On The Budget Of The Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund For Year 1995

Original Language Title: Об исполнении бюджета Федерального фонда обязательного медицинского страхования за 1995 год

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RUSSIAN FEDERATION FEDERAL LAW on the budget of the Federal compulsory medical insurance fund for year 1995 adopted by the State Duma February 12, 1997 year approved by the Federation Council March 5, 1997 year Article 1. To approve the report on the budget of the Federal compulsory medical insurance fund (hereinafter Fund) for the year 1995 for the following key indicators: (mln rubles) INCOME balance at year 13797.0 January 1, 1995 premiums 506,703.5 Return previously hosted temporarily free funds 20.0 revenue from using temporarily free funds 4784.6 Total revenues 525,305.1 EXPENSES Subventions territorial compulsory medical insurance funds including normalized insurance reserve 422,055.4 of them: financing of the activities in connection with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the victory in the great patriotic war, 59250.0 the costs of health care and the provision of sanitary-epidemiological welfare of the population of the Chechen Republic, medical assistance to the victims of the earthquake in Sakhalin, as well as the result of a terrorist act in the town of Budennovsk in the Stavropol region 50500.0 Financing target logistics , medicinal providing health agencies at the federal level 43947.0 funding for summertime health-building campaign children and adolescents 3100.0 Activities for the training and retraining of specialists for the mandatory health insurance system 3502.5 scientific researches in the field of compulsory medical insurance 2508.5 the holding of regional meetings and conferences 2099.3 computerization of the system of compulsory health insurance 26318.7 the contents of the Executive Directorate of the Fund 10476.6 Taxes 2073.2 Total expenses balance 516,081.2 January 1, 1996 Goda 9223.9 Article 2. This federal law shall enter into force on the day of its official publication.
Russian President Boris Yeltsin in Moscow, the Kremlin March 17, 1997 N 56-FZ _ annex to the Federal law "on the budget of the Federal compulsory medical insurance fund for the year 1995" allocation of subventions to equalize conditions the activity of the territorial compulsory medical insurance funds to ensure compulsory medical insurance programs for the year 1995 on the subjects of the Russian Federation (mln rubles) Republic of Adygea (Adygea) 1100.0 Altai Republic Bashkortostan 4100.0 4000.0 Republic of Buryatia Republic of Dagestan 3700.0 800.0 Ingushetia Republic 2400.0 900.0 Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic of Kalmykia 300.0 Karachay-cherkess Republic Republic of Karelia 500.0 2300.0 Komi Republic Mariy El 4150.0 1650.0 8700.0 Republic of Mordovia Republic of Tyva 1100.0 Udmurtskaya Republic Khakassia 2500.0 5100.0 Chechen Republic 34000.0 Chuvash Republic-Republic of Altai Krai 3450.0 Chavash 5900.0 Krasnodar Krasnoyarsk region 3300.0 8500.0 Primorsky Krai 8150.0 Stavropol Krai 6800.0 Khabarovsk Krai 8700.0 amurskaya oblast ' 2200.0 arkhangelskaya oblast 5000.0 astrakhanskaya oblast 5000.0 belgorodskaya oblast 5550.0 Vladimirskaya region Volgograd region 3000.0 5150.0 vologodskaya oblast 4500.0 Voronezh oblast 3300.0 Ivanovskaya oblast 500.0 irkutskaya oblast Kaliningrad oblast 3500.0 2000.0 Kaluzhskaya oblast 7800.0 Kamchatskaya oblast ' 3450.0 kemerovskaya oblast 12200.0 kostromskaya oblast 1600.0 4200.0 kurganskaya oblast Kurskaya oblast 8750.0
Leningradskaya oblast 9800.0 lipetskaya oblast 3400.0 Magadanskaya oblast 1750.0 Murmansk region Nizhny Novgorod region 6500.0 1500.0 novgorodskaya oblast 6000.0 novosibirskaya oblast 4500.0 Omskaya oblast 1000.0 Orenburgskaya oblast 2000.0 orlovskaya oblast 4650.0 Penzenskaya oblast 7600.0 Perm region 1650.0 pskovskaya oblast 3500.0 Rostovskaya oblast 13850.0 ryazanskaya oblast ' 3950.0 WA 9450.0 saratovskaya oblast ' 4000.0 Sakhalinskaya Oblast 5750.0 sverdlovskaya oblast 11700.0 Smolenskaya oblast 3000.0 tambovskaya oblast 7900.0

Tver region Tomsk Region 6700.0 10000.0 Tula oblast 3650.0 ulyanovskaya oblast 3000.0 chelyabinskaya oblast 3500.0 chitinskaya oblast 6800.0 yaroslavskaya oblast 1000.0 Moscow St. Petersburg 15000.0 15000.0 Jewish autonomous region of Nenets Autonomous Okrug 1750.0 6900.0 Ust-Ordynsky Buryat autonomous district Chukotka Autonomous Okrug 2700.0 1000.0 Evenk Autonomous Okrug 1550.0 Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug 1755.4 TOTAL 393555.4 Furthermore, the centralized acquisition of medical equipment in connection with the earthquake in Sakhalin region directed 3500.0 mln. rubles. Normalized insurance reserve-25000.0 mln. rubles. Total subvention given normalized insurance stock amounted to 422055.4 million. rubles.

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