Law No. 144 Of 26 July 2000 (Republished *) *) For The Grant Of Facilities To Persons Residing In Rural Areas That Are In Mountain Areas

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 144 din 26 iulie 2000 (*republicată*)*) privind acordarea de facilităţi persoanelor care au domiciliul în localităţile rurale aflate în zonele montane

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Law No. 144 of 26 July 2000 (republished *) *) for the grant of facilities to persons residing in rural mountain areas contained in the ISSUER published in PARLIAMENT OFFICIAL GAZETTE nr. 111 of 13 February 2014 — — — — — — — — — * Note) Republished pursuant to art. 248 of the law nr. 187/2012 for the implementation of law No. 286/2009 relating to the penal code, published in the Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no. 757 dated 12 November 2012, posing a new texts.

Law No. 144/2000 relating to the grant of facilities to persons residing in rural areas that are in mountain areas has been published in the Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no. 362 from august 3, 2000, and subsequently amended by: Law No. 229/2006 for the modification and completion of the law #. 144/2000 relating to the grant of facilities to persons residing in rural areas that are in mountain areas, as published in the Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no. 501 of 9 June 2006.

Article 1 persons residing in rural mountain areas have the right to practice some traditional crafts, a quantity of wood to be processed into finished or semi-finished products, in order to carry out the exchange of wood products with the necessary grain of the inhabitants of these areas.

Article 2 (1) For processing and use by Peddler in the mountain area, ensure livelihoods from practicing his trade in wood plank, cut beams, shingles, planks, barrels, ciubere, doniţe, Poles, wooden forks, tails, oişti cart and other such products and who do not possess the property, shall be granted annually on the basis of the authorization of artisan, by the Mayor, from outside the forest vegetation of the forest fund, and local forestry departments of forestry 10 cubic meters timber, but not more than 15 cubic metres.

(2) for the purposes of family Through this law, shall mean the husband, wife and their unmarried children, which the household together.

(3) the marketing of raw wood obtained under the conditions of paragraph 1. (1) it is prohibited.

Article 3 (1) Practicing the trade of woodworking is authorized under the law.

(2) on the basis of the authorization of artisan and of the fulfilment of the conditions laid down in article 21. 2 mayors issued a visitor badge.

(3) the form and content of the ticket shall be established by decision of the Government, within 30 days after the entry into force of this law. In one will score the rights and benefits provided for in this law.

Article 4 (1) grant of stocktaking as referred to in art. 2 is done on the basis of application, which shall be submitted to the Mayor of the commune in the normal residence of the claimant.

(2) the mayor shall verify that the conditions laid down in article 21. 2, after which endorse, approve or reject the application, where appropriate.

(3) applications approved shall be submitted to the territorial divisions of national forest-Romsilva until the beginning of the calendar year for which the timber.

(4) the forestry Departments of national forest-Romsilva approves the amount of timber to be granted to applicants submitting ocoalelor forestry situation, with distribution on the common.

(5) forest and local Mayors are required to ensure, as a priority, the quantities of timber at the level approved for each family.

(6) the persons who are the way to solve applications can address with the complaint within 30 days of receipt, the County Commissioner, who would settle in at most 15 days.

Article 5 (1) Ticket Holders can harness glued products at fairs, markets, oboare, and other places intended for commercial activities, being exempt from any tax.

(2) When goods are transported by rail, the ticket holders are entitled to use these for 50% discount of the price of transport, legal and when products are transported right carts, to graze animals on communal pastures encountered on their way, but no longer than a day on a locality, being forced to obey the rules of grazing.

(3) the facilities referred to in paragraph 1. (2) ticket holders also benefit from transportation to the home of agricultural products obtained through the products processed in the wood.

(4) Ticket Holders receive a discount of 50% of the cost of the ticket C.F.R. class II when they prove they are moving for products shipped by rail.

Article 6 (1) timber with lesser degree of processing-plank, beams, planks, Poles-who is transported for sale will be accompanied by legal documents of carriage provided for in existing legislation and the rules laid down by the central public authority responsible for forestry, issued by the forestry in the area.

(2) the products with higher grade processing-doniţe, ciubere, tails, casks, shingles, wood forks and the like-will be accompanied by the Act of origin of valuable material from which they were made, which shall be the date of departure, the signature and stamp of the Chief of detour, forestry and artisan authorization times one.

Article 7 (1) newlyweds aged up to 40 years of age have the right once for timber for construction, in the amount of 25 mc family. Their applications will be forwarded by the mayors of forestry directorates of national forest-Rnp, which, through the local forest in the area, have a duty to honor them for emergency or approve when soliciting is carried out from outside the forest vegetation of the forest fund or from forests that belong to the local councils.

(2) the mayors will ensure the use of timbers including the formation of complexes.

(3) the families of young people referred to in paragraph 1. (1) where at least one of the members is a graduate of higher education or economic, trade, tourism, agrotourism, hotel services, as well as families of young farmers who have completed a course of qualification attestation shall be granted, on request, a one-time amount of 100 m3 of timber construction of complexes needed, provided you own a project and a business plan approved by the national authority for tourism of the Ministry of Economic Affairs *) as well as the opinion of the national agency of Mountainous *) and other specific programmes of rural development of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development and the specialized compartment within the apparatus of the County Council.



**) Art. 1 of Government decision No. 9/2013 on organisation and functioning of the national authority for tourism, as published in the Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no. 40 on 18 January 2013, and its subsequent amendments.

Note *) Law No. 26/2012 approving Government Emergency Ordinance nr. 70/2010 measures for the reorganization of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development, as well as structures that are in subordinate thereto, as published in the Official Gazette of Romania, part I, no. 167 of 14 March 2012.

(4) on the basis of the authorization issued by the Mayor, local forestry will provide, upon request, the amount of timber needed for the modernisation of dwelling houses, household, as well as annexes for building complexes.

Article 8 the timber to entitled families in mountainous areas, according to art. 2 and 7, for processing, the production of new construction and repair of buildings, is charged with a 50% discount of the price established by the forestry official.

Article 9 the volume of timber to be granted under article. 2 and 7 is established within the maximum annual volume of timber mass approved annual cuts to the country's forests.

The provisions of article 10 Of this law shall not benefit from a person who has been punished for committing a crime or offence provided for by law No. 46/2008-forest code, as amended and supplemented, in the last 12 months preceding application for timber.

Article 11 ensures correct Constables counties implementing this law by the mayors of communes and by the national forest-Romsilva and take necessary legal measures.

Article 12 (1) reductions of 50% by rail and for timber assigned by this law, shall be covered from the State budget through the Ministry of economy and the budgets of the Ministry of environment and climate change.

(2) detailed rules for determining how to ensure settlement of State budget reductions. 8 is hereby approved on behalf of the Government.

Article 13

Within 60 days of the publication of this law in the Official Gazette of Romania, part I, on a proposal from the county councils, the Government will adopt a decision concerning the list of rural areas which lies in mountainous areas.

Article 14 this law shall enter into force 60 days after its publication in the Official Gazette of Romania, part I. — — — — — — — —-

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