Changes To Read Penalty And Criminal Procedure Nonche To Read Of Civil Procedure 1

Original Language Title: Modifiche Alle Leggi Penali E Di Procedura Penale Nonche Alle Leggi Di Procedura Civile 1

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No. 52. Law contains amendments to the criminal law and criminal procedure as well as the civil procedure laws. (1) We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino We promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Great and General Council at its meeting delli December 4, 1947: Art. 1. The financial penalties laid down in the Criminal Code as well elle special laws enacted criminal in all 1918 increased ten times in both the minimum is in the maximum. Financial penalties established by special laws enacted since 1919 to around 1944 have quadrupled in the minimum time as the maximum. In any case, the minimum financial penalty may not be less than one hundred pounds. Art. 2. In cases where the punishment is graded by the code according to the amount of the pecuniary loss, that amount shall be deemed, for all purposes, a hundredfold. Art. 3. In relation to art. 156 of the Criminal Code every day of captivity will pay a fine of one hundred pounds. Art. 4. The limit of application of the Penal Decree of cuiall'art. 2 of Law No. 9 September 1919. 35 - in relation to art. 5 of Law 27 June 1942 n. 1 and art. 1 of the law 29 August 1945 n. 53 - is raised to six thousand pounds in penalties. Art. 4. E 'set at Lire 500 the prescribed deposit: a) appeals from judgments and civil action (art. 1 Law April 15, 1926: Art. 1 Law of 29 March 1943). b) in actions of third instance or review by judgments of appeal or for extraordinary appeals against civilians judged (art. 2 Law 5 April 1926 n. 17: Art. 1. Law March 29, 1943). It 'set at Lire 300 the prescribed deposit for appeals from ordinary and summary criminal matters (art. 192 CPP: Art. 1. Law on March 29 1942n. 13). 04; 15 Art. 6. The competence of the Conciliator Judge is high at L. 2,000 (Art. 7 Law 22 March 1926 n. 9: Art. 2 Law March 29, 1943). 04; 15 Art. 7. The limit of the suspended sentence - of which the first and second part of Article. 1. Law 23 (*) May 1914 - it has doubled. If it exceeds the above limit, the court may conditionally suspend the execution of the part of the sentence corresponds to the limit itself. 04; 15 Art. 8. The provisions of Articles. 2, 3, 7, are also applicable to pending proceedings. That art. 1 only to crimes committed after the entry into force of this Act. 04; 15 Art. 9. This Act shall enter into force immediately after its legal publication. Given at Our Residence, this day of December 9, 1947 1647 THE CAPTAINS REGENT Forcellini Domenico - Mariano Ceccoli THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS G. Forcellini (1) Already published separately at the date of promulgation. CORRECTION EDITORIAL: BU art. 6 says "... the Law May 29, 1914 ..." instead of "Law ... May 23, 1914 ....".

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