On Military-Technical Cooperation With Foreign States Of The Russian Federation

Original Language Title: О военно-техническом сотрудничестве Российской Федерации с иностранными государствами

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About Military Technical Cooperation

Russian Federation with foreign


Accepted by the State Duma style="mso-spacerun:yes"> July 3, 1998

Approved by the Federation Council style="mso-spacerun:yes"> July 9, 1998

(  The Federal Act of October 25, 2006. N 167-FZ-

Russian Law Assembly, 2006, N 44, st.

4532; Federal style="mso-spacerun:yes"> May 17, 2007 N 80-FZ-Assembly

legislation Russian  Federation, 2007, N 21, st. 2466;

Federal Law of 26 November 2007 N 271-FZ Assembly

legislation Russian  Federation, 2007, N 49, st. 6032;

Federal Law of 4 December N 327-FZ-Assembly

legislation Russian  Federation, 2007, N 50, st. 6240;

Federal Law of 7 May 2009 N 89-FZ  -   Meeting

legislation Russian  The Federation, 2009, N 19, st. 2279;

Federal Law of 1 July 2010 N 142-FZ  -   Meeting

legislation Russian  The Federation, 2010, N 27, st. 3426;

Federal Law of 5 style="mso-spacerun:yes"> April 2011 N 61-FZ  -   Meeting

legislation Russian  The Federation, 2011, N 15, st. 2034;

Federal Law style="mso-spacerun:yes"> 10 July 2012 N  108-FZ Collection

Russian federation legislation,  2012, N 29, st. 3988;

Federal Law of 2 April N 67-FZ  -   Meeting

legislation Russian  The Federation, 2014, N 14, st. 1559;

Federal Law style="mso-spacerun:yes"> July 2014 N  259-FZ Collection

legislation Russian  The Federation, 2014, N 30, st. 4260;

Federal Law style="mso-spacerun:yes"> 15 February N 16-FZ-Assembly

Laws of the Russian Federation, 2016, No. 7, Art. 904)

This Federal     the law sets the principles

public of the    in Military-Technical

Russian Federation with foreign States,

legal and Organizational bodies

state of power   Russian Federation State

regulation and funding work in the military technical

cooperation, sets  order of implementation

Military-technical collaboration  developers, producers

military     targets and

Military-technical collaboration  and defines their rights in this


Article 1: Concepts

For the of this


Military-technical cooperation  - activity in

international relations, related to export and importing, including

with delivery or purchase, military products, and c

development and production of military products;

target military armament, military equipment,

work, services, results Smart Activity in

number exclusive rights on them (intellectual property)

and information in   Military-technical area, exception

information that can be matches c

Russian Federation   in in the mass media

information, works of science, literature, and art, advertising

Federal Act of 1 July 2010 N 142-FZ-

Russian Law Assembly, 2010, N 27, st.


is for military products:

armament and Military different species

weapons and combat use, including

delivery vehicles, of the guidance system,  (a launch, control, and

other special   technical tools, for

armed forces, ammunition, and  components, spare parts

parts, instruments and accessories style="mso-spacerun:yes"> training weapons

(layouts, simulators, and simulators of different types of weapons and military) style="font-size: 10.0pt; font-family:">


Communications and Control Systems  troops, armament , and


Explosives, items, and explosive devices, gunpowder

(for exceptions  hunting), rocket fuel for combat missiles,

special purpose materials and special for their


engineering structures,  combat hardware for

Use of weapons and military equipment;

special equipment and technologies for production,

repair, upgrade, and/or destroy (or dispose) of weapons and

military hardware;

objects for production,  operation, repair, upgrade

and (or) destruction of arms and military equipment;

security    on the activity of the composition

armed forces, special for class="GrameE " > their


class and  individual weapons

mass defeat, prophylaxis and treatment

Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction

special  equipment, military


(normal technical,

design, design,   technological, operational,

software guidance on creating,

production, operation, combat use, upgrade, repair

and Destruction (Disposal) of Military Products;

Scientific and Technical (Regulation) documentation,

governing security, Environmental

security, production of military products;

Security Standards for and objects around


results style="mso-spacerun:yes"> and

on creation, upgrading and/or destruction (recycling)

armament and military hardware;

scientific and technical information  on material media, a

also inventions, useful models and industrial designs, and other

results of smart       Military,

military technical purpose;

special software-mathematical system

automated control   Troops, weapons Military

techniques, research  and development

military target;

development training,   production, of operation, combat

application, repair,  and

military hardware;

create,     and object upgrade

targets for production, locations, repairs, maintenance

and martial usage and (or) destruction of weapons style="mso-spacerun:yes"> and

Military Engineering, style="mso-spacerun:yes">


preparation and training military frames

foreign states:

transfer (sale)   licenses, design, designs, and

science and technology of the   on creation, production,

Upgrading, Operations,  combat usage, , and (or)

Destruction (Recycling) Weapons and Military style="mso-spacerun:yes"> and

technical assistance in organizing these works

and (or) in

research and   { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 } { }{ }

create, upgrade, and (or) dispose (dispose) products

military targets, weapons and defense techniques mass

defeats and conventional weapons;

delivery of vehicles,  including the military, for

shipping and moving military products;

Transfer     Destination military Foreign

states in lease (leasing) or for testing;

the exercise, at the request of foreign States, firing,

arms tests and military  sites of Russian


shows and exhibits of products  Destination military on

territory Russian   The Federation territories

Russian Federation;

investment services,  marketing, advertising other

in the area of military-technical cooperation;

Create organizations with foreign investments in development

and Production Products, services

military target;

Research and Testing, Inspection, Extension time

exploitation of armament style="mso-spacerun:yes"> military technique, ethaloing


Repair of weapons and military equipment

advice on issues style="mso-spacerun:yes"> armed forces,

Military Use of arms and military equipment and other military equipment and

Military and technical issues

other activity in Military-technical

collaboration, not class="GrameE " > contradictory Russian legislation


exportation of military products  - moving products

military targets outside the territory of the Russian Federation;

import of military  - - Relocation of products

military targets in the Russian Federation;

military technical assistance-  Granting Donation

or other concessional basis for foreign States in accordance with class="GrameE " > c

international obligations  Russian of the Federation needing

charges for the Federal budget of a military product


Military-technical actors   Russian

, received by the right implementation of style="font-size: 10.0pt; font-family: ">

activities for military products;

product manufacturers  destinations

Russian legal faces, production capacity,

required for production, 

services) of military use, and licensed Implementation

activity specified in them;

organizations- military targets

Russian legal entities (research organizations)

Development and upgrade of arms and

military techniques,    with

science and technology and  experimental base and

licenses to carry out their activities;

management companies  integrated structures

legal entities whose authorized capital (their subsidiaries)

shares (shares) of developers and producers

military targets and which ( them children )

have the ability to define solutions,  accepted by organizations

developers and  Destination


(Paragraph was introduced by the Federal Law of February 15, 2016) g. N 16-FZ-

Russian Federation Law Assembly, 2016, No. 7, 2016 904,

takes effect July 1, 2016);

foreign actors     military-technical

Foreign Legal and physical individuals class="GrameE " > on

military-technical  collaboration according to c

laws of their states;

foreign customers - Foreign


, foreign      principals Military-Technical

cooperation, and international organizations,

for Foreign States (Paragraph  Federal Law

from 4 December 2007 N 327-FZ -  Collection   legislation

Russian Federation, 2007, N 50, st. 6240)

Article 2. Legal regulation in the area

military-technical collaboration

Military-technical cooperation   Russian Federation c

Foreign States  is regulated by Federal

law, by other   federal laws, other laws

legal acts of Russian Federation, also international

Treaties of the Russian Federation.

All questions related to the military-technical

Russian Federation with Foreign States, are in

exclusive of organs  The state of power of the Russian


Article 3: Objectives of Military-Technical Cooperation of the Russian Federation

Federation with Foreign States

Main objectives of military-technical cooperation class="Gram" "> Russian

Federation with foreign states are:

Strengthening the military and political positions of the Russian Federation style="mso-spacerun:yes"> in

various regions of the world

maintenance on required export level

Russian Federation in military


Development of science, technology and experimental bases class="GrameE " > defence

industry industry,    and

development and design;

Get foreign exchangeidle public needs, development

military production,   Conversion, destruction (Recycled)


defense industries;

Social    Organization { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 }

processing and weapons, military, special

machinery and property.

Article 4: Principles of State Policy in the Field

Military-technical cooperation

Russian Federation with foreign


1. The

state policy

military-technical  with Foreign

states are:

interests precedence     Russian Federation On

implementation military-technical cooperation;

State monopoly   activities in

Military-technical cooperation

compliance with international   non-proliferation treaties

nuclear weapons, reductions of armaments and disarmament, prohibition and

destruct chemical, and other style="mso-spacerun:yes"> weapons

massive defeat;

Compliance with Russia's international obligations style="mso-spacerun:yes"> Federation in

scope   destination destination

dual-use products and technologies

State protection of the rights and legitimate interests of legal entities persons,

related with developing, production of and output

military target;

State protectionism  in Military-Technical


unacceptability of style="mso-spacerun:yes"> and

security Russian     < > Implementation

Military-technical cooperation

Maintain and maintain political, economic, and Military

Russian Federation Interests;

Compliance with mutually beneficial Military-political and economic

concerns in of the military-technical c

Foreign on the acceptable for the Russian Federation


to provide    participation conditions

military-technical collaboration for

Military-technical cooperation

controls and    The accountability of the federal authorities

Executive of power style="mso-spacerun:yes"> and all Russian legal

participating in military-technical cooperation

Security and Security style="mso-spacerun:yes"> Russian results

{ \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 } { \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024


{ \cs6\f1\cf6\lang1024 style="mso-spacerun:yes"> from

5 April 2011 g. N 61-FZ-Legislative Assembly Russian

Federation, 2011, N 15, article 2034).

2. The State < > in  Scope

Military-technical cooperation is provided:

exclusive        organs

state of power    The Russian Federation in

Military-technical cooperation

Imported export and import order products

military target;

regulates military-technical in

matches Military-political and economic interests

Russian Federation;

performing a single    in the state

creating foreign trade prices for military products;



military targets, executions

Russian Federation's international commitments.

Article 5: Methods of State implementation

Control and State Implementation

monopolies in the military technical


Basic methods       state of the state

regulating and implementation of State

Military-technical cooperation is:

methods that meet the principles of the State Monopoly class="GrameE " > in

military-technical  and

make licensing   manufacturing

military purpose, import and export order, sales and

(or) Military Purchasing, Decisive Order

legal and military cooperation activities, legal

and organisational regulation of this activity;

Export control system when implementing foreign trade

in military targets for

defence,  and economic stability

Russian Federation, Security style="mso-spacerun:yes"> its internal market, saves and

its political and strategic positions, compliance

International obligations to reduce and eliminate weapons, and

also on non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction;

definition of order   providing to Russian organizations

right to implementation  )

military products;

Licensing the import and export of military products;

not in Russian Federation Monopoly Federation

Military-technical cooperation

do not participate in military-technical

Russian organizations, not rights

Foreign trade of   in of the military


not to compete in the external market for the Russian

Subdivision of Military-Technical Cooperation Subjects

areas of activity

Customs import control  and military export

destinations, in volume number of export-import operations

Military-technical cooperation

coordination of bodies    The state of power of the Russian

Federation for Military-Technical Cooperation Activities

and the proper control of this activity

not to pass   to foreign clients

intellectual of   without

can use and (or) enforce their legal protection (paragraph 

Federal By Law style="mso-spacerun:yes"> April 2011 N  61-FZ Collection

Laws of the Russian Federation, 2011, N 15, article 2034).

Article 6: Restrictions on Military-Technical

Cooperation between the Russian Federation and the class="GrameE " > foreign


1. The Russian view

Governments Russian  Federation approves products

military assignment allowed to foreign customers.

Production of non- in

list, can be exclusively  bases

President of the Russian Federation, temporary exportation

such for style="mso-spacerun:yes"> in exhibitions

sample military destinations limits

Russian Federation (in the Federal Law of 2 April 2014

g. N 67-FZ-Legislative Assembly of the Russian Federation, 2014,

N 14, st. 1559)

2. The Russian view

Russian Federation Government approves list of states, in

which allow transfers of military products specified

in a list of military  assignments to

foreign customers.

Transfer Specific Types of Activities style="mso-spacerun:yes"> military in

individual states, included in specified list, can be

limited President's decisions Russian Federation.

Production of military States, not

included in specified list, can be executed exclusively

based on the decisions of the President of the Russian Federation.

3. The decisions of the President of the Russian Federation

restricts export of products style="mso-spacerun:yes"> in destinations

state for style="mso-spacerun:yes"> Tip

United Nations Security on Measures for maintenance

Restoring International Peace and Security, style="mso-spacerun:yes"> also in

targets National security of the Russian Federation.


relation military products by Russian organizations

not authorized to implement 

activity, as well as Russian individuals.

Article 7. State Control of Implementation

Military-technical cooperation

1. The State in the

Military-technical collaboration    is implemented by

state of power 

authority, of the  The Constitution of the of the Russian Federation and

federal laws, for  to ensure that provisions

true Federal Law.

2. State control is exercised for:

compliance  Federal Executive Office

power, military-technical

Russian Federation with foreign states, , and subjects

Military-technical collaboration   legislation Russian

Federation, goals and Russian state policy principles

Federation for Military-Technical Cooperation:

system performance    <>

areas of military-technical cooperation

compliance with international  of the Russian Federation's obligations in

areas of military-technical cooperation

Budget Tools Efficiency, to be allocated

Financing of the military-technical   Russian

Federation with Foreign States;


Military-technical cooperation actors;

pricing on    military

destination with economic accounting OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION

revenue, motion and use  revenues, of

exports of military products;


in the

Military-technical cooperation

Security for and Russian Federation rights

Smart Activity Results in Military-Technical

(Paragraph  introduced by the Federal Law of April 5, 2011

g. N 61-FZ-Assembly of Russian legislation, 2011,

N 15, article 2034).

Article 8: Military and technical support for the supply of products

Military Assignment

To to prevent defensive damage

Russian Federation  Federal executive authorities

provides military-technical maintainer style="mso-spacerun:yes"> supplies

military target,  for Foreign


Military-technical style="mso-spacerun:yes"> product shipments

military destination  Federal executive authorities

implement control  manufacturing and shipping

military    assignment of in order,

Russian Federation Government

Article 9: Powers of the President of the Russian Federation

in Military-Technical Cooperation

President of the Russian Federation:

implements  State policy in the

Military-technical collaboration   Russian Federation c

foreign states;

defines in the annual message to the Federal Assembly class="GrameE " > basic

Activity    in in the Military-Technical


takes the decision about the Military-technical

Cooperation with Foreign States,

suspensions, termination, and resuming this cooperation;

imposes constraints on   in in the Military-Technical


specifies federal   The executive o

coordination, control in the military-technical area collaboration

and Other public in

areas, and also creates if necessary

Military-technical cooperation bodies;

specifies the order      the implementation of the Military-Technical

Russian Federation with foreign States,

exclusive and

Russian Federation, style="mso-spacerun:yes"> also undue intervention

government Russian foreign trade activities

Military-technical subjects collaboration,

them of contention style="mso-spacerun:yes"> producers

military products;

takes the decision about in order

specialized organizations,    are public

implementation of the

relation military targets, in the form style="mso-spacerun:yes"> Federal

public unitary  enterprise, based on

management , , or in of the Shareholdings

society, 100 percent of 


properties or transferred nonprofit organization, created

Russian Federation in the form of state  (in

Federal Law style="mso-spacerun:yes"> November 2007 N 271-FZ-Collection

Laws of the Russian Federation, 2007, N 49, article 6032).

sets the order of the  to the Russian

right on implementation style="mso-spacerun:yes"> in relation

military products;

specifies licensing procedures in the Russian Federation Imports

and exports of military products, exports, and import

must be monitored and licensed. Specified order

licensing provides  consideration of requests and acceptance

No more than one month's solution;

takes a decision on Military-technical

Assistance to Foreign States;

takes decisions on  with Foreign

{ States in the area of military product development;

takes a decision to transfer a foreign customers licenses

to produce military products;

takes other decisions within its authority.

Article 10: Powers of the Government of the Russian Federation

in Military-Technical Cooperation

The Government of the Russian Federation:

provides an implementation for  in the state

Military-technical collaboration    Russian Federation c

Foreign States and publishes in  limits of

normative legal acts of the on issuesrelated to development

Production, Import and Export of Military Products;

concludes international       by

Military-technical collaboration    Russian Federation c

foreign states;

creates bilateral and multilateral intergovernmental

Commission for Military-Technical Cooperation

goes out with the legislative initiative of establishing style="mso-spacerun:yes"> tax,

Custom and Other other    by

promoting the activity of Russian legal

Persons in Military Technical Cooperation;

performs state   Internal


external pricing for military products;

specifies the order   Calculations between Manufacturers of and

products  target military when shipping it to


specifies the order of the Reparations (Payments

compensation) for the subjects of military and technical cooperation in 

accept in style="mso-spacerun:yes"> order on the suspension or

termination of military-technical  with Foreign


defines a state      customer in

Military-technical cooperation

performs other  In the state of the state

military-technical  collaboration according to c

Russian legislation.

Article 11. Powers of the federal executive

The authorities in the military-technical area collaboration

Federal organs  The executive branch,

Military-technical collaboration   Russian Federation c

Foreign states,   implement implementations

President of the Russian Federation, Government of the Russian Federation

Regulatory Issues style="mso-spacerun:yes"> and in

Military-technical collaboration   and clause implementation

international contracts     in Military-Technical


Article 12: Right to participate in the implementation

Military-technical cooperation

1. Organizations involved in foreign trade

for military products, are:

State Intermediations-  specialized organizations,

generated by style="mso-spacerun:yes">

federal state unitary enterprise, based

in right-right style="mso-spacerun:yes"> in the form of the form

stock company, 100 percent of  of which in

federal property or non-profit organizations,


Russian Federation in the form of a State Corporation.

Management Order (Sale and Other Ways of Exclusion,

passing in and also the [ [ Other

encumment) is implemented   Only on the Federal

law, except style="mso-spacerun:yes"> shares

open joint-stock company intended for non-commercial

organization, of generated    The Russian in the form

Public Corporation (in Federal Act of July 10

2012. N 108-FZ-Legislative Assembly of the Russian Federation Federation,

2012, N 29, st. 3988);

Public Corporation     on development assistance

Production and export of high-tech industrial 

Rostec, created by the Russian Federation based on Federal

Federal Act of July 21, 2014 N 259-FZ

Assembly Legislation of the Russian Federation, 2014, N 30, st.


Russian organizations - producers

military products, received in the installed order

right on to implement in relation

military products.

(Paragraph 1  in the Federal Act of November 26, 2007

271-FZ-Legislative Assembly of Russian Federation Federation, 2007, N

49, 100 6032)

2. activity class="GrameE " > in

relation military targets

developers and producers of target military assignments

is less than style="mso-spacerun:yes"> 51 % (shares)  in

Federal Properties of and shares(shares)

among Russian physical and  Legal people. Sales and Other

ways to alienating shares (shares) of these organizations, as well as transfer

their collateral and trusted  control of foreign states,

international organizations,    Foreign physical persons

foreign legal entities, and Russian physical Persons

and Russian legal entities, for which enumerated

subjects are their affiliated faces, not allowed.

The right to carry out foreign trade activities relationship

military targets, provided in

order organizations, persists after them for the entire action

given right in the adoption by the President Russian


Ownership of shares (shares, of property) of these organizations class="GrameE " > in charter

capital of other organizations, at least 51% style="mso-spacerun:yes"> shares

(stock, property) is a in federal property, , or

conversion of these organizations in organizations, at least

51 percent of the (shares, property) in  Federal

property, , and the introduction of these shares (shares, property) class="GrameE " > in charter

capitals of other organizations, in at least 51 per cent of the shares

(shares, property) is in federal ownership, , and can

to be extended in  order of (paragraph entered by Federal

Act of 25 October 2006 N 167-FZ-Assembly in legislation

Russian Federation, 2006, N 44, st. 4532)

The right to carry out foreign trade activities relationship

military targets, provided in

order to organizations, to relations class="GrameE " > on

transmit shares (shares, property), in federal

property, State Corporation for Development Assistance,

producing and exporting high-tech industrial products

Rostecas a property contribution of the Russian Federation or

decision to convert to an organization, at least 51 percent Shares

(shares) of which are in federal ownership, c

transfer of these shares (shares, property) to the State corporations

o assistance     Design, production and export

}   "Rostec" in

property contribution of the Russian Federation or its organizations, 100

shares of which are in  State property

assistance to and exports


class="GrameE " > per

in all period style="mso-spacerun:yes"> and rights class="GrameE " > in

enforced order can be extended (indented by Federal style="font-size: 10.0pt; font-family:">

of 7 May 2009 g. 89-FZ-Legislative Assembly

Russian Federation, 2009, N 19, , st. 2279; in red. Fed

law of 21 style="mso-spacerun:yes"> July 2014 N 259-FZ-Law Assembly

Russian Federation, 2014, N 30, est. 4260)

3. Order Russian rights by

Foreign Trade Activity  in products

Military pattern is defined by the President of the Russian Federation c

consideration of features of   goals and

military-technical cooperation

Article 13: Financial policy framework for implementation

Military-technical cooperation

1. Funding activities in Military-Technical

cooperation is based on the following:

not to  Russian Federation Economic

damage and style="mso-spacerun:yes"> federal budget expenses on national


To be bound and  The proportionality of the distribution of the profit

between all organizations, in implementation

Military-technical collaboration,   Contribution in

development, production and military implementation


compliance with the state    bypricing policy

military   Destination, Limiting

establishing an export price for military products below,

price for Russian consumer

wise use of     revenues, of

Military-technical collaboration,   path on

charge for development, production military products

destination, upgrade and upgrade of arms and military

techniques, security and results

activities and tools of customization, as well as social security

employees and products

military pattern Federal Law of April 5, 2011

N 61-FZ-Assembly of Russian legislation, 2011, N

15, Text 2034).

2. activities in the Military-Technical

cooperation is funded from the federal budget,

as well as extrabudgetary funding.

3. Funding Calculations in Military-Technical

is  in by law

Russian Federation should not be detrimental to developers ' interests  and

military product manufacturers.

Article 14. International Treaties of the Russian Federation

in Military-Technical Cooperation

1. The Russian Federation takes the decisions  

international conventions

Russian Federation in the Area of the Military-Technical

for the Government of the Russian Federation.

Decisions about to sign the international Russian

Federation in the field of military-technical cooperation adopted

Russian Federation Government

2. Russian expresses its consent to be bound

for International treaties in Military-technical

cooperation in matches  with the international law

Provisions of Federal Law of 15 July 1995 N 101-FZ " Oh

international treaties of the Russian Federation "  Federal

Act of 17 May 2007 style="mso-spacerun:yes"> N 80-FZ - Legislation

Russian Federation, 2007, N 21, st. 2466)

3. Military-technical cooperation Russian Federation c

Foreign States   is also implemented

international treaties, in which Russian Federation is

side as successor State of the USSR.

4. Interministerial treaties By

military-technical  The collaboration is


Implementing International Treaties of the Russian Federation in

Military-technical collaboration,  if conclusion

such contracts are provided by international treaties style="mso-spacerun:yes"> Russian

Federation for Military-Technical Cooperation

Decisions to negotiate and sign the international

contracts of interministerial      on the questions

Military-technical collaboration   are accepted by the Government

Russian Federation.

Article 15. Liability for violation of the law

The Russian Federation class="GramE "> Military-Technical


Persons who violate   Russian Federation

military-technical collaboration,   carry civil-legal

administrative and Criminal responsibility in matches c

Russian legislation.

Article 16. On the entry into force of this Federal Law

This Federal  style="mso-spacerun:yes">

official publication.

Moscow, Kremlin

19 July 1998

N 114-FZ