And Amnesty Remission 1

Original Language Title: Amnistia Ed Indulto 1

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N. 47.
Law granting amnesty and pardon (1).

We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino
We promulgate and publish the following elects
approved by the Great and General Council at its meeting on 17 September 1949.
1. And 'granted amnesty and cease the criminal effects of previous convictions: a) for offenses punishable by imprisonment
, alone or combined with a monetary penalty, no higher than one year; b)
for offenses punishable by a different penalty from that prison.
Art. 2.
Where does not apply for amnesty are condoned prison sentences not exceeding three years
and equally small ones have more influence over much of tte or to be imposed.
The amnesty it has granted as when convicted of crimes against property in order to gain or
against the integrity of the person commits, within five years, more wrongdoing
of the same species for the which the prison sentence is imposed more than one year. In this case
we will proceed to the accumulation of penalties under Article. 44 and following of the Criminal Code.
Art. 3.
They are fully condoned, even the criminal effects sclusi those constituencies, the sentences imposed
application of the law 23 October 1944, n. 33.
Art. 4.
In the competition of crimes the amnesty applies to any angle you offense.
In the competition for the cancellation penalties apply after the heap in terms of the law.
Art. 5.
The amnesty and amnesty are not eligible: a) the return of the confiscated things, neither of what the
which confiscation is mandatory for the disposal of legg; b) the repayment of the sums paid anyway
In any case they remain subject to the rights and civil shares due to injured parties and third parties.
Art. 6.
The amnesty and amnesty are applied by judges if the process has already been communicated to them
to the ruling, by the Law Commissioner in any other case.
7. In relation to the measures adopted pursuant to the law 16 November 1944, n. 37, you have, in via
of grace, the following:
a) exempt employees with 15 years of actual service performed and to products placed in
rest with revocation of the pension is granted to the prim the pension that would have been liquidated at the time of the pantry
and the latter restored the one already obtained and the one and the other increased as follows:
1) up to 1000 L. - twelve times;
2) Up to L. 2000 - nine times;
3) by L. of 2000 - six times; this measure takes effect from 1 July 1949;
B) to exempt employees with less service to 15 years and those in charge is granted
the allowance that would have been entitled under the leggivi bodies at the time of termination of service.
Art. 8.
This law applies to crimes committed until the end of 23 July 1949. Since
Our Residence, on this day of September 19, 1949 (1649 dFR).

Ferruccio Hammers - First Bugli

G. dropouts

(1) Already published separately at the date of promulgation.

ERRATA In Law 17 September 1949, n. 47, granting amnesty and amnesty, published in the Official Bulletin
October 31, 1949, n. 5, art. 7, letter a, n. 3 instead of "by L. in 3000 to" read "by L. 2000