General Council, after examination and opinion of the Commission, will be expressed by a vote. Given at Our Residence, this day of May 15, 1945 (1644 dFR). THE CAPTAINS REGENT Alvaro Casali - Vittorio Valentini THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS Giuseppe Forcellini (1) Already published separately at the date of promulgation.