On The Establishment Of A Transitional Period For Public Delineation In The Russian Federation

Original Language Title: Об установлении переходного периода по государственно-территориальному разграничению в Российской Федерации

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W a c o n Russian Federation to establish a transitional period for public delineation in the Russian Federation, having considered the legislative proposal of the President of the Russian Federation and in view of the worsening of the socio-political situation and interethnic relations, changed legal structure of the State in the Russian Federation after the signing of the Federal Treaty, as well as the lack of balanced mechanisms of public-territorial differentiation in Russia and the territorial rehabilitation of repressed peoples, the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation p o s t a n o v I l e t : article 1. Establish a transition period for public delineation in the Russian Federation until July 1, 1995 year.
During the transition period: to prepare and implement the necessary legal and institutional arrangements, aimed at resolving the disputed territorial issues only by reconciling the interests of the parties on the basis of current legislation;
develop legislative acts of the Russian Federation on the borders of the Russian Federation and on the procedure for dealing with matters related to the change of public territorial and administrative division of the Russian Federation.
Article 2. Based on the second part of article 6 of the Act of the RSFSR "on the rehabilitation of repressed peoples" to establish a transition period for the implementation of the territorial rehabilitation of repressed peoples, for the terms indicated in the first part of article 1 of this law.
The territorial rehabilitation of repressed peoples is carried out on the basis of individual legislative acts of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation adopted in relation to each of the repression people, with respect for the rights and interests of other peoples living in the Territories concerned.
State commissions, formed by the Government of the Russian Federation to implement the law of the RSFSR on the rehabilitation of repressed national groups, to organize work on the harmonization of the territorial interests of the parties, make appropriate proposals for the territorial rehabilitation of repressed peoples.
Article 3. Unauthorized captures in the territories and the changing territorial boundaries is prohibited.
Any action aimed at unauthorized captures territories and borders in the Russian Federation, is a crime against Russia and entail criminal liability under applicable law.
Article 4. To entrust the execution of this law, the public authorities and the Office of the Russian Federation, republics of the Russian Federation, territories, oblasts, autonomous oblast, autonomous prefectures, cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Article 5. To enact this law from the date of publication.
Russian President Boris Yeltsin in Moscow, the Russian House of Soviets July 3, 1992 N 3198-I