Amendments And Additions To The Federal Law "on Compulsory Social Insurance Against Industrial Accidents And Occupational Diseases"

Original Language Title: О внесении изменений и дополнений в Федеральный закон "Об обязательном социальном страховании от несчастных случаев на производстве и профессиональных заболеваний"

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RUSSIAN FEDERATION FEDERAL LAW On introducing changes and additions to the Federal Law "On compulsory social insurance against accidents " Professional diseases " Adopted by the State Duma on June 20, 2003 Approved by the Federation Council on 26 June 2003 (In the wording of Federal Law dated 29.12.2015 N 394-FZ Article 1. Enact the Federal Law of 24 July 1998 No. 125-FZ "On compulsory social insurance against accidents at work and professional life". OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION 3803; 2001, N 44, sect. 4152; 2002, N 1, est. 2; N 48, sect. 4737; 2003, N 17, sect. 1554) the following changes and additions: 1. Part Two of Article 6 is worded as follows: "The order of registration of insured persons is fixed by the insurer.". 2. In article 8: paragraph 1, subparagraph 3, should read: " 3) as payment for the additional costs of medical, social and professional rehabilitation of the insured, with direct consequences In the case of an insured event, to: the treatment of the insured, carried out in the territory of the Russian Federation, immediately after the severe accident in production, before the restoration of the capacity to work or the establishment of a stable professional disability; acquisition medicines, medical products and individual care; outsider (special medical and domestic) care for the insured, including family members; Cases and travel of the person accompanying him to receive specific medical and social rehabilitation (treatment immediately following the severe accident at work, medical rehabilitation in the organizations providing Spa-resort services, special transport of funds, order, fitting, receiving, repair, replacement of prostheses, prosthetic and orthopaedic products, orthoses, technical rehabilitation equipment) and in the direction of his insurer in the institution of medical and social expertise and in the institution implementing examination of the association of the disease with the profession; medical rehabilitation in the organizations providing sanatorium and resort services, including on the ticket, including payment for the medical treatment, accommodation and meals of the insured, and, where necessary, payment Travel, accommodation and meals of the accompanying person, payment of leave Insured (above the annual paid leave established by the legislation of the Russian Federation) for the entire period of treatment and travel to and from the place of treatment; manufacturing and repairing prostheses, prosthetic and orthopaedic products and orthosis; provide technical aids for rehabilitation and repair; provide vehicles, repair, pay for petrol, oil and lubricants for them; vocational training (reeducation). "; Paragraph 1 of paragraph 2 should read as follows: " 2. Payment of the additional costs stipulated in paragraph 1 (3) of this Article, except for the payment of the costs of medical treatment of the insured person immediately after the heavy accident in production, is made by the insurer, If the institution of medical and social expertise is established that the insured is in need of a rehabilitation programme for the victim in the event of an industrial accident and occupational disease in these types of assistance, or care. The conditions, dimensions and manner of payment for such expenses shall be determined by the Government of the Russian Federation. ". 3. In article 12: 1) in paragraph 1 of the phrase "before the occurrence of an insurance event", delete; (2) in paragraph 2: in the first word "(income)" should be deleted, after the words "concurrently" with the words "to which" are charged with insurance premiums on compulsory social insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases ", second sentence, delete" Sizes of remuneration "be replaced by" Sum of remuneration "; add the following paragraph: " When calculating The average monthly wage of the insured insured for work outside the territory of the Russian Federation takes into account the wages of the main place of work and the wages paid in foreign currency (if any) insurance premiums, contributions to compulsory social insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases), which are recalculated in rubles at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation fixed for the day of appointment monthly insurance payout. "; 3) paragraphs 1 and 2 Paragraph 3, amend to read: " 3. The average monthly income of the insured is calculated by dividing the total amount of his earnings (taking into account the premiums accrued in the calculation period) for 12 months resulting in damage to the health of the work preceding the month in which he suffered Occupational accidents, diagnosis of occupational disease or (at the choice of the insured) the loss (reduction) of his occupational ability to work, by 12. If the work lasted less than 12 months, the average monthly income of the insured is calculated by dividing the total amount of his earnings for the actual number of months prior to the month in the month in which he suffered an industrial accident, a diagnosis of the occupational disease or (at the choice of the insured person) the loss (reduction) of his occupational ability to work and the number of these months. In cases where the period of contributory health was less than one full calendar month, the monthly insurance benefit is calculated on the basis of a conditional monthly wage determined as follows: The time is divided by the number of days worked and the amount received is multiplied by the number of working days in the month, calculated on average per year. In calculating the average monthly wage not fully earned by the insured months are replaced by the preceding fully worked months, or excluded if they cannot be replaced. "; 4), paragraph 4 should be stated as follows: editions: " 4. The monthly insurance payments to the insured under 18 years of age at the time of the appointment are calculated from the average earnings of the insured person, but not less than the minimum subsistence level established by law of the Russian Federation. "; 5) in paragraph 5 of the words" but not less than five times the minimum wage established by the federal law, taking into account the district coefficient and the percentage increase to Wages in places where such factors and percentage allowances are established " Replace "but not less than the minimum subsistence level of the working-age population of the Russian Federation in accordance with the law"; 6) in paragraph 7: next month in which the relevant documents were provided "; to add a paragraph to read as follows: " Data on wage rates (salaries) of employees shall be provided by labour authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. "; 7) in paragraph 8 of the words" received by For pensions, life and other such benefits, "delete; 8), paragraph 9 should read: " 9. The calculated and designated monthly insurance benefit is not subject to further recalculation, except for the change in the degree of incapacity to work, the change in the number of persons entitled to receive insurance benefits in the event of a loss of professional ability to work. the death of the insured, as well as the indexation of the monthly insurance benefit. "; 9), supplement paragraph 12 with the following: " 12. The maximum amount of monthly insurance payments is established by the Federal Law on the budget of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation for another financial year. When you assign an insurance benefit to an insured event, the maximum size limit applies to the total amount of the premium. When you assign insurance benefits to persons entitled to receive them in connection with the death of the insured person, the limit is applied to the total amount of insurance benefits that have been paid in connection with the insured death. ". 4. The third sentence of paragraph 1 of article 13, paragraph 2, after the word "Insured" is supplemented by the words ", the insurer, the insurer", after the words "may be appealed by the insured" by the words ", the insurer, the policyholder". 5. In article 15: 1), paragraph 3 should be supplemented with a new paragraph third reading: " In the event of circumstances entailing recalculation of the amount of the insurance payment in accordance with article 12, paragraph 9 of this Federal Act, This recalculation is performed from the month following the month in which the specified circumstances occurred. "; (2) in paragraph 4: the first paragraph after the words" and the insured "by the word" (insured) "; indented by words " for the period chosen by them for calculation Monthly insurance payments under this Federal Law "; paragraph 6 to be supplemented with the words", as well as a copy of an employment record or other document confirming the location of the victim in the labour relations with the ); , paragraphs 9 to 11, amend to read: " Preventive institution notification of a final diagnosis of acute or chronic occupational disease (poisoning); opinion of the Centre for Professional Pathology The existence of a professional disease; a document confirming that one of the parents, the spouse or other member of the family of the deceased, caring for children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters of the insured under the age of 14 years or reaching the specified age, but according to the opinion of the institution of medical and social expertise or of a medical and medical institution declared to be in need of health care in an outsider does not work; "; in the paragraph The thirteenth word of the "Federal Act." shall be replaced by the words "Federal Act" Law; "; to supplement the new paragraphs in the fourteenth to sixteenth paragraphs: " concluding a medical and social assessment report on the link between the death of the victim and the accident at work or professional life ". A disease; proof of finding a dependent or establishing the right to maintenance; the victim rehabilitation programme. "; 3) paragraph 5 should be redrafted to read: " 5. Actualities of legal significance for the purpose of providing insurance coverage in case of absence of insurance documents and/or necessary for insurance coverage, as well as in case of disagreement the person concerned with the contents of such documents shall be fixed by the court. "; 4), paragraph 7, amend to read: " 7. Payment of insurance coverage to the insured, with the exception of the payment of a temporary disability allowance and paid leave (in excess of annual paid leave) for the entire period of medical treatment and travel The place of treatment and back, which is produced by the insured person and is counted against the payment of insurance contributions, is made by the insurer. One-time insurance payments shall be made within the time limits established by article 10, paragraph 2, of this Federal Law. Monthly insurance payments are made by the insurer not later than the month for which they are accrued. "; 5), paragraph 9, amend to read: " 9. In the case of the delay by the insurer of the temporary disability benefits it produces in respect of the insured event, for more than one calendar month, the said payments shall be made by the insurer upon application by the insurer. ". 6. Article 16, paragraph 2, subparagraph 3, should read: " (3) to implement the recommendations for medical, social and vocational rehabilitation within the time frame set by the accident rehabilitation programme In the case of production and occupational disease, medical examinations and re-examination of medical and social examinations due to be carried out by medical and social institutions, as well as in the direction of the insurer. ". 7. In article 18, paragraph 1: , subparagraph 2, add to the words ", inspection, re-examination of the insured person in the institution of medical and social examinations and its means of social, medical and vocational training". Rehabilitation "; , in subparagraph 3, the words" within the time frame set by the institution of medical and social expertise " should be deleted. 8. Supplement Article 18-1 as follows: " Article 18-1. The obligations of the registry authorities civil status authorities are required by their location to inform the insurer of the facts State registration of the death of the insured within 10 days of the registration of these facts. ". 9. (Spaged by Federal Law of 29.12.2015) N 394-FZ) Article 2. This Federal Law shall enter into force on the date of its official publication. President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin Moscow, Kremlin 7 July 2003 N 118-FZ