Granting Of Loans For The Construction Of Residential Houses

Original Language Title: Concessione Di Prestiti Per La Costruzione Di Case Di Abitazione

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LAW 29 April 1952, n. 15. Grant of loans for the construction of dwelling houses. We the Captains Regent of the Most Serene Republic of San Marino We promulgate and publish the following law approved by the Great and General Council at its meeting on April 29, 1952: Art. 1. In order to promote the increase in the urban building is established on the State Budget 1952 -53 10,500,000 lire a fund to provide loans, interest-free, to be paid in accordance with the following articles. Art. 2. For the purposes of the preceding Article shall be appointed by the Great and General Council, a committee consisting of a chairman and six members. Art. 3. The loan referred to in this Act may be granted to San Marino nationality are no other appropriate homeowners to their family needs. It is not allowed the granting of a second loan to the same person and the members his family. Art. 4. The loan can not be granted to anyone who owns a r ddito, annual global family of more than eight hundred thousand lire. A level playing field will prefer applications from workers and employees, both public and private, and artisans. Art. 5. To qualify for the grant of the loan will be alt ESI must carry out the work entrusted to it by workers authorized by the Placement Government. Art. 6. The loan will be granted to the extent of sixty percent of the budgeted expenditure and ascertained for the house being built, provided this is not less than one million pounds and more than two million five hundred thousand lire. Art. 7. The Government Commission of Public Works has entrusted the technical commission of the preventive control, performance bonds, as well as testing the same and Visa for payment of the mandates. This payment will be authorized by the Commission under Article. 2 responsible for the issuing of the warrants themselves. Art. 8. If during the execution of the work, for reasons of urgent technical need, recognized by the Commission under Article. 2, the overall cost estimate should be increased or decreased, the loan will be adjusted to the new requirements, within the limits set by article. 6. Art. 9. The Commission in considering applications for loans must also take into account the creditworthiness of the applicants and of the necessary requirements to guarantors. Art. 10. The loan will be paid for a third of the total amount in rustic work completed, a third of completed jobs and for the rest to work tested by the Commission of Public Works. Art. 11. The period for completion of the buildings must not exceed the maximum duration of one year of existence. Otherwise the person will lose the right to collect the subsequent installments, subject to the commitments made for the installment or the obtained rat. Art. 12. The repayment of the loan, from the individual beneficiaries must take place within the period of 15 years, using semiannual installments, the first of which will begin to run after 180 days from the date on which the testing. Art. 13. The beneficiaries of the loan will have to occupy the building directly constructed. They will proceed with the sale of the building the same only after the tot the extinction of the loan. Art. 14. On the houses built with the granting of the loan will weigh in favor of the state, and without the need for registration, the privilege to secure the same loan, with preference over any other creditor, and that starting from the collection of the first installment by the beneficiary to the total repayment of the loan. Art. 15. The application for the granting of the loan, the applicant must also propose a guarantor who will be responsible for the regular and timely payment of installments, while the entire loan will be guaranteed by the privilege of the article above. The guarantor may terminate its commitment within 30 days from the last payment, provided there are reasonable grounds to be specified in the written request for withdrawal of the guarantee. This request must be submitted to the Commission under Article 2. Art. 16. In the case of the preceding article the borrower must present other guarantees within 30 days from acceptance of the termination by the Commission . If the new or new sponsors will not be proposed to the Commission's liking this will adopt the appropriate measures. Art. 17. The cash service for the delivery and recovery of the loans will be carried out by the Savings Bank. Art. 18. This Law shall enter into force after its publication. Given at Our Residence, this day of May 21, 1952 (1651 dFR). THE CAPTAINS REGENT
Domenico Morganti - Mariano Ceccoli THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR INTERNAL AFFAIRS G. Forcellini