Changes And Additions To Actually In Force Provisions For The Vehicles 1

Original Language Title: Modifiche Ed Aggiunte Alle Vigenti Disposizioni Per Gli Autoveicoli 1

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Law No. 53 containing amendments and additions to current d provisions for motor vehicles. (1) We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino We promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Great and General Council at its meeting of December 4, 1947: Art. 1. Authorisation certificate and related fees The certificate of competency to drive small vehicles (Article . 16 6 Regulation 6 March 1922) is required in the following cases and in return for payment of the Government Commission Vehicles (Public Office Vehicles), the next license fee of each marked item: 1.) for Sidecars L. tax 200 2 .) for Motocarri and motofurgoni 3. L. 400) for Cars 4. L. 800) for Trucks - Buses - vans L. 5. 1000) for Automobiles Diesel engine L. 2000 Equal taxes are due on the certificates enable to one to conduct electric traction motors. Art. 2. Renewal and revalidation of certificates of competence to amend Art. 9 of the Law 28 June 1937 n. 6 The certificate of eligibility (Art. 1 Law 6 March 1922 and Art. 16 Regulation of the same date) will be stamped every two years. To obtain the renewal of the certificate must be submitted to the Government Commission Vehicles (Public Vehicles Office) the following certificates: a) doctor (Art. 16 No. 5 Regulations March 6, 1922): b) San Marino citizenship: c) penalty. For renewal in progress (whose term expires December 31, 1947) must also file stamp from L. 10 to apply on the application form, stamp from L.60 to be applied on the certificate of fitness as well as the payment of the fee endorsement of two hundred lire. For the two-year renewal is necessary the presentation of the Penal certificate and the payment of the endorsement fee in two hundred lire. Art. 3. Test certificate levy and to obtain the certificate in art. 9 letter B. Regulation of 6 March 1922 must submit an application to the Commission of Government Vehicles (Public Office Vehicles) which examined the documents, will determine the day for testing after payment of the following fees: 1.) Motorcycles and Sidecars L.200 2 .) Motocarri and motofurgoni L.400 3.) 4. Cars L.600) Trucks - Buses - Vans pp (up to 35 L.800 5.) Trucks - gp Bus (over 35 q. them) 6. L.1200) Lorries Diesel engine L. 7. 1500) pp Trailers (up to 35) L. 800 8) of gp Trailers (over 35 the L.1000 same fees are due for the electric traction motors. Your banker to the tests - chosen by the Government Commission Vehicles - not for any compensation except for reimbursement for expenses criterion of that Commission. Art. 4. Two-yearly adjustment vehicles E 'ready the biennial review of all vehicles targati RSM to control the efficiency, regularity and legality of the vehicles themselves. The Government Commission will set Vehicles, conapposito manifesto, the date on which the verification and the procedures will be arranged. For the audit will be paid to the Public Vehicles Office the following fees: 1) for motorcycles, sidecars, three wheelers and vans, L.100 2.) L.200 for cars 3.) for trucks, buses, vans, small-scale trailers ( under 35 L.300 4.) Trucks, buses, vans, trailers, large-scale (over 35 L.400. Equal taxes for electric motors. Art. 5. And the recovery tax recovery fee 'established for all vehicles reconstituted with new materials, new-surplus and used. Such tax - to be paid to the Public Vehicles office behind appraisal to be carried out by authorized test - is fixed as per the following table: - Table page. 61 BU 7/1947 - The recovery fee paid before the entry into force of this Act shall be deemed, for all purposes, paid immediately after its entry into force. For the registration of recovery vehicles must be submitted in evidence of legitimate origin. Art. 6. Road tax The annual road tax for cars is fixed by the joined tables ABC The Office of the Registry will require the fee upon presentation of a special authorization that will be issued by the Government Commission Vehicles (Public Office Vehicles). The proprietors of vehicles that deem not to be required to pay the tax will have to make complaint to the Public Vehicles Office stating the reasons why they feel they have to pay and the approximate date on which it resumed circulation. Art. 7. Confirmation plaque use, license renewal movement Confirmation of granting use of VRA plaque place from December 20 of each year to 20 January of the following year. On new car registration will be applied MRCA revenue from L.100.
For issuing duplicate the person concerned, beyond the aforementioned brand, must pay to the Public Vehicles Office the sum of two hundred pounds. Art. 8. Disco fee E 'obligation to vehicle owners (especially for cars and trucks) to apply the special tax disc, visibly on the vehicle windshield. Art. 9. Transfer of ownership and the required fee of ownership (Art. 12 Regulation 6 March 1920) must be reported to the Government Commission Vehicles (Public Vehicles Office) within ten days from passing. The change of ownership must be proved by presenting appropriate deed in duplicate. For transfer out of the Public Vehicles Office territory will release the documents necessary for registration only when, in addition to the presentation of the deed will be handed the registration certificate and license plate. The transition tax, under Article. 3 of Law 4 July 1945, to be paid to the Public Vehicles Office, is fixed by the following table: - Table page. 61 BU 7/1947 - Art. 10. And Motorcycles' abolished the certificate of competency to conduct motorcycles. Drivers must be at least sixteen years old. Art. 11 Tractors E 'obligation of registration of all road tractors and used for various services (art. 7 Law 28 June 1937) to which existing provisions for motor vehicles. The Government Commission is authorized Vehicles d set appropriate rules. The road tax is fixed for each HP L.50 Art. 12. Permits Provisional been verified extraordinary concessions Provisional circulation permits, pending the regular registration, interested parties will have to pay to the Public Vehicles Office the corresponding tax on the circulation, for the period of duration of the permit. Art. 13. International Patent To obtain international licenses to drive motor vehicles must submit the application in paper stamp L.25, the Government Commission Vehicles. Obtained the authorization shall pay to the public office Motor vehicles the sum of one thousand pounds for each book on which a revenue stamp of L.100 will also be applied. The signature of these licenses will continue to be affixed by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. Art. 14. Penalties Violations under this Act shall be punished with the penalties established by statutory provisions. Art. 15. Entry into force of Act This Act enters into force with 1st January 1948. Since Our Residence 12 December 1947 to 1647 THE CAPTAINS REGENT Forcellini Domenico - Mariano Ceccoli THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS G. dropouts - table page. 62 BU 7/1947 - (1) Already separately published the date of publication.

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