Law No. 638 Of 8 August 1946 For Control Of Production, Processing And Circulation Of Precious Metals

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 638 din 8 august 1946 pentru controlul producţiei, prelucrării şi circulaţiei metalelor preţioase

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Law No. 638 of 8 august 1946 for control of production, processing and circulation of precious metals ISSUING PARLIAMENT Published in MONITORUL OFICIAL nr. 185 of 12 august 1946, MIHAI I, through the grace of God and the will of the King of Romania's national team, all from the face and future, on the report of the Minister of health: Our Secretary of State at the Department of mines and petroleum, with no. 24 May 1946 5,421, Seeing the log-the Council of Ministers No. 1,106 since 1946, we have decreed and decretam: Chapter 1 article 1 Production , processing and circulation of precious metals-gold, silver and Platinum in any condition or shape-is permitted only within the limits of the law and generally face.

Article 2 through the production of precious metals ' means any operation of extraction of precious metals, as well as any treatment of the ore, in order to get one of these precious metals.
Through the movement of precious metals it is understood, any sell, purchase, or receipt of, or receive lasare in storage, Exchange, export and any change of ownership or possession, in return for payment or free of charge with the title, as well as transportation, committed or attempted, either personally or through frontmen persons.
Transportation means transportation by both legal acts and material transportation act made either by the owner or by another person, regardless of the legal act, under which the carriage is performed.

Article 3 for the production and circulation of precious metals, such as defined by art. 2 of this decree-law, is required the prior authorization of the National Bank.
Articles made of precious metals and remain under the enforcement of the law for the establishment of control over the objects made of precious metals, of 15 February 1905, as amended to date, to the extent that its not dispoziţiunile are contradicted by this decree-law.

Article 4 in the execution of the right of pre-emption, awarded the Romanian State. 71 of the law on mines, National Bank of Romania is authorized to execute the operations of purchase of precious metals, as well as control productiunii and circulatiunii dispoziţiunilor of precious metals, according to the Decree of the face.

Article 5 Gajurile in gold or gold in Ko any State or form, established before August 19, 1936, must be declared by registered letter to the headquarters of Banca Naţională a României, nearest, and within 60 days of the present publication, which from the decree-law, the subject of pledge shall be lodged with the bank deposit of Romania's national team until the liquidation and liquidated within 90 days from the presence of the same date avizandu, in Romania's National Bank of writen about liquidation operation.
Natural or legal persons who are bound by dispoziţiunile of this decree-law to record precious metals in special registers received National Bank of Romania from the rock, are obliged to declare the National Bank of Romania, under the evidence, making its headquarters or at its headquarters in the province, gold in any form, falling within the provisions of this decree-law and that you have ownership or possession with any title, as well as persons with living together.
This statement will be made within 60 days of the present publication, which from the decree-law in the Official Gazette.
The same statement are bound by natural and legal persons, referred to above, which will achieve with any title such as gold, after the publication of this decree-law.
In such a case, the Declaration must be made within 15 days from the way of acquiring gold.
Those who in the future will require also registers Naţionala Bank of Romania from the rock, are required as with the request for records, to submit to the National Bank of Romania and the above statement.

Article 6 are not subject to aplicatiunii of this decree-law, except in cases covered by the processed objects of precious metals, serving proper use, namely: art objects, cutlery, jewellery, religious objects, intended for dental work, surgery, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, except in cases when they prove that they have been manufactured, bought or owned any basis in order to circumvent the law.
This cumulative limitative enumeration, is.

Article 7 Golden Monetele destroyed, disturbed or broken, strung in the shape of chain, mounted like jewels, as objects of adornment or anyway otherwise fall under the Decree-Law dispoziţiunile of the face.
Also, coins, or other Austrian Ko, with the qualities of the golds, enters the Austrian monetelor category and are subject to the obligations of the present Decree-law.
Port salbelor, earrings or other jewelry or ornaments made of gold Ko is allowed only to owners and their family members, worn as ornaments in any place. precious metal Movement as defined in article 2. 2, paragraph 1. 2, applies to categories and any salbelor Ko, even though are in the form of jewellery, except as provided below: a) Mahmudele, icusarii, gold medals, as well as any currency of gold beaten before the year 1800, which are equated with jewels;

b) Jubilee Medals issued on the basis of law No. 656 from 1914.

Their movement in the country is subject to the same regime as the jewels.

Article 8 Operators precious metal are obliged to register the day of the drawing in special registers, issued and kept according to indicatiunilor Banca Naţională a României, precious metals obtained from exploitation.
Precious metals will be kept or transported with the transport authorization always said, the National Bank of Romania and only on the route shown on the licence.
For small enterprises, authorization from the employee roster is valid. It is forbidden to carry other exploiters gold than that extracted from its own mines.
For large enterprises special authorization is required.
Transport of gold concentrates to processing plants is done without authorization.
also, jewelers and precious metal processing workshops are required that, before starting any operation that would take aim at extracting precious metals from scrap, scabbling, etc., to inform the National Bank, which, through its organs will control the operation and be forced to register in the special register quantity extracted.
National Bank of Romania issued registers may withdraw authorization containing, where transport will appreciate as necessary, replacing it with the registry intended only for production registration, in which case the operator will have to ask special authorization for each individual case.

Article 9 the safe custody or any other evidence by anyone, whether private, merchant or operator without the authorization of the B.N.R., precious metals in any form: metal amalgam, sand, rich gold ore burnt, melted, fine metal or alloy with other metals, is prohibited under the sanctions provided for in art. 42. Precious metals extracted will be sold to the National Bank of Romania, which is required to buy them in the very top of the decree-law, within 15 days from the rock extraction, unless the operators have written approval of Romania's National Bank, which from the prolongation of teaching or possess their own installations of afinare. In the latter case, the National Bank of Romania, after consulting the operators concerned, and on will fix term within which operators are obliged to sell precious metals National Bank after afinare.
National Bank of Romania is bound to buy and entitled to receive gold and silver i surrender on the basis of the analysis made in the laboratory or in the framework of the conventiunilor between the National Bank and exploitative.
If there is no agreement between National Bank of Romania and the misunderstandings between the parties concerning the producer analyses of reception will be replaced by arbitration.

Article 10 Instalatiunile de afinare, ovens for melting precious metals and any other instalatiuni of amalgamare or melting of these metals, I can work only with autorizaţiunea of the Ministry of mines and Petroleum and for the purposes specified in this permit. They must be declared as National Bank of Romania within 60 days of this Act or occurrence dela dela obtaining the authorization date of the operation the Ministry of mines and Oil from the rock.

Article 11 melting Furnaces or instalatiunile even primitive, which will operate without authorization or neanuntate mines and Petroleum Ministry, will be immediately closed by the National Bank of Romania or of the Ministry of mines and petroleum, and the owners will suffer the penalties provided for in this decree-law art. 42 and seq. Those who want to melt or processed in any way precious metals without having to possess the respective authorizations or records will suffer penalties B.N.R., provided for in art. 42 and seq.

Article 12 status of Melting of the gold dust, the sand burned or melted, be authorized in accordance with the dispoziţiunilor kilns in above, either in melting furnaces B.N.R. Operation will be done only with prior to inform the customer.
In relation to the customer, non B.N.R. ovens in the day what was said, not to hinder melting announced.
Only undertakings which have obtained the written consent of the National Bank of Romania, can teach this bank gold melted into other ovens than those of the National Bank of Romania or the affiliate, if condiţiunilor set in autorizaţiunile or convenţiunile.

Ministry of mines and petroleum, Chairman of the National Bank of Romania, may withdraw the authorizations for the operation of the crematoria or melting, instalatiunilor and afinare of gold.
Ministry of mines and Petroleum is obliged to rule within 15 days from the date of referral to part from the presence of National Bank of Romania.
National Bank of Romania, on the basis of decision Miniterului mines and petroleum, by which it withdraws the autorizaţiunea operation of a furnace or a instalatiuni melting or afinare, you can shut down, applying the seal.

Article 13 no person may exercise the trade of precious metals in any form, except for objects specified in art. 6 and 7, lit. a and b and cannot work or process in any form such metals, even private property without any marketing purpose, unless the records concerned possesses or initialled by B.N. R compliance records in the registers.
National Bank of Romania may refuse release motivated records, where it considers that there are no useful or detrimental to the interests of the State. She has the right to withdraw the motivated target registers Through these, the dealer or meseriaşul which such records were withdrawn, lose the right to pursue trade in gold, silver and Platinum.
The decisions of the National Bank of Romania can be reformed by comisiunea referred to in article 1. 49, at the request of the person concerned.

Article 14 Only holders of Banca Naţională a României register are entitled to display the companies in newspaper ads or publicaţiuni regarding their trade with precious metals, other than those excepted from art. 6 and 7, letter a and b.

Article 15 the owners of workshops for processing of precious metals, and precious metals traders are obliged to register in registers kept under dispoziţiunilor Banca Naţională a României and endorsed by it, all transactions made with precious metals or with hand-made objects.
Entry on the accounts of the National Bank issued a României shall be done at the same time as the entry or exit of precious metals.

Article 16 the owners of precious metalworking workshops with companies listed or skilled craftsmen — Internet Jewelers with valid madian jeweler and operating permits under the laws governing the profession of jeweler, can exercise their trade with gold, silver and Platinum jewelry and derived either from old objects, either from the achizitiuni National Bank approved entered Romania, respecting the records referred to in the previous article.

Article 17 Dentists, doctors, pharmacists and chemists, with autorizatiuni running in the rule, issued by the competent authorities, without those authorities let them be withdrawn or cancelled, meanwhile, can acquire under Decree-Law front, gold silver and Platinum required exercise their profession, with the obligation to register precious metals gained and how employment in special registers, stamped and initialled by the National Bank of Romania.

Article 18 National Bank of Romania is authorized to verify the technical accounting and whenever, by a delegate of its compliance with the dispoziţiunilor of this decree-law.

Chapter 2 article 19 any employee of an undertaking of precious metals is obligated to submit all measures to control the production and circulation of precious metals, provided for in this decree-law and the rules of gold production control approved by the Ministry of mines and oil producing enterprises, as well as regulations and internal rules of operation of such undertakings, approved by the Ministry of mines and Petroleum with the opinion of the Commission pursuant to article 114. 48. Those who will violate the dispoziţiunilor above in this article, shall be punished by imprisonment from 15 days to police, which from 3 months and fine dela 50,000-500,000 lei.

Article 20 Staff of any enterprise of precious metals is obligated to submit to the control of the undertaking, which can go up to the search, in the rigid conditions of service attached to the undertaking's regulations have been approved, according to art. 19 above.
The research body will be able to make and radioscopica method or other scientific methods approved by the Ministry of health.

Article 21 the failure by the employee of an enterprise producing precious metals from dispoziţiunile to any decree-law, or the rules of the enterprise to control the production and circulation of precious metals, approved according to dispoziţiunilor above, constitute a serious misconduct on the part of the employee's contributory negligence that allowed the enterprise to immediately denounce the contract of employment, without ever asking for consent or approval of any authority or professional asociaţiuni and it independently of the discovery and application of criminal penalties, referred to in this decree-law.
The employee was fired may contact courts jurisdictions law work, which will be able, in the event that it turns out that the dismissal was unfair to either re-enter the employee referrals, either to grant him compensation that will appreciate it.

Article 22 Through individual and collective contracts, and through arbitration deciziuni data in terms of labor conflicts, cannot derogate dela dispoziţiunile contained in this decree-law.

Article 23 precious metals stolen from me or from the instalatiunile machining and constituesc Corp., which will be submitted to crime analysis at the closest approved laboratory within 12 hours from the way finding, analysis inaintandu-is the Prosecutor, together with the minutes of the discovery of the crime.

Article 24 these bodies felonies will be taught B.N.R., which will pay the equivalent value computed at pagubasului their official price, plus the first economic question and it permanently after deboning pricinii.
B.N.R. will retain from this amount the amount of the premiums due denuntatorului and constatatorului, when denuntatorul is someone other than that of the pagubasului and whether the official examiner was not directly consulted by the victim, in which case it has no entitlement to the premium.

Article 25 National Bank of Romania will control the production, processing and circulatiunea aurifera precious metals through its supervisory bodies, which are invested with judicial police officer.
For precious metals, Police advise each aurifera mining, Ministry of Internal Affairs will set up on a proposal from the Commission as provided for by art. sections 49, judicial police, and the gendarmerie special sections.
The payment of the staff will make the need through loans.
Members of the special police and gendarmes will be able to be replaced, on a reasoned request, with the staff of the Ministry of internal affairs.
Territorial Competinţa of these investigating officers of judicial police, in relating to offences under this decree-law, is unlimited.
B.N.R. will delegate a controller at each of his undertaking, where they will set up special organs such as the police and the gendarmerie.
Special organs of the police and the Gendarmerie will execute their mission in close cooperation with the control bodies of the undertaking and the B.N.R., besides that it works and will supervise the observance of the rules of police dispoziţiunilor production control of gold mines and approved by the Ministry of oil producing enterprises and regulations and internal rules of operation thereof approved by the Ministry of mines and petroleum, with the opinion of the Commission, referred to in art. 49. Chapter 3 article 26 Reclamatiunile and denunturile concerning infringements of the law, investigated, and the results are found according to dispoziţiunilor of the code of criminal procedure, with derogations below.
These offences are found and through reports, addressed by judicial police officers, even apart from their constituency as well as the staff of the B.N.R., delegated for that purpose, or by the Customs authorities or the police, who are indebted to give their organs B.N.R. contest notwithstanding dela dispoziţiunile art. 249. pr. .. the Tribunal's first Prosecutor or the investigation judge at the request of written, verbal or telephonic B.N.R. organs, or mining enterprises can give autorizatiuni by telephone or through note police officers, as in rural communes make domiciliary right in perchezitiuni against the will of the one image a lives, at any time of day or night.
In these cases, the judicial police bodies will need to be assisted by a delegate of the B.N.R. mining enterprise or who called the search, and 2 witnesses and that, under penalty of nullity.
For recording crime, finding bodies can get interviews presupusilor crooks and hear witnesses may i quote for this purpose.
Offences recorded by the police and customs organs will be reported under disciplinary sanction, within 24 hours from the way finding, the headquarters of the National Bank of Romania, the closest being at the same time will submit copies of the minutes of finding and statements taken and precious metals in the sealed package of certification bodies, in the presence of the offender or of the 2 witnesses.
B.N.R. delegated bodies, monitoring of compliance with the dispoziţiunilor of this decree-law, in the exercise of their atributiunilor, they have the status of judicial police officer.

Article 27 research on this matter can be made in the days of legal holidays.

Article 28

The minutes of the Decree-Law infractions of the face are believed until enrolling in the bogus, blatant material facts noticed, and in other cases, until proven otherwise.
They may not be waived by the courts, for form, than when this law has expressly nullity.
On the basis of their public Ministry opens public action.
By way of derogation from the rock art. 144 of the code pr. .. the statements given in the face of criminals finding bodies, provide proof of full against them, until proven otherwise.

Article 29 the Court jurisdiction to judge crimes provided for by decree-law before the County Court, is the place where the offence was committed.
It will judge the urgency and, in particular, without right of objection, appeal to the Court of appeal and the appeal to the High Court of Cassation.
In born under Decree-Law front, the courts cannot give without special motivation, greater than 30 days.
They are judge of tribunals and Courts, even during the holidays. The absence of witnesses may not prevent prosecution of the criminal offence, if the Court finds that it has enough elements of persuasion.
These processes are subject to the law for the protection of dispoziţiunile of public patrimony, insofar as they are not contrary to the law of the face.

Article 30 In all processes what judge in accordance with this decree-law. National Bank of Romania will be quoted ex-officio as civil party, both in his own name and as mandatara of the Roman State, making claims and criminal side in courts of law and that, even in cases when there was constituted within formal and civil party.

Article 31 cases to the investigating judge, research literacy will need to be completed within 30 days.
In exceptional cases, the indictment chamber may authorize an extension.
The term will be fixed no later than 15 days following receipt of the file to the registry, which from the Tribunal.
The files will be sent to the superior courts in cases of appeal and appeal no later than 20 days after delivery of the judgement from the rock.

Article 32 When literacy or judgment would require the opinion of some experts, they can be summoned with the procedure laid down in article 21. 388 from criminal proceedings for witnesses.
Both training bodies and the Court can ask the wizard whenever cause acceleration in order to allow only a verbal report worldwide judgment, which will be recorded by the Registrar that the procedure used for the examination of witnesses.

Article 33 in the judging processes in accordance with this decree-law, once the procedure was complete against the defendant in one of the periods of judgment, it will be treated as such and at all following deadlines, unless the defendant would be arrested.

Article 34 For lack of defenses, the process cannot be postponed more than once before a court.

Article 35 So long as the defendant has not been ' took the questioning, it will issue against him, in addition to the subpoena and a mandate of remembrance, without possible neemitere or comply with the mandate of remembrance to be considered as a defect.

Article 36 Creation expertise is for experts appointed ex officio public schooling.
When the process is procrastinating because of an expertise of authorship at the time or of witnesses or experts called for explicaţiuni, without justification and evidence submitted by petition filed before the period of notice, the Court will apply the maximum fines under article. 160 and 166 proc. code pen. and it will take other measures prescribed and there. Both the witnesses and the experts will be condemned and expenses caused by delaying the process.
The justification will be able to make and subsequently, in accordance with art. 160, para. the end of the code of criminal procedure, only if prevention was so kind, that could not be justified before the deadline.
When he applied toward experts measure provided for in paragraph 1 of this article, the Court may, either to change or to give experts a short-term, for expertise. In this new term, if not expertise is filed, will rule against the wizard fined 50,000-100,000 lei dela.

Article 37 where the process cannot judge for lack of procedure or for any other cause (i) it is established that this postponement is due to the fault of an officer, the Court will apply this servant of the fine from 10.000-50.000 lei, condamnandu him at the same time and the payment of all expenses of the parties or the State of this procrastination.

Article 38 where one or more witnesses or experts shall be submitted and shall delay from other causes, and the procedure is complete, the witnesses or experts will be interviewed even in the absence of the parties.
The Court will postpone the process for hearing other witnesses or experts, but if you find that his settlement cannot be made solely on the basis of hearings.

Article 39 When the defendant is in prison, the Court ruled that a prison sentence, even nedefinitiva, more than six months, may order through the same decision the preventive arrest of the accused convicted.

Article 40 could do civil Side will appeal and recourse for sentencing.
National Bank of Romania, as a civil party, notwithstanding dela dispoziţiunile art. 448 from criminal proceedings, may exercise in all cases legal remedies provided for in this article. Remedies exercised by the National Bank of Romania are investing the Court with the right to rule on the death penalty, even in cases when the public Ministry has not attacked the decision.
Also, by way of derogation from the rock art. 224, para. 4 of the code for proc. pen, where he addressed in the case of a record of infringement of the present Decree-Law, the public Ministry if you do not send direct cause the competent court for adjudication, an investigating judge will send rechizitoriul with introductory, pricinei rank unable to decide alone.
In the final against the Ordinance date of investigation judge, National Bank of Romania may use all legal remedies provided for in criminal procedure, both for the civil part and the public Ministry.

Article 41 In all offences Decree-Law front, the seizure provided for in art. Provisional 120 and 121 of the code for proc. pen. will be ordered by the public Ministry, the investigation judge or the courts, at the request of the party.

Chapter 4 Article 42 Offenders at dispoziţiunile the decree-law are punishable with prison front end from 6 months to 2 years and with fine-criminal 100,000 lei 10,000,000 dela, and precious metals found in favour of the State shall confiscate or returned to their pagubasului the equivalent value in the event and in generally provided for in art. 24 of this decree-law.
For the penalties to be applied in accordance with this decree-law, will not be able to be given under any circumstances to suspend the sentence or fine, without applying the punishment of private freedom.
In the case of convictions, operators of mines will lose the right of mining and will be barred from future generations from acquiring any of the mining rights, and traders will lose their right to make operations with precious metals.
In case of application of extenuating the Court is obliged to state reasons for their existence and won't be able to dip under 2 months imprisonment penalty of correctional and 100,000 lei fine.
In case of recidivism and crime when the Decree-Law of front, are committed by the bodies responsible for the application of this decree-law, as well as the staff responsible for the supervision of production enterprises, a punishment which from 3 to 5 years imprisonment and a fine correctional dela 1,000,000-20,000,000 lei, without being able to apply the extenuating circumstances.
Export or attempt to export precious metals without legal permits, shall be punished with the same punishment, without extenuating circumstances.

Article 43 When any of the decree-law crimes of the face has been committed by a person's legal representatives, working on behalf of and in the interest of it, it will be obliged to pay civil fines dela-500,000 MDL 30,000,000.
This sanction shall have jurisdiction of the Court, with the sentencing of offenders, individuals who worked on behalf of and in the interests of them.
The legal person will cite his legal representatives, without the need to designate and their names.

Article 44 in the event of conviction, except as provided for in art. 24 of this decree-law, the Court will pronounce the confiscation on behalf of State values which formed the subject-matter of the infringement and of all the means that helped commit the crime.
When this confiscation can not be delivered because the values were not found in the possession of criminals or from any cause, cannot be seized for the benefit of the State, the State will capitalize on its mandatara legally through National Bank of Romania, the civil party, for the amount equal to 4 times the equivalent in lei of the object of the crime.
Precious metals will be confiscated for the State liquidated National Bank of Romania, at the official price, plus the first maximum production at small-scale producers.
National Bank of Romania will retain the gold price from 25 per cent of its expenditure tracking and 50 per cent, to be distributed as raw: 25 per cent and 25 per cent denuntatorului constatatorului, unless the assessment agencies are servants of the B.N.R., or members of the judiciary, in which case, their first proper will spill from the funds for the police Gold from B.N.R.

In the case of theft of gold, 25 percent share due constatatorilor and denuntatorilor will be calculated on the basis of the price of gold, plus the first economic victim received appropriate manufacturer, which will pay the premiums.
When there are no denuntator, the rate of 25 per cent shall retain all of the B.N.R. to cover expenses caused by the pursuit of crime law.
If constatatorii specified in the minutes that there is denuntator, the first payment will be due denuntatorului all constatatorului in hand.

Article 45 Denuntatorii whose quality is the result of a denunciation written and signed, indicatiuni or any other matter which lead to the discovery of the crime, will receive a share of 25 per cent of the amounts derived from the proceeds of the fines, as well as those resulting from confiscarile and civil remedies handed down by the courts.

Article 46, incitement, Attempt and complicity of concealment are punished with the same punishment as the crime committed.

Article 47 Those who buy gold metallic mine or ore without the authorization of the B.N.R. punished correctional prison dela 2-5 years and with fine which from 1,000,000-10,000,000 lei, without being able to apply uşurătoare circumstances or suspension of sentence.
Judging will be done under their custody.

Article 48 For the fines handed down against individuals, article 2(4) shall apply. 64 of the penal code.

Chapter 5 Article 49 at the Ministry of mines and petroleum, in addition to the National Mines will be drawn up through the year, a permanent comisiune who will deal with the Organization, coordination and implementation of the measures, having the object of combating criminal offences envisaged in this law, as well as other debt collection data from them by law or by other laws face times regulations.
The matter has been referred to her by a B.N.R., Mining Unions, Union Union Mining Industries or mines and Petroleum Ministry, will give Comisiunea deciziuni dispoziţiunilor interpretation of the law, mandatory and interpretation for the courts.
Also, Comisiunea will give its opinion on all the issues that will be submitted by the Ministry of mines and oil.
Comisiunea will consist of 9 members, namely: a) Director of the Ministry of mines mines and Petroleum b) A magistrate, a member of the Bucharest Court of appeal;

c) a delegate of the President of the Council of Ministers;

d) head of the B.N.R. Gold;

e) a lawyer from the Legal Department of the B.N.R., designated B.N.R.;

f) a delegate of the General Trade Union of mining;

g) a delegate of the Ministry of labour;

h) a delegate of the Union Mining Industries;

I) delegate of the General Works of the police from the Interior Ministry.

Comisiunea will work valid, whatever the number of members present, with condiţiunea as its decisions or opinions to be given by a majority of 5 votes.
The Secretary general, as the Commission Secretariat staff shall be appointed on the staff of the Directorate of mines, through managerial decision establishing the Commission.
Members of the Commission, the Secretary-General and the staff of the Secretariat shall be appointed for a term of two years and will receive a fixed monthly allowance, determined by the ministerial and year, which will be paid from the police Fund Gold B.N.R., notwithstanding the laws and dela dispoziţiunile.
The nomination is in managerial decision will include alternates for each Member of the Commission.

Article 50 All dispoziţiunile contained in this decree-law are of public order.

Article 51 are exempt from any taxes, fees or the State stamps or common actions and acts of procedure made by the B.N.R., under this decree-law, as well as publicaţiunile, acts or transactions concluded by the B.N.R., relating to precious metals, provided for in the decree-law.
First distributed in accordance with art. 44 and 45, as well as any expenditure made under this Decree-Law also are exempt from any taxes, fees and stamps by the State or community.

Article 52 of the Decree Dispoziţiunile for controlling movements of precious metals No. 1.907 of 12 August 1936, with changes and additions made to the Decree-Law of 12 Septemvrie, 1938, as any other dispoziţiuni contrary to the Decree from the face of the laws and regulations are and shall remain abrogated.
Given in Bucharest on 8 August 1946.
Mines and petroleum Minister MIHAI, Ing. Igbo No. 2,488.

The report of Mr. Minister of mines and petroleum by H.m. King Sire, Movement of precious metals is subject to scrutiny under a law that no longer corresponds to today, because lately, evasions and gold took a troubling proportion, which brings significant damage State.
It was thus need a new regulation to provide for various offences, control measures and prevention of evasion and in consequence, graduated penalties according to the seriousness of the crime.
All these measures are laid down in Decree-Law alăturatul, you are subject to the high approval and signatures to Your Maiestatii.
Am with the deepest respect, Sire, al Maiestatii, too left and too submissive servant, Minister of mines and petroleum, Ing. Igbo No. 5,421.
May 24 1946 ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─

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