On Introducing Changes And Additions Into The Code Of Criminal Procedure Of The Russian Federation

Original Language Title: О внесении изменений и дополнений в Уголовно-процессуальный кодекс Российской Федерации

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RUSSIAN FEDERATION FEDERAL LAW on amendments and additions to the code of criminal procedure of the Russian Federation adopted by the State Duma on June 27, 2002 year approved by the Federation Council of the year July 10, 2002 Article 1. To amend the code of criminal procedure of the Russian Federation (collection of laws of the Russian Federation, 2001, no. 52, art. 4921; 2002, N 22, art. 2027) the following amendments and supplements: 1. In article 27: in the first part of paragraph 6 should be deleted;
item 7 as subclause 6;
in the second part, the words "paragraphs 3, 6 and 7" were replaced by the words "paragraphs 3 and 6.
2. Part four article 92 complement the proposals as follows: "prior to the interrogation of the suspect at his request is provided by the meeting with counsel in private and confidentially. In case of need proceedings involving suspected duration of visits may be limited by an investigator with the obligatory prior notification about the suspect and his counsel. In any case, the duration of visits may not be less than 2:00. ".
3. Part of the seventh article 109 supplemented by the following sentence: "If the criminal case involved multiple accused persons in custody, and at least one of them 30 days was not enough to get acquainted with the materials of the criminal case, the investigator may initiate a petition specified in respect of the accused or those accused who familiarized themselves with the materials of the criminal case, if not eliminated the need for the application to him or to him in custody and there is no reason to elect another preventive measure."
4. in paragraph 3 of part 2 of article 133, the words "and 4-7" were replaced by the words "and 4-6".
5. In the fourth part of article 213, the words "paragraphs 2-7" were replaced by the words "paragraphs 2-6.
6. In the first part of article 239, the words "paragraphs 3-7" were replaced by the words "paragraphs 3-6".
7. in paragraph 1 of article 254 words "paragraphs 3-7" were replaced by the words "paragraphs 3-6".
8. Article 448: complement of the new paragraph 4 to read as follows: "4. in considering the question of consent to the institution of criminal proceedings against a member of the Federation Council or the Deputy of the State Duma or to attract him as the accused, if the criminal case brought against others or for fact act containing elements of crime, the Council of the Federation or the State Duma, respectively, finding that the production of these proceedings is due to made them an opinion or position expressed during the vote in the Federation Council, or the State Duma respectively or linked to other legal acts relevant to the status of a member of the Council of Federation and status of Deputy of the State Duma, refuses to consent to the deprivation of the person's integrity. Such a refusal constitutes a circumstance precluding criminal proceedings against the Member of the Federation Council, or the State Duma. ";
part fourth-sixth count respectively parts of the fifth-seventh.
9. In article 450: first part shall be reworded as follows: "1. After criminal proceedings or bring the person as an accused in accordance with article 448 of the present Code, pre-trial and other proceedings in respect of such person shall be made in a general way with the exceptions laid down in article 449 of the present code and in this article.";
in the second part of the phrase "member of the Council of Federation, Deputy of the State Duma," the words "or search", the words "the Council of Federation, the State Duma," should be deleted;
part three, after the words "in respect of" add the words "member of the Council of Federation, Deputy of the State Duma,";
supplement paragraph 5 to read as follows: "5. the investigative and other procedural actions undertaken in accordance with the present code not otherwise on the basis of a judicial decision, in respect of a person specified in the first part of article 447 of this code, if criminal proceedings were instituted against him or such person has been brought in as a defendant, shall be made in the manner prescribed by part one of article 448 of this code except for the provisions for obtaining the consent of the Council of the Federation, the State Duma, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, the higher qualification board of judges of the Russian Federation, the qualification board of judges.
451. Article 10 shall be amended as follows: "article 451. The direction of the criminal proceedings in the Court in the case where a criminal case was instigated or engaging person as the accused took place in accordance with article 448 of the present Code, after completion of the preliminary investigation of the criminal case against such person except as provided in article 452 of the present Code shall be sent to the Court, which it jurisdiction in accordance with the jurisdiction established by articles 31-36 of the present code. ".
Article 2. This federal law shall enter into force on the day of its official publication.
The President of the Russian Federation v. Putin Kremlin, Moscow, N 98 July 24, 2002-FZ

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