The Federal Budget Of The Compulsory Health Insurance Fund For The Year 2001

Original Language Title: О бюджете Федерального фонда обязательного медицинского страхования на 2001 год

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RUSSIAN FEDERATION FEDERAL LAW On the budget of the Federal Fund for Mandatory Health Insurance for 2001 Adopted by the State Duma on 8 December 2000 Approved by the Federation Council on 20 December 2000 Article 1. To approve the budget of the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund (hereinafter the Fund) for 2001 on income in the amount of 2,690.0 million. The total cost of the project is 1.68 trillion rubles. The total amount of investment in the project is estimated as 19.2 billion rubles. -Ruble. Article 2. To establish that the Fund's budget revenues for 2001 are generated from the following sources: (million) (a) A total of 10.0 (1 January 2001) of the single social tax payable to the Fund 2 630.0 single tax on the amount of income to be transferred to the 22.0 return of the previously allocated temporarily free financial resources 10.0 Miscellaneous Income 18.0 Article 3. To implement the Fund's budget in 2001 for the following purposes: (millions of United States { \b } { \b } { \b } { \b } { \b } { \b } { \b } { \b } { \b } { \b { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 } { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 } { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 } { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 } { \b } { \b } { \b } { \b } { \b } { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 } motherhood and childhood 254.0 { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 } { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 } 40.0 } { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 } { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 } { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 } { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 } { \b } { \b in the area of mandatory health insurance 4.0 holding regional meetings and conferences 1.5 international cooperation on issues mandatory health insurance 3.5 Information and publicity activities Content of the Fund 40.0 of them: pay 9.7 fund balance at the end of year 10.0 Article 4. A total of $175 million in the Fund's financial resources for 2001. -Ruble. These funds shall be reserved for critical situations with the financing of compulsory health insurance programmes, shall not be free funds and shall be spent in the manner determined by the Fund. Article 5. To establish that funds received in 2001 for the Fund's budget in excess of the amounts set out in this Federal Act are aimed at equalizing the financial conditions of the activities of the territorial funds of compulsory health insurance in the framework of the Fund. Basic programme of compulsory health insurance and the implementation of targeted medical assistance programmes for compulsory health insurance. Article 6. This law shall enter into force on the date of its official publication. President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin Moscow, Kremlin 27 December 2000 N 152-FZ