Maritime Navigation

Original Language Title: Navigazione Marittima

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No. 51. Law on maritime navigation. We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino We promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Great and General Council in its models Returning September 16, 1946: Art. 1. The maritime navigation under the flag of the Republic of San Marino shall be governed by the provisions of this Act . Art. 2. The Great and General Council shall exercise the general supervision on maritime navigation under the flag of the Republic. The Maritime Navigation Office, established in the City of San Marino, monitors compliance with prescribed requirements for maritime navigation and has the other responsibilities assigned to it in this Act. The City of San Marino is the port of entry of San Marino ships. Art. 3. They are recognized as ships of the Republic of San Marino and then considered, for all purposes, the territory of the Republic, only those authorized, on the terms referred to in this law, to make use of the flag of the Republic. Art. 4. The vessels referred to in the preceding article must be entered in the Register of Shipping of the Republic; This is required by the office referred to in Article 2. Art. 5. Why a ship can be registered in the Republic Naval Registry must meet the following requirements: a) belong in free property in the city sammrinese or duly constituted and recognized by society government of the Republic; b) be seaworthy in relation to its specific destination prior regular monitoring and testing of technical people; c) not be registered in any other foreign shipping register. Article 6. For the seaworthiness, until the statements made by the competent authorities of the place will be valid not siao made special organs in the Republic, where the ship was built, launched previously recorded. 05; 15 Art. 7. Each vessel is distinguished by its own name: this must be approved by the Office of Maritime Navigation and must be written in such a manner so clearly visible on both sides of the ship at both bow and stern; the name must be followed aft by the indication of the registration port. 05; 15 Art. 8. Those who wish to register a ship in the Ship Register of the Republic shall submit an application to the Office of Maritime Navigation and enclose the documents proving the requirements of Article. 5 and indicating the name to be given to the ship and signaling all the characteristics of the ship itself. 05; 15 Art. 9. The registration of a ship in the naval registry incensurabilmente decided by the Great and General Council. 05; 15 Art. 10. Of the enrollment of a ship in the naval registry has released a special document; This is the navigation license, which must ESSR empre kept on board. 05; 15 Art. 11. The registration of a ship in San Marino Ship Registry confers the right and duty to fly the flag of the Republic. 05; 15 Art. 12. The navigation license is inalienable; any transfer of ownership of the vessel has to be authorized by the Great and General Council, and if the new owner is not in the conditions required for the registration of a ship in San Marino Ship Registry, the ship, the subject of death, is definitely canceled by the registry. 05; 15 Art. 13. Besides the navigation license, each vessel must essre bearing the log, the crew list, the newspaper machine and telegraphic newspaper. 05; 15 Art. 14. The port of call for ships registered in San Marino Ship Registry will be with the next available specified. 05; 15 Art. 15. The command of the ship and the cockpit crew should be provided to enable driving license, issued by the competent authorities of the State engaging in maritime navigation. 05; 15 Art. 16. The ship's captain has the direction and respon skills of the trip. He takes care of the exact observance of the provisions of national laws and international standards for the various acts to be performed at sea and in harbors; It provides for the preservation and proper keeping of log books; exercises while browsing all police powers and discipline, both on the ship's personnel, as on any passengers; exercise the functions of notary and official Civil Status; arrival of the ship and any relevant fact occurred during the navigation period he reports, as soon as possible, to the Republic representative in the territory in which there is the port of call or, to return to the relevant offices of the Government; monitors the loading and unloading of goods; It shall carry out the necessary customs operations. 05; 15 Art. 17.
The ship's management may, by resolution of the G. and G. Councils, be entrusted to a shipowner. To assume the owner qualification is not necessary to be a citizen of San Marino. 05; 15 Art. 18. In the grant will be certain conditions related to the ship. 05; 15 Art. 19. When the management of the ship is entrusted to a reinforced and its crew must be approved by the Office of maritime navigation which can, without obligation of giving reasons, require that they be disposed of certain elements . 05; 15 Art. 20. In the exercise of shipping international conventions concerning the minimum age must be observed to the admission of children to maritime employment, the unemployment indemnity in case of shipwreck for loss, compulsory medical examination of children and youths employed on board ships, the minimum age for admission to employment of young people as coal miners or firemen, the repatriation of seafarers, bills of lading, the collision between ships, assistance and salvage at sea, the general average and one Restriction of liability of shipowners. 05; 15 Art. 21. Although not provided for in this Act and the subsequent issuing Regulation will apply the general principles of the San Marino law, international conventions, the general principles recognized by maritime law, as well as the rules and usages universally applied. 05; 15 Art. 22. All disputes concerning maritime traffic shall revert to the jurisdiction of the judicial Republic. Given at Our Residence, this day of September 16, 1946 (1646 dFR). The CAPTAINS Giuseppe Forcellini - Vincenzo Pedini THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS ff G. Giacomini

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