Obligations Of Vaccination Typhus - Paratifica 1

Original Language Title: Obbligatorieta Della Vaccinazione Antitifo - Paratifica 1

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No. 27. Law on compulsory vaccination typhus - paratifica. (1) We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino availing ourselves of the faculty concesseCi by the Great and General Council at its meeting of 15 May 1945; We decree, promulgate and publish: Art. 1. For reasons of public prophylaxis the typhus vaccine - paratifica is made compulsory subcutaneously for persons in the following categories: a) health and support personnel (Doctors, Pharmacists, Midwives, Nurses) ; personnel providing general hospital services; personnel providing hygiene and prevention services (laboratory analysis, disinfection, patient transport); b) personnel providing water services, the collection and marketing of milk and their families; delivery personnel, transport and sale of bread; staff to the slaughterhouses, the transport and sale of the meat; c) all personnel involved in the conduct of public venues (hotels, restaurants, cafes, trattorias, taverns, grocery stores, vegetables and fruit) with extension to the family when the exercise is in the same building the dwelling and in communication with this; street vendors; d) personnel Mortuary Police, the garbage; washerwomen; e) components, in any capacity, cohabitation (schools, colleges, barracks) with staff in all services; f) teachers and students in elementary and secondary schools to start the eighth year of age included; g) persons temporarily displaced residents in the Republic. The obligation of vaccination may also be est know from the Secretariat of Internal Affairs, on a proposal from Health and Hygiene, in all other cases of recognized need for the purpose of a more 'complete prevention of typhoid fever. Art. 2. The following are excluded from vaccination of those who have already suffered the infection supporter, regularly denounced and verified by the Office of Health and Hygiene, or that they are in conditions to be exempted, due to illness or age, in the opinion ell'Ufficiale Health. Art. 3. The vaccination is free and will follow in time, in the places and manner that, after consultation with the Secretary of State for Internal Affairs, will be established by the Office of Health and Hygiene. Private Doctors can perform vaccination pr vio in the approval by the Health Officer and observing the provisions of the same will be given. Art. 4. The Office of Health and Hygiene held the record of all vaccinated and free will issue the relevant certificates. Art. 5. For those who do not fulfill any obligation of vaccination prescribed by this Act before June 30, 1945 are arranged as follows provvedim nti: Suspension for employees dell'Amm.ne governmental or public entities; Withdrawal of license or permit from the Inspectorate Political respectively for drivers of public exercises and for temporanem nte residents; Expulsion for cohabitation components. For pupils in primary and secondary schools of the c rtificato suffered vaccination it is included among the documents required for entry to the various classes and admission to the examinations. Art. 6. This Act shall enter into force after its legal publication. Given at Our Residence, this day of May 15, 1945 (1644 dFR). THE CAPTAINS REGENT Alvaro Casali - Vittorio Valentini THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS Giuseppe Forcellini (1) Already published separately at the date of promulgation.