Insurance Compulsory Insurance Against Accidents At Work And Occupational Diseases

Original Language Title: L'assicurazione Obbligatoria Contro Gli Infortuni Sul Lavoro E Le Malattie Professionali

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LAW 29 April 1952, n. 12. Amendments to the law for compulsory insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases. We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino We promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Great and General Council in its models back April 29, 1952: Art. 1. In the third paragraph of Art. 25 of the law 24 January 1939 and subsequent amendments is replaced as follows: "In cases of absolute permanent disability resulting in impairments listed in the attached table, where it is essential to continuous personal assistance, the pension is supplemented by a monthly allowance of lire fifteen thousand for the duration of the assistance. we do rise to integration when personal assistance is exercised either directly by the Institute insurer instead of hospitalization or from other entities ". Art. 2. On the top of the third paragraph of period art. 35 the applicable law is replaced as follows: "The allowance is fifty thousand lire in case of childless surviving spouse having the qualification referred to in no. 2 of this Article, sixty thousand lire if the surviving spouse with children with the said requirements, or in case of survival of only children having the said requirements and forty thousand lire in other cases. " Art. 3. The new monthly allowance measure, provided for by the third paragraph of Art. 25 applies to cases of accidents occurred from January 1, 1951 and of occupational disease manifested by that date, as well as with effect from 1 January 1951, in favor of the annuity holders are pending on that date, or liquidated later for cases that occurred before 1 January 1951. the new measures for the death grants shall apply to cases of death from injury occurred as from 1 January 1951 or occupational disease manifested from that date. Art. 4. The minimum annual salary of L. 120,000 and the maximum is 270,000 lire provided by art. 5 of the law 15 October 1949 are raised to 135,000 pounds respectively and ITL 300,000. Art. 5. The current pensions as at 1 January 1951 for grade permanent disability 30-100% or death related to cases of accidents occurring before 1 January 1949 or illnesses that occurred before that date, they are revalued, with effect from 1 July 1950, according to the coefficients specified in the attached chart as: a) wages under which the original annuity was paid or that was modified for new injury; b) the year in which the accident occurred or the occupational disease occurred that caused the original annuity or, if this was changed to new infrtunio, the year in which this occurred. For the evaluation referred to in the preceding paragraph it shall also takes into account: a) for incapacity annuities, the degree of disability according to what was paid the annuity underway; b) for pensions for death, the family composition of the survivors under Article. 35 of the above law. The revalued annuity can not be lower nor higher than the corresponding respectively to the minimum and maximum limits of the preceding article established wage. The provisions of this Article shall apply only to pensions which will be paid from January 1, 1951 for accidents occurring before 1 January 1949 or illnesses that occurred prior to that date: in these cases is taken as the base salary the principle which would it has been awarded the rent and, as base year, one in which the accident occurred or the occupational disease occurred. If the revalued annuity or liquidated under this arctic is lower than the one already calculated in accordance with art. 6 of the law 15 October 1949, the sale will be paid in the latter measure. For annuities paid to have occurred or occupational diseases that occurred to make beginning on 1 January 1949 and in progress as at 1 July 1950, within the minimum and maximum limits established by art. 5 of the law 15 October 1949, the Reval tion will be made on the basis of the classes of competence wage, within the new limits referred to in art. 4. Since Our Residence, on 29 April, 1952 (1651 dFR). THE CAPTAINS REGENT Domenico Morganti - Mariano Ceccoli THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS G. Forcellini ANNEX A. List of injury that can result in the allowance for continuous personal assistance. 1) Reduction of visual acuity that only Allow yourself counting fingers at the distance of ordinary near vision (30 cm.) Or more 'serious. 2 °) anatomical loss of the upper limbs. 3 °) anatomical loss of nine fingers, including both thumbs.
4 °) lesions of the central nervous system that have produced total flaccid paralysis of both lower limbs. 5 °) Loss for bilateral amputation of the lower limbs: a) on the one hand, on the lower third of the thigh and on the other to the lower third of the leg or above; b) the height of the instep or above, when impossible the application of the prosthesis. 6th) Loss of a hand and both feet, even if it possible to apply prosthetics. 7th) Loss of an upper limb and an inferior limb to amputation of height that have consequently absolute permanent disability. 8 °) Alterations of mental faculties that result in serious and profound perturbations to organic and social life. 9th) General diseases arise that require continuous or nearly continuous, confinement to bed. ANNEX B. Table of coefficients for which the annual remuneration to be multiplied. - Table page. 11 BU n. 2/1952 -

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