On The Budget Of The State Employment Fund Of The Russian Federation For The Year 1995

Original Language Title: О бюджете Государственного фонда занятости населения Российской Федерации на 1995 год

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RUSSIAN FEDERATION FEDERAL LAW on the budget of the State Employment Fund of the Russian Federation to the year 1995 Adopted by the State Duma of December 8, 1995 year approved by the Federation Council December 20, 1995 year Article 1. Approve the budget of the State Employment Fund of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as the Employment Fund) at 1995 year on income amounting to 6195.8 billion. rubles, expenditures in the amount of 5430.0 billion. rubles, with an excess of income over expenditure in the amount of 765.8 billion. rubles.
Article 2. To establish that budget revenues Fund employment in 1995 year is derived from the following sources: (bln rubles) insurance premiums employers 4450.0 other income 460.0 balance on January 1, 1995 year 1285.8 Article 3. Send in the 1995 budget year employment fund for the following purposes: (billion roubles) professional training and social adaptation of persons declared unemployed total 575.0 including: vocational training for social adaptation 480.0 95.0 public works Organization and support jobs, total 1270.0 including: creating and saving jobs 1050.0 ones: in the defense industry 700.0 compensatory payments and wage subsidies 70.0 public works and temporary employment Programme 150.0 material support persons recognized unemployed 1990.0 including: benefits and material assistance to persons recognized as unemployed 1700.0 early retirement benefit payments 290.0 informational support employment programmes 185.0 Capex 270.0 Services and content makers Federation General State employment service of the Russian Federation 640.0 Pension Fund of the Russian Federation to ensure the timely payment of pensions in the 4th quarter of 1995 year (payback) 500.0 Article 4. Establish that in 1995 year employment fund centralized at the federal level by 20 percent from the amount generated in the territories of the Russian Federation subjects of compulsory insurance contributions of employers.
Article 5. Install standard revolving funds in the budget of the Fund of employment on January 1, 1996 year amounting to 270.0 billion. rubles.
To forward excess of income over expenditure for the budget of the Fund of employment on January 1, 1996 year amounting to 270.0 billion. rubles on the formation of normative circulating cash.
Article 6. To entrust the Government of the Russian Federation to amend the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the draft law on the budget for the year 1995 Employment Fund to report on the implementation of the loan agreement between the Russian Federation and the International Bank for reconstruction and development funding in 1995 year project to promote employment in the federal public service of the Russian Federation.
Article 7. This federal law shall enter into force on the day of its official publication. The effect of this federal law shall apply to legal relationships arising from January 1, 1995 year.
Russian President Boris Yeltsin in Moscow, the Kremlin December 28, 1995 N 218-FZ

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