Law No. 50 Dated 28 February 1948 To Regulate The Succession Of The Deceased In Exceptional Circumstances

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 50 din 28 februarie 1948 pentru reglementarea succesiunilor celor decedaţi în împrejurări excepţionale

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Law No. 50 dated 28 February 1948 to regulate the succession of those deceased in exceptional circumstances the ISSUER NATIONAL ASSEMBLY and published in Official Gazette No. 49 dated 28 February 1948 Article 1 Successions of deceased Ardealul de Nord, after 21 June 1941, during the deportation, the mass evacuation of towns where-and had their domicile in the time they were in the outer detasamentele of forced labor, or in other exceptional circumstances, and without that the time of death to be established with acts of civil status issued by the competent authority at the time and place of death, will open and will rule according to the dispoziţiunilor of the civil code, with its amendments in force today, wherever they have been the last home of the deceased and no matter when the death occurred.

Article 2 shall be considered as persons referred to in art's death. 1 took place on 9 May 1945.
Judgements of presumed dead Declaration, under law No. 175 of 1941, as amended by the law No. 293 in 1944 and 1946 as 598 and under law No. 65 of 1943, for persons referred to in art. 1, will rectify ex officio with regard to the date of death, for the purposes of the preceding paragraph.
The same correction will be made and the civil status documents drawn up on the basis of such decisions.

Article 3 when relatives in succesibil degree of residents throughout the country, deceased in the era and in generally referred to in art. 1, and they died, without being able to establish a right of priority of death towards each other with acts of civil status issued by the competent authorities at the time and place of death, the estate will pass to his successors in the life of the deceased owner of the asset to you and to the right with the Elimination of inheritance rights, what they would have had the deceased relatives.

Article 4 those interested shall be entitled to demand within one year from the presence of entry into force of this law, the revision of the deciziunilor of p of succession certificates of inheritance and to send logs in possession or any other equivalent remedy, which are contrary to the present law dispoziţiunilor.

Article 5 Disposal as well as any other available documents relating to inheritance, as well as goods and rentals or longer lease also lease three years of this property in the succession referred to in this law, made by people who don't have as heirs, according to dispoziţiunilor of the present law shall be void of, except those made by third parties of good faith.

Article 6 Is remaining after the persons referred to in art. 1 of this law, are exempt from inheritance tax, provided for in art. stamps Act 17.

Article 7 the inheritance Taxes paid will be returned to those who have made payment by those who can head the succession pursuant to this law.

Article 8 of this law, not Dispoziţiunile are applicable to successions of those persons, of whom there is evidence that they were arguing in the life after May 9, 1945.

Article 9 Any contrary to this law, the dispoziţiuni are and shall remain abrogated. Voted by the Assembly of deputies at its meeting on February 20, 1948, dela. (Opinion of the Legislative Council, section II, no. 12 of 1948).
Published in Official Gazette number 49 dated 28 February 1948 ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─