Law No. 352 Of 2 May 1945 For The Establishment Of Inspection Bodies According To

Original Language Title:  LEGE nr. 352 din 2 mai 1945 pentru înfiinţarea organelor de control cetatenesc

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Law No. 352 of 2 May 1945 for the establishment of supervisory bodies and PARLIAMENT, published in the ISSUER according to official Gazette No. 101 of 3 May 1945 MINISTRY of INDUSTRY and TRADE Decree No. 2 May 1945 1,461 article I advise County Prefectures, in the country, set up organs of citizen control, who will work with atribuţiunile and following the rules laid down by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, by regulation, to combat speculation and economic sabotage.
In Bucharest, also set up organs of citizen control, advising the Police Prefecture Capital and advising the Sector Mayoralties.
In urban communes, neresedinte County, will be able to establish, upon necessity, according to the control organs besides the respective mayoralties.

Article II the members of the control bodies shall be appointed according to the Minister of Internal Affairs, through the decision and will work without the honorific way salary, daily allowance or allowances.
The appointment will be made of representatives appointed by the political groups, which enters the composition of the Government of democratic concentration.
The numerical composition of the control bodies shall be established according to the Minister of internal affairs after necessities.

Article III citizen Members of control bodies are subjected to, the action of the vigil and Interior Ministry disciplinary action.
The Interior Minister, to exercise the action of vigil directly or by prefects (governors) of the County, inspectors general and administrative municipalities communes in question.
Minister of internal affairs can take any disciplinary measures against members of the organs of citizen control, which have committed misconduct in their duty of dela.

Article IV Commits the offence of misconduct dela mission entrusted to and shall be punished by imprisonment 1 year, from the correctional facility at 5 years and 1 to 2 years ' ban dela 6 years, any member of an organ of citizen control, which commits an act in order to procure his or someone else's use unfair or in bad faith, causing a pagubire of any kind or coerce any person to do, omit, or to suffer anything in contradiction with the legal dispoziţiunile. Any other offences committed by the members of the supervisory bodies in the exercise of their citizenship, will be punished with the maximum penalty prescribed for the offence committed.

Article V anyone give membership of an organ of citizen control, without having this quality, commits the offence of misappropriation of public debt collection and punishable with prison correctional dela 3 to 5 years and 2 years ' interdiction, from 3 to 6 years.

Article VI the current civic committees in fact disolva, on the date of publication of this law.
This deviation constitutes insider trading dispoziţiune dela usurpation of public debt collection and punishable with prison correctional dela 3 to 5 years and 2 years ' interdiction 1 to 6 years removed from him.

Article VII Prosecuting offences committed by members of the supervisory bodies and the citizen laid down in art. 5 and 6 will be made with the procedure laid down in article 23. 348 and 349 flagrantele from criminal proceedings for felonies.

Article VIII Rules of operation and control will be established by regulation.

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