Law No. 715 Of 7 September 1946

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 715 din 7 septembrie 1946

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Law No. 715 of 7 September 1946 laying damages due to population evacuated from southern Dobruja, in Bulgarian-Romanian Treaty of 7 Septemvrie 1940 (Decree No. Septemvrie of 4 2,723 1946) published in PARLIAMENT ISSUING the OFFICIAL GAZETTE nr. 207 of 7 September 1946 article I Comisiuni established by decision of the Ministry of agriculture and the fields No. 234 from 24 April 1946, under log-the Council of Ministers No. 345 dated 28 March 1946, which shall be ratified by this Decree-Law will determine first the existence of abandoned property or crops remaining, having full freedom of appreciation after: statements made in accordance with art. 2 and 3 of decision No. 234 of 27 April 1946, the Romanian-Bulgarian Joint Commission for the exchange of populaţiuni and Subcomisiunilor, which are incorporated therein, and in General any other conclusive evidence, of the authorities concerned, as well as the Ministry of agriculture and Ministry of finance, Areas, etc.

Article II Comisiunile liquidation will proceed to the re-evaluation of assets abandoned by evacuees in southern Dobruja, with the following rules: a) the amount will be determined after the harvest price in force at the date of occurrence of the present law, the average harvest per hectare, i.e. 200 kg to 600 kg for cotton, sunflower and maize 1,000 kg.

For other categories of crops will take account of the average yield set by the Ministry of agriculture and agrarian economy, Domains, for the 1940 southern Dobruja;

b) value of the buildings (including their related) and lots of home will be determined by multiplying the coefficient fixed price of 15 Subcomisiunea from Romanian Romanian-Bulgarian joint venture Comisiunea.

When good evacuatului causes some has not been evaluated by the joint Bulgarian-Romanian comisiunea, the price will be determined by the winding comisiunile ex officio, by comparison with similar revaluations cases;

c) crop land Value will be determined based on a tenancy agreement for the regional official established 1939, 1940 and 1941, by decision which shall be published in the Official Gazette No. 250 of 27 Octomvrie 1938, Caliacra County and through to the decision published in the Official Gazette No. 300 of 24 Decemvrie 1938 for jud. Durostor County, by multiplying the coefficient update 800, this lease established by regions;

(d) the Value of land) culture: vineyards, gardens and orchards of fruit trees, excluding buildings, will reevaluate after the same price as in the previous paragraph, update fixing the kitchen gardens at 1,600, orchards of fruit trees bearing 2,000 and the vineyards of noble bearing 2,500.

Article III by the same decision, comisiunile winding will be established and the consistency and value of the property received by the State from the end from Dobrudzha evacuees as follows: Value of grain received) likely price in force at the date of publication of the present law;

b) aid money will refresh by multiplying the coefficient of 50;

c) agricultural valuation alive and dead received former Commissioner General of dela Dobrudja will be calculated by updating the flow resulting from outstanding rates at the date of the occurrence of this law by the coefficient.

(d) the Value of land) culture received evacuees from southern Dobruja under laws of colonization or recolonizare by virtue of the law of agrarian reform on 23 March 1945, will be determined by multiplying with fixed rent 800 regions of Agriculture and Areas for the 1938-1940;

e) Value of the buildings, including their corresponding and lots of House will be determined by multiplying the coefficient with the price set by the 15th mixed Romanian-Bulgarian and Romanian-German or Romanian authorities competent for 1940;

Land Value f) culture: vii, gardens and orchards of fruit trees bearing, excluding buildings; It will calculate the basic price according to the same as in paragraph 2. (d), above; Update coefficient being kitchen gardens, orchards of 1,600 to 2,000 trees and to live noble bearing 2,500.

Debit balances in favor of the Ministry of agriculture and Areas, the direction will be agreeing settlement totals track according to the fiscal procedure code dispoziţiunilor.
For evacuees this balance recolonizaţi, settlers will be gradually in 10 annual installments.
Evacuaţilor will be due rights settled in cash and securities, in what proportion is determined by osebită law.

Article IV flow rates from colonization in southern Dobruja had evacuated settlers will be charged in compensation as follows: due Compensation for evacuated settlers land calculated in accordance with art. 2, will be divided into 25 parts, the State being obliged to pay only so many parts of this compensation installments in the how many originally paid using this newfound power flow until 28 March 1946. The remaining parts of the compensation, the equivalent of unpaid debt, rates will not count in the calculation of total compensation.

Article V Deciziunile comisiunilor liquidation, will be displayed for 30 days at the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture Directorate of agreeing settlement totals and Fields.
These deciziuni may not be attacked is no ordinary attack, but only on the way of appeal under the law of the High Court of Cassation and justice.
The appeal shall be lodged with the Secretariat of the Commission on liquidation of the year, which is under appeal.
The time limit for appeal flows from the rock end of the display.
Where s ' appeal, enforcement may be suspended by the Commission on liquidation, given at the request of the party entered with recurring lodging the appeal.
Deciziunilor correction for errors or mistakes materials may be either ex officio by the comisiunea, or at the request of the party concerned in accordance with the second subparagraph of article dispoziţiunile. 292 of the code of civil procedure.

Article VI Deciziunile Comisiunilor winding through the final expiry of the preceding article constitute title claims in favor of or against the State and run by Personnel of the Ministry of agriculture and agreeing settlement totals Fields.

Article VII documents required the inhabitants evacuated from southern Dobruja, which will be used before Comisiunilor winding, in support of their protecţiunilor and the procedure established by this law, are exempt from any stamp duty and registration.

Article VIII Any contrary to this law, the dispoziţiuni are and shall remain abrogated.